Multifunctional Grasslands in a Changing World - Proceedings of the XXI International Grassland Congress and VIII International Rangeland Congress [Hardback] (in 2 Volumes)

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Author: Edited by Organizing Committee of 2008 IGC/IRC Conference
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787218058542
Published on: 2008-01

Number of Pages: 925 pages (Volume I) 1154 pages (Volume II)
The IGC/IRC is the premier forum for world grassland scientific problem. Under the support of Chinese government, Chinese grassland society bid for the 21st International Grassland Congress and the 8th international Rangeland Congress; it is the first time that IGC and IRC will be coordinately hosted on 29th June-5th July, 2008 in Hohhot, China. The main theme “Multifunction Grassland and Rangeland in a Changing World” will be spilt into three simultaneous subthemes: Grassland/Rangeland Resources and Ecology, Grassland/Rangeland Production Systems, Grassland/Rangeland People and Policies. This joint congress has wide contents ranging from protection and reasonable utilization of grasslands resources; grassland variety breeding, cultivation, transportation and processing; ecology of grasslands; theory and practice of grasslands agricultural ecological system; to policy issues, education, science and technology for grasslands, amenity and conservation turf and turf grass.

Volume I

Theme A Grasslands/Rangelands Resources and Ecology

Theme A1 Ecology of Grasslands/Rangelands

Theme A2 Soil Quality and Plant Nutrition

Theme A3 Soil-Plant-Animal Interrelationships

Theme A4 Indicators for Sustainable Use and Conservation of Grasslands/Rangelands Resources

Theme A5 Application of Information Technology in Monitoring and Managing Grasslands/Rangelands

Theme A6 Reclamation of Grasslands/Rangelands

Theme A7 Water Resources in Grasslands/Rangelands

Theme A8 Climate Change and Impact on Grasslands/Rangelands

Authors Index-Volume I Authors Index-Volume I

Volume II

Theme B Grasslands/Rangelands Production Systems

Theme B1 Livestock Production Systems

Theme B2 Integration of Crops, Forage and Forest Systems

Theme B3 Amenity and Conservation Turf and Turf-grass

Theme B4 Developing Improved Plants

Theme B5 Domestication of Native Grasslands/Rangelands Plants for Regional Use

Theme B6 Seed Science and Technology

Theme B7 Forage Quality, Conservation and Utilization

Theme B8 Integrated Management of Harmful Organisms of Grasslands/Rangelands

Theme C Grasslands/Rangelands People and Policies

Theme C1 People in Grasslands/Rangelands

Theme C2 Policy Issues for Grasslands/Rangelands

Theme C3 Land Use Change and Grasslands/Rangelands Tenure

Theme C4 Institutional Innovations for the Conservation of Grasslands/Rangelands Biodiversity

Theme C5 Non-Livestock Amenities of Grasslands/Rangelands Resource

Theme C6 Market and Marketing for Grasslands/Rangelands

Theme C7 Innovation Systems in Grasslands/Rangelands through Education and Practice

Theme C8 China Grasslands/Rangeland Forum (no Posters)

Authors Index-Volume II

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