Principles of Spinning


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Author: Yu Xiuye
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787811113020
Published on: 2008-01
Soft Cover

Contents: Chapter 1 Yarn Definition and General Consideration1.1 Yarn. Thread and Classification1.1.1 Definition of yarn1.1.2 Classification of yarns1.1.3 Yarn description1.2 Systems of Yarn Manufacturing1.2.1 Systems of yarn manufacturing1.2.2 Methods of spinning1.2.3 Generalization of spinning processes1.3 Theoretical Aspects of Yarn ManufacturingChapter 2 Fiber Assemblies and their Characteristics2.1 Fiber Assemblies2.2 Porousity of Fiber Assembly2.3 Frictional Property of Fiber AssembliesChapter 3 Fiber Preparation and Selection3.1 Extraction of Fious Materials3.2 Degumming for Bast Fibers and Silk3.3 Scouring and Carbonizing for Wool3.3.1 Scouring3.3.2 Drying3.3.3 Carbonizing3.4 Selection of Fiber MaterialsChapter 4 Fiber Blending4.1 Purposes of Blending4.2 Fiber Distribution in Blended Yarns4.2.1 Random fiber distribution and the occurrence of clusters4. 2.2 Nonuniform fiber distributions in yarn sections4.3 Tensile Properties of Blended YarnsChapter 5 Opening. Cleaning and Blending5.1 Methods and Practices of Opening5.1.1 Opening by picking and pulling. large mass to small tufts5.1.2 Opening by beaters. roll feed5.1.3 Opening by beaters. loose stock feed5.1.4 Opening by carding5.1.5 Summary of opening principle5.2 Theories and Practices of Cleaning5.2.1 Any opening action cleans5.2.2 Cleaning by centrifugal force5.2.3 Cleaning by a beater driving fibers over open grid bars or screens5.2.4 Cleaning by air suction drawing stock over grid surfaces. fingers. or open plates5.2.5 Cleaning through selective separation by streamline air flotation5.2.6 Cleaning by air suction against rotating screens5.3 Methods and Practices of Blending5.3.1 Hand-stock blending5 .3.2 Bin blending5.3.3 Lap blending5.3.4 Blending practices5.4 Opening and Blending Machines5.4.1 Blending hopper bale opener5.4.2 Blending opener with opening unit5.4.3 Reciprocating bale opener5.4.4 Multimixer and Aero-mixer5.5 Opening and Cleaning MachinesChapter 6 CardingChapter 7 Roller DraftingChapter 8 TwistingChapter 9 WindingChapter 10 Yarn Ballon and Tension in Ring SpinningChapter 11 Problems in New Spinning and its DevlopmentsChapter 12 Production and Quality ControlReferences. 

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