Mineralogy and Geology of Rare Earths in China

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Author: Zhang Peishan
Language: English
Published on: 1995-01

In order to introduce the huge rare earths reservoir and achivement on rare earths geologic and mineralogic studies in China, in this book the authors deaewl with all the rare earth minerals and rare earth ore deposits discovered in China, and then discuss on their geologic features. It is a beneficial contribution to global geosciences for both aspects on theoretical and practical studies. The authors completely and systematically described hundreds of rare earth minerals, such as huanghoite and baotite, from China. Among these minerals, some are rarely rare earth minerals in the world, and some are new species or varieties of rare earth minerals from China. To fully demonstrate those significant mineralogical characteristics, the authors listed there a series of necessary materials about classificational position (system and class), crystal space group and structure, chemical composition and physical properties, X-ray powder data, mineralgenesis, assemblage and occurrence of these rare earth minerals.

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