Monograph of Palaeozoic Corals Rugosa and Heterocorallia


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Author: Lin Baoyu
Language: Chinese with English summary
1999; Hardcover;180x260mm;778 pages with 924 figures + 8 plates

The present monograph deals with all Palaeozoic Rugosa and Heteerocoralla. It includes the morphology, evolution and origins, palaeoecology, Palaeozoogeograplic provinces, sequences of faunas, techmiques of study, classificationa nd systematic descriptions (about 4 orders, 20 suborders, 102 families, 53 subfamilies and 939 genera, among which 3 suborders are new ).

In this Volume the Classification of Rugosa and Heterocoralla is listed below

Class Anthoxoa Ehrenberg, 1834
Sybclass Rygosa Edwards et Haime, 1850
Order Cystiphyllida Nicholson, 1889
Family Palaeocyclidae Dybowski, 1873
Family Tryplasmatidae Etheridge, 1907
Family Holmophyllidae Wang, 1947
Family Goniophyllidae Dybowski, 1873
Family Cystiphyllidae Edwards et Haime, 1850
Family Digonophyllidae Wedekind, 1923
Order Calostylida Prantl, 1957
FamilyCalostylidae Zittel, 1879
Family Lambelasmatidae Weyer, 1973
Order Stauriida Verrill, 1865
Suborder Stauriina Verrill, 1865
Family Stauriidae Edwards et Haime, 1850
Family Pycnostylidae Stumm, 1953
Family Centristelidae Tsyganako, 1971
Family Neocolumnariidae Soshkina, 1949
Family Amplexidae Chapman, 1893
Suborder Streptelasmatina Wedekind, 1927
Family Streptelasmatidae Nicholson, 1889
Family Ditoecholasmatidae Sutherland, 1965
Family Paliphyllidae Soshkina, 1955
Family Kodonophyllidae Wedekind, 1927
Family Mucophyllidae Soshkina 1947
Family Acrophyllidae Stumm, 1949
Family Amsdenoididae Hill, 1981
Suborder Ketophyllina Zhavoronkova, 1972
Family Ketophyllidae Lecompte, 1952
Family Kyphophyllidae Wedekind, 1927
Family Endophyllidae Torley, 1933
Suborder Arachnophyllina Zhavornkova, 1972
Family entelophyllidae Hill, 1940
Family Expressophyllidae Strelnikov, 1968
Family Arachnophyllidae Dybowski, 1873
Suborder Ptenophyllina Wedekind, 1927
Family Spongophyllidae Dybowski, 1873
Family Ptenophyllidae Wedekind, 1923
Family Grypophyllidae Stumm, 1949, emend. Jia in Jia et al., 1977
Family Fasciphyllidae Soshkina, 1954 emend. Jia
Family Stringophyllidae Wedekind, 1922
Family Stauromatidiidae Pedder et Oliver, 1982
Suborder Lycophyllina Zhavoronkova, 1972
Family Lykophllidae Wedekind, 1927
Family Halliidae Chapman, 1893
Suborder Columnariina Soshkina, 1941
Family Columnariidae Nicholson, 1879
Family Acervulariidae de Fromentel, 1861
Family Disphyllidae Hill, 1939
Family Phillipsastraeidae Hill, 1956
Suborder Cyathophyllina Nicholson, 1889
Family Eridophyllidae de Fromentel, 1861
Family Zaphrentidae Edwards et Haime, 1850
Family Cyathophyllidae Dana, 1846
Family Bethanyphyllidae Stumm, 1949
Family Campophyllidae Wedekind, 1922
Family Ptychophyllidae Dybowski, 1873
Sborder Metriophyllina Spasskiy, 1965
Family Cyathaxoniidae Edwards et Haime, 1850
Petraiidae de Koninck, 1872
Family Metriophyllidae Hill, 1939
Family Laccophyllidae Grabau, 1928
Family Kielcephyllidae Rozkowska, 1969
Family Lindstroemiidae Pocta, 1902
Family Hadrophyllidae Nicholson, 1889
Family Combophyllidae Weyer, 1975
Family Uncertain
Suborder Plerophyllina Sokolov, 1960
Family Endotheciidae Schindewolf, 1942
Family Triseptaphyllidae Z. J. Wang in Z. J. Wang et Liu, 1982
Family Anisophyllidae Ivanovsky, 1965
Family Polycoellidae de Fromentel, 1861
Family Numidiaphyllidae Flügel, 1976
Family Plerophyllidae Koker, 1924
Family Pentaphyllidae Schindewolf, 1942
Family Sochkineophyllidae Grabau, 1928
Suborder Diffingiina Fedorowski, 1985
Family Diffingiidae Fedorowski, 1985
Suborder Stereolasmatina Hill, 1981
Family Stereolasmatidae Fomitchev, 1953
Family Antiphyllidae Iljina, 1970
Family Zaphrentoididae Schindewolf, 1938
Family Hapsiphllidae Grabau, 1928
Family Sychnoelasmatidae Kabakovitchin soshkina et al., 1962
Family Zaphriphyllidae Z. J. Wang, Ouyang, Yan et al., (fam. nov.)
Suborder Lophophyllidiina Iljina, 1984
Family Lophophyllidae Grabau, 1928
Family Verbeekiellidae Schoupé et Stacul, 1955
Suborder Caniniina Wang, 1950
Family Cyathopsidae Dybowski, 1873
Family Adamanophyllidae Vassiljuk, 1959
Family Bothrophyllidae Trautschold, 1879
Family Dagmaraephyllidae Rogozov, 1962
Family Kiziliidae Degtyarev, 1965
Family Palaeosmiliidae Hill, 1940
Family Uraliniidae Dobrolyubova, 1962
Family Endamplexidae Schouppé et Stacul, 1959
Suborder Aulophyllina Hill, 1981
Family Koninckophyllidae Wang, 1950
Family Ekvasophyllidae Hill, 1981
Family Pseudoclaviphyllidae Hill, 1981
Family Clisiophyllidae Nicholson in Nicholson et Lydeker, 1889
Family Aulophyllidae Dybwski, 1873
Suborder Amygdalophyllina Z. J. Wang, Ouyang, Yan et al. (suborder nov.)
Family Anygdalophyllidae Grabau, 1935
Family Geyerophyllidae Minato, 1955
Family Pseudopavonidae Yabe, Sugiyama et Eguchi, 1943
Suborder Lithostrotionina Spassky et Kachanov, 1971
Family Lithostrotionidae d'Orbigny, 1852
Family Aulinidae Hill, 1981
Family Lithostrotionallidae Shrock et Twenhofel, 1953
Family Petalaxidae Fomitchev, 1953
Suborder Lonsdaleiina Spassky, 1974
Family Axophyllidae Edwards et Haime, 1851
Family Durhaminidae Minato et Kato, 1965, emend. nov.
Family Waapenophyllidae Wang, 1950
Family Polythecaliidae Xu, Ding, Chen, Ouyang et al., (fam. nov)
Suborder Protonaoticophyllina Xu, ding, Ouyang, Chen et Z. J. Wang(suborder nov.)
Family Protonaoticophyllidae
Xu et Chen in Xu et al., 1987
Family Nagatophyllidae Yu, et al., 1983
Family Aphrophyllidae Hill, 1973
Suborder Wentzelellina Ding , Xu, Chen, Ouyang, Z. J. Wang et Yan (suborder nov.)
Family Wentzellophyllidae Yu, 1965
Family Xikouphyllidae Ding et X. Yu, 1983
Family wentzelellidae Hudson, 1958
Order and Family Uncertain
Subclass ? Heterocorallia Schindewolf, 1941
Order Heterocorallia Schindewolf, 1941
Family Heterophyllidae Dybowski, 1873
Family Heterophyllidae Huang et Ma, 1986
Family Crepidophyllidae Yü et al., 1983


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