Paleobotany and Palynology

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A Research on Tertiary Palynology from the Qaidam Basin, Qinghai province

Language : Chinese with English summary Published on: 1985-01 Hardcover

A Study on Pollen Morphology and its Phylogeny of Polygonaceae in China

Author : Zhang Xiaoping and Zhou Zhongze Language : Chinese and English bilingual 1998; Paperback;185x260mm;154 pages + 69 plates This book describes...

Acritarch Study in China

Author : Yin Leiming Language : Chinese, English summary and Latin names index ISBN/ISSN : 7030169387 Published on: 2006-01 Hardcover Organic-welled...

Acritarchs and its Organic Stratigeochemistry from the Arenigian in the Sandu Area

Author : Xu Wanhong Language : Chinese with English summary Published on: 2001-01 Paperback The present study is focused on a stratigraphic interval...

Acta Palaeontologica Sinica (vol.39) Sup.-Contributions to the Sixth Conference of International Organization of Palaeobotany (IOPC-VI)

Author : Li Xingxue Language : English Published on: 2000-01 Hardcover 1.General History and Prospects of China’s Palaeobotany: A Century Riview...

An Illustrated Handbook of Quaternary Pollen and Spores in China

Author : Tang Lingyu, Mao Limi, Shu Junwu Language : Chinese, Latin name ISBN/ISSN : 9787030505682 Published on: 2017-03 Hardcover An Illustrated...

An Introduction to the World's Petrified Wood

Author : Shengyang Center for Geological Survey Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 9787116091252 Published on: 2015-04; Hardcover PrefaceShortly after...

Archaeobotany--Research on Seeds and Fruits

Author : Liu Changjiang Language : Chinese, Latin name ISBN/ISSN : 9787030225504 Published on: 2008-01 Hardcover Plant macroremains (mainly seeds and...

Atlas of Fossil Plant Anatomy in China

Author : Li Chengsen & Cui jinzhong Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 7030049004 Published on: 1995-01 Hardcover Land vascular plants originated in the...

Calcareous Algae

Author : John L. Wray Language : Chinese Published on: 1982-01 Hardcover

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