Prevention and Control Technology of Gas Disaster in Coal Mine

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Author: Yu Ning
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 7030244611
Published on: 2009-01

The symposium has successively received more than120 academic papers from home and abroad, the authors of which contain professors, scholars, safety managers of enterprises, and young scientific workers. They firmly surround the theme of symposium, air their own views, say their say, and give many insightful ideas and views from the combination of theory and being. We take 57 papers into the symposium, which contain 11 research fields, such as, coal and gas outburst, gas extraction, gas and coal dust explosion, mine pressure and strata movement, and so on. The symposium reflects new development about prevention and control theory and technology of gas disaster in coal mine, agglomerates new achievements of and scientific research and productive practice, has important reference value for understanding and mastering laws and characters of gas disaster in coal mine, promoting control of gas disaster in coal mine.

1.Devoting to safety science and technology and promoting life guarantee
2.Analysis on gas occurrence features in shuicheng mining area
3.Performance-based forecasting of gas emission quantity from extracting face
4.The mechanism of turbulence in mine gas explosion and its preventive measures
5.Research on helical drilling equipment used in loose coal seam and its technology
6.Study on gas seepage law based on supporting pressure attribution of tunnel surrounding rock
7.Experimental study on gas diffusion law of drill cuttings during the whole desorption process
8.Study on dynamic testing technique of gas emission initial velocity from borehole
9.Research and application of overlying strata fissures spread in fully mechanized coal caving mining technology
10.Study on the effect of outburst coal’s gas seepage under ground stress
11.Study on the law of disturbed coal seam permeability
12.The research and practice of gas control technology at Shuicheng mining area
13.Study on prevention countermeasures of coal mine gas disaster in China
14.Forecast experiment on suddenly extrusion of deep mine fully mechanized mine head face
15.Signal processing of acoustic emission in coal or rock failure based on wavelet transform
16.Scale influence of outburst hole mouth to coal and gas outburst
17.Study on rational determination of outburst sensitivity index of Shaqu coal mine
18.Technology of dynamic information management for prevention of coal and gas outburst
19.Technology of automatic drawing of gas-geology map based on GIS
20.The technology of support for the laneway with big cross section and compound roof condition
21.Study of the measuring technique and application for explosive character of coal dust
22.Raise boring machine and a new construction method of vertical pipe shaft for draining gas in coal mine
23.Numerical simulation of hole drilled along coal seam for gas drainage and explosion
24.The theoretical research and practice on coal mine gas extraction and surface development design
25.Study of deformation-failures zone of rock surrounding roadway driven along goaf under different stress conditions
26.Study on finite element simulation and in-site monitoring of ground subsidence law for comprehensive mechanized caving coal mining under railway
27.Supporting technology of huge thick coal roadway under rock burst condition
28.The control and mine pressure of thick and strong roof stratum in fully mechanized caving mining face of high-gas thick coal seam
29.Research of roof control and design of surrounding rock support in No.9 coal gateway of Wuda coal mine district
30.The simulation material experiment research on water-rock interaction in underground mining engineering
31.Numerical analysis on the rules of coal movement and the failure mechanism and the force characteristics of the powered supports due to mechanized top-coal caving in steep thick seam
32.Mining limit of lower coal seams to stability of upper dip entries
33.Improvement on histogram equalization algorithm of image imaged by cap lamp in underground mines
34.Study on the intelligent diagnosis of gas sensor fault
35.Optimization and design of coal mine safety supervision information flow based on Internet/Intranet
36.Wide input for adaptive power supply of mine
37.Fault-tolerant control strategies based on fuzzy neural networks for safe coal-mining
38.Research on application of self-excited pulsed water jet in uncovering rock cross-cut coal
39.R & D of truck mounted mine rescue assistant decision-making command system
40.The connotation of intrinsic safety culture and its construction clue in coal mines
41.Study on hidden danger control for coal excavation face
42.Post-accident human reliability analysis and control of mine hoisting system
43.Experiment on coal-bed methane hydrates formation in the ultrasonic field
44.The permeability variation model with compression-shear damage in coal rock
45.Technology research on injecting limewater into coal bed to prevent hydrogen sulfide
46.Properties of maximum allowable oxygen content of flammable gases (liquid vapors)
47.Rapid construction of panel ventilation shaft in high gassy mine
48.Experimental study on top coal’s failure law of extremely thick seam’s mining face
49.Experimental study on the law of gas flow in coal body under action of true three dimensi onstress

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