Multi-cultural Perspectives of the History of Science and Technology in China


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Author: Liao Yuqun
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030349521
Published on: 2012-08

 The proceedings contain more than 30 contributions made by researchers home and abroad at the 12th International Conference on the History of Science in China(ICHSC).Discussed are the following topics: ①.Cross-cultural transmission and comparative studies in science and technology; ②.Studies in ancient Chinese literature concerning science,technology and medicine; ③.Traditional technology and non-material heritages in the world.A number of fields are covered,e.g.the history of science, technology, medicine, agriculture and traditional technology. The research perspectives include history,culture,philosophy,sociology,anthropology,archeology,and ecology。 

1.  Standing Firm at Thirty: in Celebration to the 30th Anniversary of Chinese Society for the History of Science and Technology
2.  Disciplinary Development of the History of Science and Technology in China
3.  Conference Address 
4.  History of Science at the Beginning of the 21th Century
5.  Configurations Versus Equations:A Notational Difference
6.  Zhu Shijie's Method of "Four Unknowns" as Inspiration for Wu Wen-Tsun
7.  The Combination of Mathematics and Music - The Comparative Study of the Origin of the Calculation of Pitch in Ancient China and Greece
8.  Pythagoreanism in Edo—From ARAI Hakuseki to SAKUMA.
9.  Algorithm and Principles of Division of Fractions in Chinese Ancient Literature
10. An Exploration of the Original Sources of Lvlv Zuanyao
11. On Delisle's Correspondence to and from China Through the Archives of the Paris Observatory.
12. The Transmission of Western Astrolabe in Late Medieval China.
13. Theories of Solar Motion in Chongzhen Lishu,Yuzhi Lixiang Kaocheng and Lixiang Kao-cheng Houbian.
14. The Vacancy of Error Ideas about the Calculation of the Chinese Traditional Calendar.
15. Tentative Discussion on E.Diaz and the Influence of Tianwenlue on the Chinese Astronomy.
16. An New Explorations of the Origin of Chinese Alchemy.
17. The Making of Quanti Xinlun. 
18. The Jesuit João de Loureiro(1717-1791)and the Medicinal Plants of China.
19. The Feuds of the Medical Sects in Republic of China and Colonial Modernity.
20. Investigation on Traditional Spinning Wheels and Looms in Ze Zhou Region.
21. Titles and Classifications of the Ancient Artisans in Dunhuang.
22. Guo Songtao and the Western Telegram Civilization.
23. On the Manufacturing Technology of Traditional Curved-Beam Plough in China.
24. Study on Indigenous Sugar-making Technology in Naman Tun of Daxin County.
25. British Iron and Steel Technology's Transfer in Early Modern East Asia:The Case of Qingxi Iron Works,China and Kamaishi Iron Works,Japan.
26. How the Government Deal with the Drought from 989 AD to 992 AD in the Northern Song Dynasty.
27. Technologized Science:Representational Theories vs.Epistemological Engines.
28. A Shift in Interests to Science and Technology in the 11th China.
29. Traditional Chinese Science Among Vietnamese Minorities:Preliminary Results.
30. First Steps of Russian-Chinese Scientific Cooperation Contacts:Pyotr Kozlov's Visit to Beijing in 1925.
31. Negative Effects of Patent on Technological Development:The Perspective of the The-ory of Modern Technological Process.
32. The Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on the History of Science in China  .

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