Metallogenic Map of Endogenic Ore Deposits of China(In Scale 1:4,000,000)

中国内生金属成矿图(比例尺:1:4,000, 000)

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Author: Guo Wenkui
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 75031.00001
Published on: 1987-01

Guide to the Metallogenic Map of Endogenic Ore Deposits of China


II.Basic principles and content of the map
1)Basic principles for the compilation
2)Geographic base map
3)Geotectonic base map
4)Mineral deposits presented on the metallogenic map
III.Classification of endogenic ore deposits
1)Magmatic deposits
2)Contact metasomatic deposits
3)Porphyry deposits
4)Hydrothermal deposits(including stratabound)
5)Volcanogene deposits
IV.Major geologic conditions for endogenic ore deposits
1)Sedimentary country rock of ore deposits
2)Magmatic activity
3)Geologic structure
4)Mineralization process of metallic elements
V.Division of metallogenic megaprovince , province and zone
1)Pal-Asian metallogenic megaprovince
2)Marginal Pacific metalogenic megaprovince
3)Tethys-Himalayan metallogenic megaprovince
VI.Some regularities of metallogenesis
1)Characteristics of spatial distribution
2)Major characteristics of metallogenic epoch
3)Relationship between metallogenesis and magmatic rocks
4)Relationship between metallogenesis and country rocks

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