Preventing Hazardous Groundwater Inflows in Coal Mines


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Author: Jingsheng Li
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7116032371
Published on: 2000-01

Section One

1. Introduction
2. Activities and Outputs
3. Utilization of Project Results
4. Benefits of the Project
5. Conclusions and Recommendations

Section Two

Part one The Construction of Laboratory of Water Inrush Mechanism Study
and the Experiments of Water Inrush
1. Introduction
2. The State-of-the-Art in Water Inrush Mechanism Study
3. The Scientific Basis of Physical Experiment
4. The Research Strategy in the Project
5. The Construction of Laboratory of Water Inrush Mechanism Study
6. Experiment on Water Inrush
7. Conclusion Remarks

Part Two Numerical Model of Water Inrush and Its Application
1. Introduction
2. Types of Water Inrush and Observation of Water Progressive
3. The Numerical Model of Water Inrush
4. The Approach to Water Inrush Prediction
5. The Industrial Tests
6. Appendix

Part Three A Modified Gauss-Newton Method for Aquifer Parameter
1. Introduction
2. Numerical Method
3. Evaluation of System Sensitivity
4. Conclusions

Part Four A Predictive Method for the Determination of Steady-State
Groundwater Flow into a Mined Panel
1. Introduction
2. Formulation of the Problem
3. Solution Method to Determine Free Surface
4. Calculation Method for Inflow into the Mined Panel
5. Examples
6. Computer Program
7. Conclusions
8. Appendix

Part Five The Multi-Objective Management Model of Mine Drainage and Water
Supply in Jiaozuo Mine Area
1. Introduction
2. Groundwater System
3. Plans of Integrated Drainage and Supply
4. Optimal Management model
5. Cost Analysis of Water Supply Plans
6. Conclusions

Part Six Treatment, Utilization and Pollution Control of Coal Mine
Drainage in China
1. Introduction
2. The Status of CMD and Influence of CMD on the Environment in Key
Coal Mines in China
3. The Situation of Water Quality at Key Coal Mines in China
4. The Present Situation of Using and Cleaning Drainage in Key Coal
Mines in China
5. The Status of Treatment Techniques for the Coal Mine Drainage in
6. Pollution Control, Waste Water Reuse and Comprehensive
Utilization on Mine Drainage
7. The Way Forwarding Study of Purification and Utilization
Technique in China's Coal Mines
8. Conclusions
9. Appendix-1
11. References

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