Palaeontologia Sinica ( Whole No.172,New Series B,Number.22) Yukiangian (Early Emsian, Devonian) Brachiopods of The Nanning-Liujing District, Central Guangxi, Southern China


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Author: Wangyu and Rongjiayu
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 1986-01

The geologic history of the Devonian in the Nanning Distriet, Central Guangxi, Southern China, is developed from analysis of the strata and fossils, with special emphasis on the systematic description of the brachioplds, conodonts and corals. Devonian rocks are widely distributed and well exposed in the vicinity of Daliancun Village, Nanning and in the area between the Wuhe and Liujing ( formerly Luching) railway stations of the Xiang (Hunan)-Gui (Guangxi) Railway, especially in the Luujing area, Hengxian County , Central Guangxi (Text-figs. 1,3,4), This region is herein called the Nanning-Liujing District. Most of our Eollections have been gathered from the Liujing area. Detailed stratigraphic sections and biostratigraphic data are presented, from which faunal assemblages, based mainly on brachiopods, ate given in detail. The age of the brachiopods with reference to evidence provided by conodonts and dacryoconariids is discussed. Paleozoogeographic and community ecologic conclusions are also tentatively drawn.

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