Physical Anthroplogy


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Author: Xi Huanjiu/Huang Zhongcai
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787513008716
Published on: 2012-01

China won the right to host the 16th IUAES World Congress in July, 2003. After six years of preparation, the Congress will be held in Kunming, China during July 27-31, 2009.The International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) was established on August 23, 1948, when it merged, in fact, with the International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (ICAES), which was founded in 1934. The latter was the product of various Congresses of Anthropological Sciences, starting in 1865.The IUAES is one of the member organizations of the Intemational Social Science Council (ISSC) and also of the International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies (ICPHS).

1. The Physical Growth of 7-18 Year-old Tibetan Children and Adolescents in Tibet
2. A Study of the Facial Characteristics of the Han Adults Living in Rural Area of Liaoning Province 
3. The Comparison of Somatotypes of Ethnic Groups in China
4. The Somatotypes of 7-18 Year-Old Tibetan Adolescents in Tibet
5. Analysis of the Somatotype of Han Adults in Liaoning Province with Heath-Carter Method 
6. Skin-fold Thickness Changes with Ages of Han People in Henan Village
7. Assessment of Tibetan Adolescents Skeletal Age of Wrist in Naqu Region
8. Studies on 7 Behavioral Traits of Lateral Functional Dominance in Linzhi of Tibet 
9. The Traits of Digit Ratio and Stature/Digit Length of the Left Hand of Tibetans
10. Relationship between Digit Ratios and Aggressive Behavior among Males of Han Nationality
11. Diversity of 16 Genetic Loci in Bones of Female Adults Incinerated at Different Temperatures
12. Genetic Analysis of Four Minorities from Guangxi Province 
13. Polymorphism Study of Six Mini STR in Han Ethnic from Northeast of China
14. Factor Analysis for the Growth Characteristics of Young Tibetans in Naqu

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