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Author: Shanyuan Wang,Xiuye Yu
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787811112108
Published on: 2007-01
Soft Cover

【Fundamentals of Textile Yarns】
1.1 Introduction
1 2 Classification of Textile Yarns
1.3 Raw Materials and Market
1.4 Development of Ring Spinning, New Spinning and Texturing
1.4.1 Modification to Conventional Ring Spinning
1.4.2 New Spinning
1.4.3 Modification to Texturing and New Texturing
1.5 Production and Market of Textile Yarns
1.5.1 Changes in Textile Yarns
1.5.2 Yarn Production and Market
【Modified Ring Spinning and Yarns】
2.1 Sirospun and Yarns
2.1.1 Theoretical Model of Sirospun
2.1.2 Experimental Analysis
2.2 Sirofil and Yarns
2.3 Solospun and Yarns
2.4 Compact (condensing) Spinning and Yarns
2.4.1 Principle of Compact (condensing)Spinning
2.4.2 Compact (condensing) Spinning Devices
2.4.3 Structures and Properties of Compact Spun Yarn
【Rotor Spinning and Yarns】
3.1 Introduction
3.1.1 History
3.1.2 Development
3.1.3 Present Situation
3.2 Principle of Rotor Spinning
3.2.1 Process of Rotor Spinning
3.2.2 Development and Analysis of Spinbox
3.3 Yarn Structures and Properties
3.3.1 Fiber Shapes inside the Yarn Body
3.3.2 Twist Structure inside the Yarn Body
3.3.3 Yarn Properties
3.4 Yarns and Their Products
3.4.1 Materials and Yarn Tex
3.4.2 New Yarns, New Products
3.4.3 Rotor-spun Composite Yarns
3.4.4 Waste Spun Yarn of Rotor Spinning
3.5 Prospect for Rotor Spinning
3.5.1 Technical Economic Analysis of Rotor Spinning
3.5.2 The Prospects of Rotor Spinning
【Air-jet Spinning and Yarns(MJS, MVS)】
4.1 Development of Air-jet Spinning
4.1.1 History
4.1.2 Present Situation
4.2 The Process and Mechanism
4.2.1 Process

4.2.2 Unique Properties of Drafting System
4.2.3 The Principle of Twisting
4.3 Yarn Structures and Properties
4.3.1 Analysis of Yarn Structure
4.3.2 Analysis of Yarn Properties
4.4 The Development of Products
4.4.1 Adaptability of Spinning
4.4.2 Properties of Fabric Made of Air-jet Yarn
4.4.3 Product Development
4.5 Technical Economical Analysis and Future Prospects for Air-jet Spinning
4.5.1 Technical Economical Indices
4.5.2 Prospects for Air-jet Spinning
4.6 Murata Vortex Spinning (MVS) and Yarns
4.6.1 Technology Process of the MVS
4.6.2 Twisting Principle of the MVS
4.6.3 Structure of Vortex Yarn and Its Products
4.6.4 Developing Prospects
【Vortex Spinning and Yarns】
5.1 Introduction
5.1.1 History
5.1.2 The Process of Vortex Spinning
5.1.3 The Preparatory Machines of Vortex Spinning
5.2 Principles of Vortex Spinning
5.2.1 Distribution of Air-pressure and Velocity in Vortex Field
5.2.2 Air flow inside the Vortex Tube
5.2.3 Yarn Twisted by Vortex
5.2.4 Structure and Parameters of Vortex Tube
5.3 Structures and Properties of Vortex Yarn and Products
5.3.1 Spinnability of Vortex Spinning
5.3.2 Structures and Properties of Vortex Yarn
5.3.3 Products of Vortex Yarn
5.4 Technical Economical Analysis of Vortex Spinning
5.4.1 Characteristics of Vortex Yarn
5.4.2 Analysis of Technical Economical
5.4.3 Prospects
【Friction Spinning and Yarns】
6.1 The History and Present of Friction Spinning
6.2 The Twisting Principle of Friction Spinning
6.2.1 Process of Friction Spinning
6.2.2 Principle of Friction Spinning
6.3 Structures and Properties of Friction Yarn
6.3.1 Yarn Structure
6.3.2 Yarn Properties
6.4 The Products of Friction Yarn
6.4.1 Adaptable Materials and Yarn Tex
6.4.2 Products
6.5 The Prospects for Friction Spinning
6.5.1 Main Problems for Friction Spinning

6.5.2 Prospects of Friction Spinning
【False-twist Texturing and Yarns】
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Multi-steps Conventional Texturing Process
7.3 The Principle of False-twist Texturing
7.4 False-twist Formation and Process
7.5 Twist Insertion Device
7.5.1 Pin Spindle
7.5.2 Friction Twisting
7.6 Heat-setting
7.6.1 Heating Systems
7.6.2 Cooling Systems
7.6.3 Heat Transfer
7.6.4 Mechanisms of Setting
7.7 Modification to False-twist Texturing
7.7.1 Draw Texturing
7.7.2 The Second Heat Treatment
7.8 Process Parameters and Quality Control
7.8.1 Process Parameters
7.8.2 Quality Control
7.9 False-twist Texturing Machine
7.9.1 Machine Configurations
7.9.2 Multi-input Shaft Machine
7.9.3 Automation
7.9.4 False-twist Texturing Machines Made in China
7.9.5 Yarn Products
7.10 Structure and Properties of False-twist Textured Yarns
7.10.1 Filament Migration and Structure of False-twist Textured Yarns
7.10.2 Tensile Curve and Crimp Properties of False-twist Textured Yarn
【Air-jet Texturing and Yarns】
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Principles and Nozzles of Air-jet Texturing
8.2.1 Principles of Air-jet Texturing
8.2.2 Air-jet Texturing Nozzles
8.3 Air Flow in the Nozzles
8.3.1 Air Flow through the Nozzle
8.3.2 Air Flow Properties of Nozzles
8.4 Loop Formation Mechanism and Process
8.5 Air-jet Technology and Machine
8.6 Air-jet Texturing Process Variables
8.6.1 Supply Yarn
8.6.2 Overfeed
8.6.3 Air Pressure
8.6.4 Wetting of Supply Yarn
8.6.5 Heat-setting
8.7 Structure, Properties and Application of Air-jet Textured Yarn
8.7.1 Structure of Air-jet Textured Yarn
8.7.2 Properties of Air-jet Textured Yarn

8.7.3 Application and End Use of Air-jet Textured Yarn
【Hot-fluid (Jet) Texturing and Yarns】
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Mechanical Feed Stuffer-box Texturing
9.2.1 Buckling Model in Stuffing Box
9.2.2 Influence of Filament Properties and Stuffing Box Construction on Buckling Process
9.3 Hot-fluid (Jet) Texturing
9.3.1 Hot-fluid Nozzle
9.3.2 Air Flow in the Hot-fluid Nozzle
9.4 Modified Hot-fluid(Jet) Texturing- Moving-cavity Texturing
9.5 Morphology and Properties of BCF Yarn
9.6 Hot-fluid Texturing Machine
【Multi Texturing and Yarns】
10.1 Introduction
10.2 False-twist Texturing (or Hot-fluid Texturing) with Intermingled Process
10.2.1 Intermingled Process
10.2.2 Air Flow in the Intermingling Nozzle
10.2.3 False-twist Texturing with Intermingled Process
10.3 False-twist Texturing with Air-jet Texturing
10.4 Two-for-one Twist Process with False-twist Texturing
10.5 Differential Shrinkage Texturing with False-twist Texturing(or Air-jet Texturing)
10.6 Air-jet Texturing with Texspun
10.7 Fine-scope Texturing
10.7.1 Thickness Techniques
10.7.2 Twist Node Techniques

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