Lycophytes and Ferns of China


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Author: Zhang Xianchuan
Language: Chinese, Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 9787301209738
Published on: 2012-01

The book is divided into introduction, Lycopodium class,
ferns, references, appendix 1- New names and conbinations
appearing in this book. Appendix 2 - Provinces, autonomous
regions, and municipalities of China; Index to Chinese name,
and index to Latin names. The book introduces diversity of
Lycophytes and Ferns in photographs, their distribution, living
environment,altitude and identification characteristics. It covers
almost all families and genera distributed in China, totally 38
families and 12 subfamilies, 160 genera and 1100 species.

2.Lycophytes : (1)Lycopodiaceae, (2)Isoetaceae, (3)Selaginellaceae
3.Ferns: (1) Equisetaceae, (2) Ophioglossaceae, (3) Psilotaceae, (4)Marattiaceae, (5) Osmundaceae, (6) Hymenophyllaceae
(7) Gleicheniaceae, (8) Dipteridaceae, (9) Lygodiaceae, (10)Schizaeaceae, (11) Marsileaceae, (12) Salviniaceae
(13) Plagiogyriaceae, (14) Cibotiaceae, (15) Cyatheaceae, (16) Lindsaeaceae, (17) Dennstaetiaceae, (18) Pteridaceae
(18a) Cryptogrammoideae, (18b)Ceratopteridoideae, (18c) Pteridoideae, (18d) Cheilanthoideae, (18e)Vittarioideae,
(19) Cystopteridaceae, (20)Aspleniaceae, (21)Diplaziopsidaceae, (22)Rhachidosoraceae, (23)Thelypteridaceae
(24) Woodsiaceae, (25)Athyriacaeae, (26)Oncoleaceae, (27)Blechnaceae, (28)Hypodemtiaceae, (29)Dryopteridaceae
(29a) Dryopteridoideae, (29b) Elaphoglossoideae, (30) Lomariopsidaceae, (31) Nephrolepidaceae, (32) Tectariaceae
(33) Oleandraceae, (34) Davalliaceae, (35) Polypodiaceae, (35a) Loxogrammoideae, (35b) Drynarioideae
(35c) Platycerioideae, (35d) Microsorioideae, (35e) Polypodioideae
7.Index to Chinese Name
8.Index to Latin Name

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