Plants of Mount Yuntai


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Author: Yinzheng Wang & Shu-Ren Zhang
Language: Chinese, English abstracts
ISBN/ISSN: 9787534952951
Published on: 2012-08

Situated in Xiuwu county, Henan province, Central China. Mt.Yuntai belongs to the Taihang moputain system. Covered with thick forest with aboundant spring resources and featuring steep cliffs, deep valleys, and quiet gorges, unique stones and wildflowers., Mt. Yuntai exhibits a beautiful landscape that is typical of the Taihang mountain systems., Yuntai Mountain is among the first group of world geology park. and in the warm temperature zone, at over 600m above sea level. It is steep and complicated. Various species of plants grow well and shrubs are every where. It is usually in Chinese medicines. Among them are more of Liliaceae, Oleaceae, Asteraceae, Apiacese etc.
This book accounts for 1175 species (including infraspecific taxa) of 136 families of vascular plants, including 56 species and 2 varieties in 20 families of ferns, 4 species and 1 variety in 3 families of gymnosperms, 831 species and 15 subspecies with 26 varieties and 3 forms in 96 families of dicotyledons, and 228 species with 4 subspecies and 5 varieties in 17 families of monocotyledons. There are 7 species of new records from Henan province. In adition, there are about 700 photos including more than 600 species of Mt.Yuntai plants in this book. More than 700 high quality photographs of plants included. The book is a survey achivement by Institute of Botany, Chinese Acedemy of Sciences for more than two years. It was published by Henan Science and technology Press.
The text is written in Chinese with English abstracts to each species. Latin name to each species, distribution and living environment in brief English to each species.

Chapter 1 Natural Settings
I. Background of Natural Geography
II. Geology and Geomorphology
III. Climate, Hydrology and Soil
IV. Vegetation.
Chapter 2 Endemic and Threatened Plants
Chapter 3 Economic Plant Resources
Appendix: The List of Endemic Plants in Mt.Yuntai
Chapter 4. Enumeration of vascular Plants from Mt.Yuntai
I. Ferns
II. Gymnosperms
III. Angiosperms
IV.New Records of Vascular Plants From Henan Prov.

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