Palaeontologia Sinica (Whole Number 195, New Series B, Number 34)-Upper Carboniferous and Lower Permian Fusulinids from Western Guizhoui Province

(中国古生物志 总号第195册 新乙种第34号)贵州西部晚石炭世和早二叠世的蜓类

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Author: Zhang Linxin
Language: In Chinese with English summary (P245—273)
ISBN/ISSN: 7030279224
2010; Paperback;200x295mm;296 pages +49 plates

Marine Upper Carboniferous and Lower Permian sediments are widely distributed in Panxian, weining and Shuicheng of western Guizhou. They are extensively exposed in simple structures and are represented by several hundreds-of-metres thick rocks, most of which are limestones containing abundant fusulinid foraminifers. The rock succession is normal. In panxian section, the fusulinids are associated with conodonts and ammonoids. The fusulinids described and illustrated comprise 357 species and subspecies belonging to 35 genera, of which 21 species are new forms.

Table of Contents

Order Fusulinida Fursenko, 1958
Superfamily fusulinacea Moeller, 1878
Ozawainellidae Thompson et Foster, 1937
Family Schubertellidae Skinner, 1931
Family Fusulinidae moeller, 1878
Family Schwagerinidae Dunbar et Henbest, 1930
Family(?) Staffellidae M.-Maclay, 1949


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