Multi-Purpose Regional Geochemical Atlas: Poyang Lake and Surounding Economic Zones of Jiangxi Province, P.R.China


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Author: The Editorial Committee
Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 9787116069169
Published on: 2010-10

本图集是“江西省鄱阳湖及周边经济区1:250 000多目标区域地球化学调查”项目的重要成果之一,它全面展示了该区域表层土壤、深层土壤、鄱阳湖表层沉积物、深层沉积物中54种元素指标的空间分布及含量水平:所提供的土壤地球化学分区、土壤环境质量、土壤化学蚀变指数、土壤碳密度、表层与深层元素含量比值、土地肥力、环境健康及土地质量地球化学分等、富硒土地资源分布、农业种植区划建议、找矿地球化学异常分布等多种应用性图件,是土地规划与管护、农业种植结构调整、环境保护、资源勘查、全球变化及第四纪研究的重要基础资料。  This atlas is an impotant achivement of the pragram " 1: 250,000 multi-purpose Regional Geochemical Survey in Poyang Lake and Adjacent Economic Zones of Jiangxi Province".   It supply following important data:  The spatial distribution and content level of 54 elements in topsoil, deepsoil, overlying deposit and deep deposit in Poyang lake.  The maps and  figures of soil geochemical zones, soil environment quality, soil chemical alteration index, soil carbon desity,  element content ratio between topsoil and deep soil, land fertility, environment health, land gradation by geochemistry, selenium enrichment land distribution, agricultural plant zones in the book are important data to land planning, environment protection,  resources prospection, global change reasech and quaternary study.  

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