Modern sedimentation in Coastal and Nearshore Zone of China

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Author: Ren Mei-e
Language: English
Published on: 1985-01

Sediment dynamics is an important approach of modern sedimentology. Many contributors of this book treat characteristics of sediments as a function of oceanographical conditions and sediment input and some have presented laboratory results to elucidate processes of sedimentation. But different authors have their different scientists approaches. Chapter 2 discusses sedimentation on sandy coast chiefly from point of view of dynamic geomorphology. Chapter 3 on mud flat emphasizes two case studies: Wanggang of Jiangsu Province and Taizhou Bay of Zhejiang Province. They are the results of efforts of colleagues of Nanjing University and Hangzhou University respectively and up to the present, represent two most detailed studies on sedimentation of mud flat in China. In Chapter 4 on estuarine sedimentation, detailed treatment is made on modern sedimentation in the mouth of the Changjiang River. This is the result of many years’research on the subject by colleague of Hangzhou University. Process of flocculation is discussed in some detail and many SEM photographers are included. Section on the transport and diffusion of suspended discharge of the Changjiang River summarizes results of the collaborative study by the Chinese and American oceanographers on the subject in 1980-1982. section on sedimentation in the Zhujiang River mouth comes from colleagues of Zhongshan University who, for many years, have been involved in this study. The main part of deltaic sedimentation discussed sedimentary systems of the Changjiang River and Luanhe River delta, which was results of collesgues of Tongji University in recent years. A large amount of valuable data are included: Coral reef has received increasing attention from Chinese scientists, and considerable research work has been done in the recent years. Chapter 7 emphasizes chemical and mineralogical characteristics of coral reef sediments which constitute one of the main aspects of coral reef research in the world.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Coastal Sand-Gravel Sediments
Chapter 3 Tidal Mud Flat
Chapter 4 Modern Estuary Sedimentation of Some Large Rivers in China
Chapter 5 Deltaic Sedimentation
Chapter 6 Submarine Sand Ridges
Chapter 7 Coral Reef Sediments

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