Middle to Upper Carboniferous-Early Permian Gondwana Facies and Palaeontology in Western Yunnan


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Author: Fang Runsen and Fan Jiancai
Language: Chinese
1995; Hardcover;185x260mm;121 pages + 48 plates

The region of western Yunnan means the nrea west of the Ailaoshan fault in Yunnan province. According to the analysis and study of Late-Palaeozoic river strata in western Yunnan with partieular reference to sedimentary formations, biostrata palaeomagnetism and geophysies the region of Lancangjiang river structural zone western Yunnan was divided inte Yangtze area to the east of the Lancangjiang river boundary zone which comprised shallow-marine carbonate facies nearby the equator and the area west of the boundary zone consisting of the Gondwana sequence which contained the cold-water facies situsted in the palaeozic high-middle south-latitude terrain.


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