Molecular Characterization of Plant Viruses


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Author: Chen Jiong
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 7030113268
Published on: 2003-01

This is the first book on the molecular characterization of plant viruses in China and arises from the authors's original research over many years. It contains 17 chapters and involves 47 species in 9 genera. Of which 6 have been identified as new species. The first 15 chapters describe the cytopathology, genomic organization. Origin. Molecular variation and phylogenetic analysis of these plant viruses. Chapter 16 introduces PCR amplification methods for the complete genomic sequences within the family Polyviridae. The final chapter is a brief review of studies on filamentous plant viruses. In addition, the book provides the complete sequences and 68 high quality colour plates or electron micrographs showing the symptoms, viral particles and inclusion bodies of these viruses.

1. Cereal Viruses transmitted by Polymyxa graminis
2. Genomic variation and the evidence of recombination between isolates of Turnip mosaic virus from some Cruciferae crops
3. Characterization and sequence andalysis fo Dasheen Mosaic Virus isolates from Zantedeschia aethiopica and dasheen
4. Molecular characterization of the filamentous viruses from yardlong bean in China
5. Characterization and sequence variations fo Soybean mosaic virus isolates from soybean and Pinellia ternate (Thunb) Breit. In China
6. Molecular characterization of the filamentous viruses from maize and sugarcane in China
7. Molecular characterization of the filamentous viruses from garlic in China
8. Molecular characterization of the filamentous viruses from scallion in Chna
9. Molecular characterization of Shallot yellow stripe virus from welsh onion and bunching onion
10. Molecular characterization of the filamentous virus from lettuce
11. Molecular characterization of the filamentous viruses from Narcissus
12. Molecular characterization of Potato virus M from Solanum muricatum
13. Molecular Characterization of other Filamentous plant viruses
14. Molecular characterization of Ribgrass mosaic virus Shanghai isolate and its similarity to Youcai mosaic virus
15. Molecular characterization of viral pathogen ofmaize rough dwarf, wheat green dwarf and rice black-streaked dwarf diseases in China
16. PCR amplification method of complete genomic sequence of genus potyvirus
17. An introduction to the filamentous plant viruses
18. Appendix I: Sequences of plant viruses determined in this study
19. Appendix II: Published papers on this study
20. Appendix III: Sustentation fund for this study
21. Plates

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