Pests and Control

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Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 9787109163904 Published on: 2012-01 Hardcover

A Colored Pictorial Handbook of Agricultural Pests in Northern China

Author : He Zhenchang Language : Chinese with English summary ISBN/ISSN : 9787538126471 Published on: 1997-12 Hardcover This handbook includes 252...

Agro-Forestry Pests and their Control in The Lvliang Region, Shanxi Province

Author : Wang Rui Language : Chinese 2001; Paperback;130x200mm;258 pages

Area-Wide Control of Insect Pests from Research to Field Implementation

Author : Editors: M.J.B. Vreysen, A. S. Robinson Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 9781402060588 Published on: 2007-01 Hardcover 【Main Contents】...

Armed Forces Manual on Pest Control (Used)

Language : English Published on: 1960-01 Paperback Contents Foreword Preface Section 1. Biting Flies Mosquitoes Black Flies Tabanids Biting Midges...

Asian Corn Borer and Its Integrated Management(second Hand)

Author : Zhou Dalong Language : Chinese 1995; :Paperback; 102 pages

Atlas of Crop Pests in Northeast China (Used) (Dongbei Nongzuowu Haichong Tushuo)

Author : The Editorial Group Language : Chinese with Latin name Published on: 1959-01 Paperback...

Atlas of Grassland Pests in China

Author : Yang Ding Language : Chinese, Latin name ISBN/ISSN : 9787511614124 Published on: 2013-11 Soft Cover...

Atlas of Landscape Pests in Ningbo City in Live Color (Ning bo Yuan Lin Hai Chong Yuan Se Tu Jian)

Author : Hu Deju Language : Chinese, Latin name ISBN/ISSN : 9787511601056 Published on: 2013-07 Soft Cover This book introduces 120 species landscape...

Atlas of Pests and Natural Enemies of Tea in Fujian

Author : Zeng Mingsen Language : Chinese ISBN/ISSN : 9787511616890 Published on: 2014-06 Soft Cover Atlas of Pests and Natural Enemies of Tea in...

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