Loess Plateau


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Author: The Integrated Scientific Research Team of Loess Plateau of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 7030025407
Published on: 1991-06

This book, containing 347 color plates, introduces systematically and comprehensively the unique natural scenery, social and economic general conditions, including the formation and evolution of loess plateau, the harness of soil erosion, the construction of the base of energy, heavy industry, chemical industry, as well as the rich and colorful national customs and tourist attractions, etc. The whole book consists of 374 various color photographs, nineteen various maps(such as the distribution and thickness of loess, the attractive scenery of the loess plateau). It includes nine parts: Mystery of the Loess Land; Cradle of the Chinese Nation; Man and the Environment; On-the-Spot Investigation of the Loess Plateau; Coal Ocean in the world; World-famous Special Local Products; Culture and Customs of the Loess Plateau; Tourist Attractions on the Loess Plateau; Rebuilding the Land; Hopeful Prospects for the Loess Plateau. The pictures of this book are rich and colorful. It has abundant contents, vivid forms and lofty sentiment. It is a large-scale precious picture album with the integration of science and culture, humanity and nature.

1. Preface
2. Principal Picture (Topography of Loess Plateau)
3. Mystery of the Loess Land
(1) Origin of the Mysterious Land
(2) Formation of the Plateau
4. Cradle of the Chinese Nation
(1) Birthplace of an Ancient Nation
(2) Ancestors of the Chinese Nation
(3) Brilliant Ancient Culture
5. Man and the Environment
(1) Soil Erosion
(2) Man Has Destroyed His Own Foothold
6. On-the-spot Investigation of the Loess Plateau
(1) Loess Plateau
7. Coal Ocean in the World
8. World-famous Special Local Products
9. Culture and Customs of the Loess Plateau
(1) Loess Cave Dwellings and Their Development
(2) Traditional Practices
10. Tourist Attractions on the Loess Plateau
11. Rebuilding the Land: Hopeful Prospects for the Loess Plateau

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