Multiphase Fluid Dynamics

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Author: S. L. Soo
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7030001028
Published on: 1990-01

The dynamics of multiphase flow is a science of fluid mechanics identified with the second half of the twentieth century. In this period, recognition of fundamental concepts, definitive experiments, and general formulations have undergone rapid progress. Yet rigorous treatment based on continuum mechanics is limited to dispersed systems rather than genera interfaces. After an introduction to the subject matter, transport processes relating to a single particle, rigid rigid or deformable, are treated. This is followed by the transport properties of particulate clouds in momentum, mass, and energy transfers, and interaction with waves and dispersion and agglomeration. Their electrical behaviors are dealt with next, on charge transfer, emission, and interaction with ionized gases. These transport properties and processes constitute important elements of the basic equations of multiphase flow. These continuum equations take into account the effects of the presence of interfaces. They provide a common framework for treating physical physical problems in: one-dimensional motion and method of characteristics, pipe flow, boundary layer flow, and dense systems of multiphases. Whenever possible, rigorous mathematical methods are presented; gaps are filled in with empirical information when necessary. Experimental methods and results are included when they aid in the understanding of physical relations. The aim is to provide a research reference to serve further progress of our knowledge on multiphase flow.


2.Transport Processes of a Rigid Particle
3.Transport Processes of a Deformable Particle
4.Transport Properties of a Cloud of Particles
5.Electrical Effects
6.Basic Equations of Multiphase Systems
7.Gas Dynamics of a Suspension
8.Pipe Flow of a Suspension
9.Hydrodynamics of a Suspension
10.Sedimentation, Fluidization and Packed Beds
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