Peptides:Chemistry and Biology

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Author: Liu Keliang, Cheng Maosheng
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787122167781
Published on: 2013-07

Preface V
The 12th Chinese International Peptide Symposium (CPS-2012) VII
Acknowledgements X
Cathay Award XII
Xiaoyu Hu Memorial Award XIII
Chinese Peptide Symposium XIV
Abbreviations XV
Session 1 Innovative Methodology of Peptide/ Protein Synthesis 1
N-to-C Sequential Ligation Method for Protein Total Synthesis 3
Renliang Yang, Wen Hou, Xiaohong Zhang, Chuan-Fa Liu

Total Solid-phase Combinatorial Synthesis of Biologically Active
N-Decanoyl Depsipeptide Derivatives from Natural Products 6
Chuanguang Qin, Qiuyu Wang, Lin Li, Tingting Wei, Jin Ren

The Synthesis of Alkyne-human Relaxin-2 for Labeling with Different
Azido Molecules by Click Chemistry 12
Feng Lin, Linda Chan, Laszlo Otvos Jr. and John D. Wade

4-Methoxybenzyloxymethyl Group as a Thiol Protecting Group for
Cysteine to Prevent Racemization in Fmoc Chemistry 15
Hajime Hibino, Yuji Nishiuchi

Bio-Inspired Thrombomodulin Conjugate Engineering via Recombinant
and Bio-Orthogonal Conjugation Technique 18
Hailong Zhang, Jacob Weingart, Rui Jiang and Xue-Long Sun

Acid-catalyzed N-S Acyl Shift for Preparing Peptide Thioesters Using
Fmoc Chemistry 22
Yibo Qiu, Clarence T. T. Wong and James P. Tam

Solid-Phase Synthesis of Side-Chain-Protected Peptides via a Linker-
Modified Resin 25
Zhi-Ping Huang, Ming Zhang
Development of Peptide Modification Methods to Widely Expand
Peptide Structural Diversity and Its Applications 28
Xinjun Zhang, Wentao Zhang
Session 2 Peptide/Protein Material Sciences 35
Synthetic and Self-assembly Studies of a Series of Gemini Peptides 37
Changhai Cao, Meiwen Cao, Daohong Xia, Hai Xu

Fabrication of Globular Protein/Polysaccharide-PAA Aggregates 44
Naipu He, Sikai Huang, Xi Du, Weigang Zhao,
Shengfang Lu, Xiaoqian Han

High-efficiency Cellular Penetrable Superparamagnetic Nanoparticle
Complexation with Tat Peptide Conjugates 47
Chenhong Wang, Lei Qiao, Keliang Liu

Biological Activities of Integrin-binding Peptides Derived from
Laminins on Alginate and Chitosan Matrices 53
Kazuhiro Sato, Yuji Yamada, Kentaro Hozumi, and Motoyoshi Nomizu
Session 3 Technological Advances in Peptide Purification and Analysis 57
Intein-mediated Expression of Cyclic Sunflower Trypsin Inhibitor in E. coli 59
Shunyi He, Ting Chen, Wei Zhang, Rong Feng, Youshang Zhang

Perfection of the Universal Method for Screening Affinity Adsorbents
Used for Phosphorylated Peptide Isolation Utilizing Gold Colloids 63
Qinqin Wei, Wei Wang, Bicui Wang, Jun Wang, Zhi Yuan
Session 4 Peptide drug discovery and design 67
New Paradigms for Drug Discovery and Development: Design of
Multivalent Ligands for the Treatment of Disease 69
Victor J. Hruby, Takashi Yamamoto, Padma Nair, Minying Cai,
Josef Vagner, Jatinder Josan, Robert J. Gillies, Liping Xu,
David Morse, Peg Davis, Shou-Wu Ma, Tally Largent-Milnes,
Josephine Lai, Eva Varga, Todd Vanderah, Frank Porreca

Edible Biologics: Orally Active Peptide Bradykinin B1 Receptor
Antagonists for Inflammatory Pain Treatment 72
James P. Tam, Clarence T. T. Wong
Small-sized BACE1 Inhibitors: In-silico Design and Synthesis 77
Yoshio Hamada, Harichandra D. Tagad, Yoshiaki Kiso

Design of Novel Relaxin-3 Agonist Analogues as Potential
Neurological Regulators 80
Fazel Shabanpoor, M. Akhter Hossain, Feng Lin, Ross A.D. Bathgate,
Andrew Gundlach, John D. Wade

2-Oxoamides Based on Amino Acids and Dipeptides as Selective
Phospholipase A2 Inhibitors Presenting Anti-inflammatory Activity 83
George Kokotos

N-Methylation of Cyclized Melanotropine Peptides: A New
Perspective of Drug Discovery for Melanocortin System 86
Minying Cai, Jennifer Bao, Morgan R. Zingsheim, Johannes G. Beck,
Florian Opperer, Lucas Doedens, Horst Kessler Victor J. Hruby

Design, Synthesis, and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel
Tasiamide B Derivatives: Selective Inhibitors of BACE1 89
Jian Liu, SimingYang, Wei Zhang, Ning Ding, Yingxia Li

Autophagy Inhibition Promotes HDACI-induced Apoptosis in
MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells 92
Shimiao Wang, Xiaohui Li, Zhilong Xiu

The Mechanism of Amyloid Protein Aggregation and the Design
of Fibrillization Inhibitors 97
Meng-Rong Ma and Yan-Mei Li

Anti-HIV-1 Small Molecule-Peptide Conjugates for Studying Target
Binding of Small Molecule Fusion Inhibitors 101
Chao Wang, Weiguo Shi, Lifeng Cai, Kun Wang, Keliang Liu

A Peptide-based Fluorescence Probe for Trypsin Activity and
a Potent Inhibitor 104
Junchen Wu, Tian He, Carsten Schmuck

Development of RGD-MEK1/2 Inhibitor Conjugates for Targeted
Delivery in Melanoma Treatment 107
Xiaoxiao Li, Cao Wang, Shanyun Gao, Jianjun Hou, Zhangjun Yang,
Lihe Zhang, Zili Chen, Yun Wu

Chemical Synthesis of Irisin and Detection in Human Blood 111
Aydar Sabirov, Xiang-Qun Chen, Rong-Ming Lyu, Qing Tian,
Siok L. Dun Nae J. Dun, and Jaw-Kang Chang

Bifunctional Peptides with a ?/δ Opioid Activity Profile as Analgesic
Drug Candidates with Reduced Side Effects 113
Jinguo Ding, Thi M.-D. Nguyen, Carole Lemieux, Nga N. Chung,
and Peter W. Schiller
Discovery and Mechanism of a New Antitumor Peptide 116
Liangyou Wang, Dongdong Lu
Session 5 Peptide Mimetics and Conjugates 119
Exploring the Function and Transport Mechanism of Lipidated Proteins
Using Synthetic Proteins 121
Si-Yu Zhang, Yong-Xiang Chen
Session 6 Bioactive Peptides 127
Cationic Antifungal Lipopeptides: Conjugation of a Fatty Acid Compensates
for Shortening the Peptidic Chain 129
Dorit Avrahami and Yechiel Shai

Cyclic ω-conotoxin MVIIA, Antimicrobial Activity Generated by Cyclization 146
Xinya Hemu and James P. Tam

STY39, a Novel Alpha-Melanocyte-stimulating Hormone Analogue, Reduces
Acute Lung Injury in Rats with Hemorrhagic Shock and Endotoxin Challenge 149
Zhigang Wang, Yeping Tian
Author Index 153
Subject Index 155 

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