Paleotethysides in West Yunnan and Sichuan, China


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Author: By Zhong Dalai
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7030071425
Published on: 1999-01

Foreword I
Foreword II
Chapter1 Introduction
1•1 Study on the Eastern Tethys, Western Tethys, and Paleotethys in China
1•2 Study history of the region
1•3 Research viewpoints
Chapter2 Characteristics of Geophysical Field and Lithospheric Structures
2•1 Tectonic Framework and division of tectonic elements in the Region
2•2 Geophysical anomalies and deep structural properties in western Yunnan
Chapter 3 Pre-Paleotethyan Tectonic Evolution
3•1 Metamorphic petrology and metamorphism in western Yunnan
3•2 Basement structures in western Yunnan
Chapter4 Early Paleozoic Tectonic Evolution of Western Yunnan
4•1 Stratigraphy, paleontological provinces and sedimentation
4•2 Metamorphic rocks and tectono-thermal events
4•3 Discussion: the Prototethyan tectonic framework
Chapter 5 Stratigraphical and Sedimentary Records of the Paleotethys
5•1 The Late Paleozoic stratigraphy in western Yunnan
5•2 Late Paleozoic biogeography of western Yunnan
5•3 Sediments on stable blocks
5•4 Sediments on passive continental margins
5•5 Sediments on active continental margins
5•6 Sediments in pelagic basins
5•7 Carbonate platforms on oceanic island or seamount
5•8 Triassic troughs
Chapter 6 Igneous Petrological Records of The Paleotethys
6•1 Ophiolite
6•2 Intra-plate magmatism
6•3 Island arc or active continental margin volcanic rocks
6•4 Intermediate-acidic intrusive rocks
6•5 The Paleotethyan magmatism and Wilson cycle
Chapter7 Geometry and Kinematics of Paleotethyan Subduction-Collisional Tectonics
7•1 The Changning-Menglian tectonic belt
7•2 The Mojiang-Jinshajiang collisional belt
7•3 The Gaoligong collinsional tectonic belt
Chapter 8 Lithospheric Tectonic Evolutionary Model of Tethyan Belt in Western Yunnan and Sichuan
8•1 The Prototethyan evolutionary stage
8•2 The Paleotethyan evolutionary stage

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