Offshore Geology of China

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Author: Liu Shouquan
Language: English
Published on: 2003-01

1. Preface
2. Foreword
3. Present Frontiers of Marine Geology
4. Regional and tectonic Geology
(1) Features of Deep Geologic Structures of Eastern China's Continental Margin
(2) Division of Tectonic Units of China Seas and Their Geological Evolution
(3) Northeast Offshore Faulted Structures of the Hainan Island
(4) Crustal Structure and Evolution of the South China Sea Basin
5. Coast and Quaternary Geology
(1) China's Coast: Challenges and Management Options
(2) Postglacial Transgressive Sedimentary Records of Muddy Sedimentary Areas in the North of the South Yellow Sea
(3) Evolution Model for the South Yellow Sea Tidal Sand Ridges Involving Marine Transgressions During Deglaciation
(4) The Evolution and Prediction of the Development of the Modern Yellow River (Huanghe River) Delta Coast
(5) Changes of Land use in the Modern Yellow River (Huanghe River) Delta
(6) Current Characteristics and Suspended Sediment Transport off the Yangtze River (Changjiang River) Mouth
(7) Distribution and Characteristics of Shallow Gas in the North Offshore Area of the Bohai Bay
(8) Analysis of Typical Problems of Shallow Sub-Bottom Profile Surveying in Shallow Waters
6. Environmental Geology and Geochemistry
(1) Marine Environmental Geology Research in China
(2) Geochemical Exploration of Hydrocarbons in Surface Sediments in the Northern South Yellow Sea Basin
(3) Organic Geochemistry of China Main Estuarine Sediments
(4) Estuarine Geochemistry of Particulate Heavy Metals from the Major Rivers of China
(5) Some Problems of Ecological Environmental Geology in the Yellow River (Huanghe River) Delta
(6) Spatial Variation and OreForming Mechanism of Fe, Mn, Cu and Ni in ooze water in the North of the South China Sea
7. Petroleum and Mineral Geology
(1) Strategy of Oil and Gas Explorations in China's Sea Areas
(2) Techniques for Quick, Comprehensive Assessment of Offshore Petroleum Resources
(3) Formation Condition Analyses of Gas Hydrate in the Okinawa Trough
(4) Hydrocarbon Potential of Pre-Cenozoic Strata in the North Yellow Sea Basin
(5) Hydrocarbon Prospects of Mesozoic Terrestrial Facies in the yellow Sea
(6) Mineralization of Ferromanganese Deposits in the Pacific Ocean
(7) Distribution Characteristics and Potential Prospect Areas of China Marine Sand Resources
(8) Origin and Deposit Types of Construction Sand in China's Shallow Sea Areas
8. Testing Analysis and Information Technology
(1) Simulation Experimental Technique for Marine Gas Hydrates
(2) ESR Dating and Its Application to "Barren Bed"
(3) ESR Dating of Gypsum from Arid Regions
(4) Standard of Analytical Method for Marine Polymetallic Nodules: Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
(5) A Basin Simulation System Suitable for Early Assessments of Marine Basins

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