Mechanisms and Machine Theory


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Author: Yi-Liang & Meili-Song & Li-Zu
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787512413962
Published on: 2015-12

This textbook is written according tO The Basic Teaching Requirements for the Course of Mechanisms and Machine Theory in Advanced Industrial Colleges drawn up by the National Ministry of Education.It is designed tO be used at the undergraduate level in a basic course of machine design. There are eleven chapters in this book. Its coverage includes introduction, structural analysis and kinematic analysis of planar mechanisms,planar linkage mechanisms,cam mechanisms,gear mechanisms ,gear trains,other mechanisms in mon use,dynamic analysis of planar mechanisms, the kiic theory of mechanical system and balancing of machinery.Homework problems involving design and analysis provide a basis for the curse to follow.At the end, the text is supplemented by a glossary of terms. 梁医、宋梅利、祖莉编写的《机械原理(英文版 工业和信息化部十二五规划教材)》 can be used as a textbook for the course of Mechanisms and Machine Theory or a reference for the students,teachers and engineers specializing in mechanical engineering.

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