Metallurgical Application of Advanced Fluid Dynamics

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Author: Li Baokuan
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7502433953
Published on: 2004-01

Fluid flows are integrated part of the steelmaking operations .the viability,effectiveness and efficiently of the refining and continuous casting of steel are significantly affected by the molten steel flow. A main part of advanced fluid dynamics is the computational fluid dynamic, which is undergoing significant expansion in terms of both the number of course offered at universities and the number of researchers active in the field. At present, researchers of advanced fluid dynamics need to be fairly knowledgeable and this requires education of both students and working engineers.


1. Introduction
2.Solutions of Flow Equations using Finite Volume Method
3.Flows and Mixing in Gas Stirred Reactors
4.Circulating Flow in RH Degassing Vessel
5.Flow Control in Continuous Casting of Steel
6.Blased Flows in Steel Continuous Casting Mold
7.Summaries and Conclusions

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