Paper Compilation-2005 International Symposium on Techniques and Clinical Application of Acupuncture and Moxibustion


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Author: Liu Qingguo & Zhao Baixiao
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 2005-01


1.Specific Responses of Cerebral Cortices to Stimulation of Acupoints with Electroacupuncture
2. Effect of Moxibustion at Baihui (DU20) and Taichong (LR3) on HPA Axis in the Rats Models of Chronic Reactive Depression
3. Review of Researches on the Relationships among Turbidness, Phlegm, Blood Stasis and Hyperlipemia
4. Observing the Influence on the Level of the Complement of the Chronic Pelvic Inflammation Patients by Practicing Chinese Medical Application and Acupuncture during the HottestDays of the Year
5. The Study of Therapeutic Effects of Electroacupuncture on Parkinsonian Animal
Models and the Related Mechanisms
6. Observation on Toxicological Experiment of Leifenggaunbabu on the Skin
7. Research on the Mechanism of Shu-Mu complex for the diseases of Zang-Fu Organs
8. Research on Effect of Preventive Moxibustion on "RN4-Guanyuan" on Expression of TNF-aand ER-a in the Spleen of Rats During Menopause
9. Effect on the Contents of IL-4 and IFN-y in Sensitized Guinea Pig by Electroacupuncture with Various Frequencies
10.Effect of Electroacupuncture on Changes of Sexual Behavior and Serum Testosterone, Luteinizing Hormone in Chronic Stress Model Rats

1. T Application of Manipulations in Scalp Acupuncture
2. Study on the Principle of Needling the Opposite Side
3. Approach to the Moxibustion Research
4. Review on Clinical Application of Needling Techniques in Chapter Guan Zhen of Ling Shu (Spiritual Pivot)
5. He Validation of a Newly Designed Placebo Moxibustion Device: A Randomized Controlled Trial
6. Analysis and Clinical RCT Research on the Treatment of Acupuncture for Bell's Palsy
7. Research on Treatment of Endometriosis with Moxibustion&Herbal Cookies
8. Analysis of the Safe and Painless of Acupuncture Therapy-The Characteristic and Progress of Abdominal Acupuncture
9. Review of Bian Stone Therapy
10. Research on Meng’s Drug Cupping Therapy
11. Clinical Observation on the Effect of Bloodletting Puncturing at Hand Twelve Jing-Well Points on Blood Pressure, Breath, Consciousness and Heart Rates of Stroke Patients at Acute Stage
12. Research on the Effect and Mechanism of Acupuncture's Function of Invigorating Spleen to Resolve Phlegm in the Treatment of Stroke(type of wind-phlegm blocking collateral)
13.Treating Myofascial Pain with Intramuscular Stimulation
14. Observation on the Curative Effect of Treating the Local Obesity with Acupuncture
15.Clinical Observation of 300 Cases of Losing Weight by 5-method Acupuncture Therapy
16.Observation on Therapeutic Effect of Pricking Jing-Well Acupoints for Motor Impairment of the Little Finger after Stroke
17. Clinical Application of Bleeding Therapy on Lidui (ST45) Point
18. Clinical Application of Heavy-Moxibustion
19.Observation on the Effect of Acupuncture Treatment in 2936 Cases of Primary Trigeminal Neuralgia
20. Neuropathic Myofascial Pain Syndrome
21.Clinical Observation on the Usage of Shao Shan Huo and Ton Tian Liang Manipulation Methods on "2nd Metacarpal Micro-acupuncture Diagnostic and Therapeutic Therapy" in Use of One Needle Acupuncture on the Ah-Shi Acupoint
22.Scientific approach to clinical acupuncture-Study on objectification of "dé-qi" (needling sensation)
23.Treatment of 113 Cases of Dysmenorrhoea with Needling the Ear Shenmen, Sanyinjiao (SP6) and Xuehai (SP10) Individually
24. Observation on the Effect of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Combined with Massage on Hyperplasia Rachitis
25. Observation on the Therapeutic Effect of the Treatment Combining Acupuncture and Kinesiatrics in Curing 80 Cases of Cervical Spondylopathy of the Nerve Root Type
26. Study on Height Increase with Dong's Shoujie Points
27. Clinical Research on the Mechanism of Treating the Injury of Lumbar and Sacrum Spinal Nerves with Acupuncture
28. Quintuple Puncture on 37 Cases of Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Neuritis
29. A clinical Report of Paralysis of Upper Limbs due to AIDS Treated by Acupuncture
30. Servation on Clinical Therapeutic Effect of Scalp Acupuncture Combined with Acupuncture Therapy on Apoplectic Hemiplegia
31. Clinical Study of the Acupoints Penetration of Back on Primary Fibromyolgia Syndrome
32. The Clinical Application of Some Kinds of Moxibustion
33. Clinical Practice of Acupoint Application Therapy
34. Acupuncture and Herb Treatment for Depression
35. Clinical Study on Acupoint Catgut Embedding for Treatment of Simple Obesity
36. Treatment of 43 Cases of Cerebral Haemorrhage with Bleeding Method before the Attack
37. 135 Cases of Peripheral Facial Paralysis Treated with Penetration of Acupoints and Flash Cupping
38. Clinical Observation on Puncturing Ganshu (BL-18) and Gaohuangshu (BL-43)
39. Mainly in the Treatment of Cyclomastopathy (type of liver depressed and phlegm curdled)
40. Clinical Study on Sifeng-pricking (EX-UE10) in Treating Child Anorexia
41.Comparison and Analysis on Therapeutic Effects of Electric Acupuncture on lumbar Intervertebral Disc Protrusion
42. Study on Clinical Application of Surrounded Needling
43. Application of Reversed Heci Needling Method in Treating Facial Spasm
44. Observation on the Effect of Local Bian-stone Application Combined with Extremity Acupuncture on Soft Tissue Injury on the Neck
45. 126 Cases of Abdominal Pain Treated by Moxibustion on Salt in Bamboo Circle
46. Acupuncture and Moxibustion Balancing Yin and Yang Treat the Uraemia
47. Review on the Clinical Application of Acupoint Catgut Embedding Therapy
48. Exploration of Curative Effect Improved and Quickened in Clinic with Acupuncture in Facial and Body Beauty Fication
49. Clinical Observation on 40 cases of Insomnia Patients by Acupuncture with Regulating the Offensive Qi and the mind
50.Comparative Observation on Therapeutic Effect of Horizontal-Through Needling for Treatment of Obesity
51. Hand Acupuncture Therapy
52.Influence on Temporo-mandibular Joint Disturbance Syndrome and VAS with Different Acupuncture Methods
53.Study of the Therapeutic Effects of the Trinity of Acu-moxibution, Tuina and Qigong
54. Clinical Application of Bian Stone Exercise
55.Observing the Variation of the Amount of TNF-ain Serum and Brain Tissue after Needling the Twelve jing-well Points on Rats Model with Cerebral Ischemia
56.Specific Methods and Formulae in Treating Typhoid Fever Disease -Clinical Application and Experiences from the Study of Treatise on Febrile Diseases
57. Advanced Diagnostic Method for Cancers-Meridian and Acupoint Diagnosis for Cancers
58. Clinical Observation on Lumbar Muscle Strain of 68 Cases Treated with Fire Needling Therapy
59. Clinical Observation on Pains of Neck, Shoulder, Lumbus and Legs by Laser Acupuncture and Moxibustion
60. Clinical Realization of Deep Puncture in Jiaji Points
61. Clinical Evaluation on Treatment of Child Anorexia by Pricking Sifeng (EX-UL 9)
62. Clinical Research on the Function of Tai Yuan(LU9) to Treat Constipation and Exploring its Mechanism
63.Clinical Observation on the 146 cases of Adolescent Myopia Treated with Acupuncture
64. Analysis on the Oppotune Moment and Quantity of Needling Stimulus for Oxytocia and Induced Labor
65.Theory and Practice of the Manipulating Techniques of Acupuncture--Treating Waist-leg Pain with Acupuncture Combined with TDP Lamp and Massage has Significant Effect in Clinical Application
66. Clinical Analysis of 160 Peripheral Facial Paralysis Patients Treated with Different Method in Terms of Different Stages
67. Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs
68. Review of the Clinic Research on Losing Weight by Acupuncture
69. Precautions for Treatment of Peripheral Facial Paralysis
70. The Application of Jing-River Points in Five Shu Points
71. Shen Men (HT7)--Effective Point to Release the Symptom of Spontaneous Sweating and the Principles it Based on
72. Application of Five Elements in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Liver Diseases
73. One Case of Scrotal Cyst Treated by Needling A-shi Point
74. 35 Cases of Type II Diabetes Treated Primarily by Acupotomy
75. Can Acupuncture Promote Spinal Regeneration-Observation of the Long Term Therapeutic Effect on Two Paraplegic Patients

1. Preventative Moxibustion and Anti-aging
2. Experimental and Clinical Study on Electroacupuncture Parameters
3. Modern Research on Interior-Exterior Relation between Lung and Large Intestine
4. Review of the Clinic Research on Losing Weight by Acupuncture
5. Review of Experiment Researches on the Mechanism of Weight Reduction by Acupuncture Therapy
6. The Development of International Acupuncture Clinics in The Recent Ten Years—a literature study

1. Present Situation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in US
2. The Current Situation and Future Development of the Use of Acupuncture in Spain
3. Status of TCM in Chile
4. Acupuncture from the view point of Japanese awareness about complementary andalternative medicine (CAM)
5. Biology of Acupuncture: from Observations to Confirmed Predictions
6. Acupuncture-assisted in Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer in Theory and Practice
7. A study of Coughing by Successive Chinese Medical Literature
8. A Personal Perspective and Reflection on Teaching Chinese Medicine in China and in Australia.
9. The Construction of Standardized Acupuncture and Moxibustion System
10. Probing into Dazhui (Du 14) Point's Function of Activating Yang
11.Study on the Effects of Regulating Exiting and Entering of Nutrient Qi and Offensive Qi by Penetrating Needling between Shemnai(BL61) and Zhaohai (KI 6)
12. Did Acupuncture Using Metal Needles Develop from Bian Stone Therapy?
13. Thinking of The Development of Acupuncture
14. Discussion on Theory of Acupuncture Manipulation: Point Tendency and Stress of Point Tendency
15. Discussion on the Standardization of Needling Sensation: the Form and Classification of Needling Sensation
16.Why meridian-collateral lines distributed in vertical direction
17.Two-Three-Five-Eight Needling Methods
18. Study on Zhongwan (RN12) Point for Treating Spiritual Diseases
19. Insight into Clinical Application of the Acupoints from the New Century Textbook Acupuncture Therapy
20. Continuation of Laozi
21. Another Discussion on Deqi/arrival of qi in Huangdi's Inner Classic of Medicine
22. One of the Five Pillars of Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies (TCM)-Bian Stone Therapy
23. Academic Experience and viewpoints of Professor Meng Jingbi in Acupuncture
24. A Brief Introduction to "Techniques of Mongolian Acupuncture and Moxibustion"
25. Blood-letting Therapy in Traditional Mongolian Medicine
26. The Principles of Trigeminal Neuralgia Treated with Filiform Needles
27. Viewpoints on Electroacupuncture Therapy And Electroacupuncture Instrument
28. Tentative Study on the Understanding in Neijing about Deqi and Qizhi
29. Study on the location and quantity of moxibustion in the theory of HeTuShuShu
30. Taboo of Acupuncture in Huangdi's Internal Classics
31. Discussion on the Rule of the Needling Depth of Filiform Needle
32. Discussion on the Treatment of Sallow Skin by Regulating the Spleen and Stomach
33. Discussion on Regulating Mind in Acupuncture
34. Speaking on the Effect of Preventing Diseases with Moxibustion
35. Each Man has His Obligation for the Rise and Fall of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
36. Opinion on Selection and Prescription of Acupoints in Practice of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
37. Relationship between Meridians&Collaterals and Vessels&Nerves and the Application of Meridians and Collaterals
38. Research on Hypothesis of Four-dimensional Acupuncture with Holographic andHemi-holographic Effects
39.Application of Balance Principle to Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy

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