Palaeontologia Sinica (Whole Number 210, New Series C, Number 36) Fossil Mammals from Early Eocene Wutu Formation of Shandong Province

中国古生物志 - 甘肃临夏等盆地晚中新世食竹猫类

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Author: Wang Banyue
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030575768
Published on: 2019-06
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This collection includes the fossils from Longdan as well as from Shitougou, Keshijian, and Xijia, yielding the same kind of fossils from loess. Up to now about 300 specimens representing 31 mammalian taxa were gathered. The best part of the collection has already been fully prepared: it includes 165 specimens, among which more than one hundred are well preserved skulls, maxillaries and mandibles. The remaining part of the collection is still being prepared: it contains mainly limb-bones as well as skull and jaw materials of the taxa already adequately represented in the prepared specimens. This notwithstanding, we deem the available material and adequate representation of the Longdan fauna, especially for the large mammals.

The Wutu Basin is one of the most important Paleogene sedimentary basins in China, and is situated 10km east of Changle City, central Shandong Province. Prof. C.C. Young (1944) first described a fossil lizard, Changlosaurus wutuensis, which possibly came fro the coal beds of the Wutu Formation (Young, 1961). The first mammal fossil, Homogalax wutuensis, was collected from “the Middle Coal-bearing Member” of the Wutu Formation in the middle part of Laowanggou by Prof. Li Chuankuei and his colleagues (Chow and Li, 1963, 1965). A coryphodont fossil )Heterocoryphodon? Yuntongi sp.nov.) was probably found at the same locality (Li Y-T, 1985). In 1990 we found some tooth fragments in the middle part of Laowanggou (Text-fig.1_. Since then, we and our colleagues collected numerous mammal fossils in several field seasons. Up to date, 51 species belonging to 34 families in 18 orders were obtained. These mammals are recorded in this monograph, except that two taxa of plesiadapiformes will be reported separately by Dr.C. Beard of the Carnegie Museum of Nature History and the second author of this book.With 48 illustrations, 33 tables, 11 plates.

异齿龙科 Family Heterodontosauridae 32
天宇龙属 Genus Tianyulong 33
大地龙属 Genus Tatisaurus35
卞氏龙属 Genus Bienosaurus 36
华阳龙科 Family Huayangosauridae 38
华阳龙属 Genus Huayangosaurus38
重庆龙属 Genus Chungkingosaurus40
巨棘龙属 Genus Gigantspinosaurus41
剑龙科 Family Stegosauridae 43
嘉陵龙属 Genus Chialingosaurus 44
沱江龙属 Genus Tuojiangosaurus 45
营山龙属 Genus Yingshanosaurus 47
将军龙属 Genus Jiangjunosaurus 48
芒康龙属 Genus Monkonosaurus  49
乌尔禾龙属 Genus Wuerhosaurus 51
结节龙科 Family Nodosauridae  54
辽宁龙属 Genus Liaoningosaurus  54
中原龙属 Genus Zhongyuansaurus  55
浙江龙属 Genus Zhejiangosaurus 57
甲龙科 Family Ankylosauridae  58
天池龙属 Genus Tianchisaurus 58
戈壁龙属 Genus Gobisaurus 60
绘龙属 Genus Pinacosaurus  61
天镇龙属 Genus Tianzhenosaurus  63
克氏龙属 Genus Crichtonsaurus 65
灵龙属 Genus Agilisaurus  66
何信禄龙属 Genus Hexinlusaurus  68
晓龙属 Genus Xiaosaurus 70
盐都龙属 Genus Yandusaurus 72
工部龙属 Genus Gongbusaurus 73
热河龙属 Genus Jeholosaurus  75
丝路龙属 Genus Siluosaurus  77
长春龙属 Genus Changchunsaurus 77
禽龙类 Iguanodontia  79
兰州龙属 Genus Lanzhousaurus 79
鸭嘴龙超科 Superfamily Hadrosauroidea 81
锦州龙属 Genus Jinzhousaurus  81
薄龙属 Genus Bolong  82
野鸭颌龙属 Genus Penelopognathus  84
马鬃龙属 Genus Equijubus  85
原巴克龙属 Genus Probactrosaurus  86
南阳龙属 Genus Nanyangosaurus  88
金塔龙属 Genus Jintasaurus  90
巴克龙属 Genus Bactrosaurus  91
吉尔摩龙属 Genus Gilmoreosaurus  93
谭氏龙属 Genus Tanius  94
双庙龙属 Genus Shuangmiaosaurus 97
“原巴克龙”属 Genus“Probactrosaurus”  97
鸭嘴龙亚科 Subfamily Hadrosaurinae   99
山东龙属 Genus Shantungosaurus   100
小鸭嘴龙属 Genus Microhadrosaurus   102
乌拉嘎龙属 Genus Wulagasaurus   103
兰氏龙亚科 Subfamily Lambeosaurinae 104
牙克煞龙属 Genus Jaxartosaurus  105
青岛龙属 Genus Tsintaosaurus  106
南宁龙属 Genus Nanningosaurus  108
满洲龙属 Genus Mandschurosaurus  109
萨哈里彦龙属 Genus Sahaliyania   112
肿头龙类 Pachycephalosauria     115
皖南龙属 Genus Wannanosaurus    115
小肿头龙属 Genus Micropachycephalosaurus 117
角龙类 Ceratopsia 118
隐龙属 Genus Yinlong 119
朝阳龙属 Genus Chaoyangsaurus 120
宣化角龙属 Genus Xuanhuaceratops121
鹦鹉嘴龙科 Family Psittacosauridae 123
鹦鹉嘴龙属 Genus Psittacosaurus124
红山龙属 Genus Hongshanosaurus 134
新角龙类 Neoceratopsia 136
辽角龙属 Genus Liaoceratops 136
黎明角龙属 Genus Auroraceratops137
古角龙属 Genus Archaeoceratops 138
太阳神角龙属 Genus Helioceratops 141
原角龙科 Family Protoceratopsidae142
原角龙属 Genus Protoceratops142
巨吻角龙属 Genus Magnirostris145
纤角龙科 Family Leptoceratopsidae146
诸城角龙属 Genus Zhuchengceratops146
角龙科 Family Ceratopsidae147
中国角龙属 Genus Sinoceratops148
汉 -拉学名索引168
拉 -汉学名索引171

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