Proceeding of the International Conference on Marine Disasters: Forecast and Reduction

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Author: Yu Zhouwen
Language: English
Published on: 1998-01

In view of the necessity of providing a forum for ocean scientists to discuss and exchange information, the State Ocean Administration of China (SOA) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA with the support from China National Offshore Oil Corporation jointly convened an intentional conference on ocean disaster: forecast and reduction of Bovember 2-5 1998,in Beijing, China This meeting brought together people from science, industry and movement to address key issues conceding marine disaster mitigation and reduction.
About 80 people representing universities, industries and movements from six countries attended the conference. The Proceedings, which contains more than 50 papers, will contribute to the continuation of the exchange of knowledge and ideas that initiated at the conference.

The proceedings contains following papers:

Storm Surge & Big Wave
1. A High Resolution Storm Prediction Model for the Bohai Sea of China and Its
Application to Typhoon 9216.
2. Characteristics of Storm Surge and Surge-protection in Haikou Area.
3. Significance of Warning Tide Level and Its Calculation Method.Shi Qiang
4. Two Numerical Prediction Models of Typhoon Surges in the coastal Areas of
5. A Numerical Simulation of Storm Surge and 3-D Currents in the Beibu Gulf.
6. Long-term Simulation of Wavers and Statistical Prediction of Sea States at
the Coastal Waters of the North East Asia.
7. A Case Study of Waves Generated by Cold Air.
8. Investigation of Wind,Wave,Current Extreme Parameter of the Wenchang Area
in the West of the South China Sea.
9. Wave Data assimilation Using the Adjoint Variational Method in the
LAGFD-WAM Wave Numerical Model.
10.Experiments of Typhoon Tracks Prediction with the Numerical Model of
NMEFC during the Summer of 1998.
11.Computation of Possible Maximum Tsunami in Dayawan Bay.
12.Influence of El Nino and La Nina on Marine Disasters in the Coastal
Area of Shandong.
13.Big Wind Waves and Operational Forecast at NMEFC. Sea Ice Sea Ice
Disaster in 1969.

Sea Ice

14.Sea ice disaster in 1969
15.Sea ice Survey in the Liaodong Bay.
16.A New Model of Ice Dynamics Appropriate for Forecasting Sea Ice Conditions.
17.Experiment of Sea Ice on a Coupled Global Ice-Ocean Model.
18.Modeling Sea Ice Ride-up and Pile-up against Double Upbreaking
Conical Caissons.
19.Analysis of Thermodynamics and Dynamics of the Bohai Sea Ice.
20.Analysis of an Ice Ride-over Event on a Conical Caisson.
21.Observation, Analysis and Forecasting Method of Sea Ice
Temperature in the Bohai sea.
22.Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment for Winter Oil Activities
in the Liaodong Gulf.
23.Ice Induced Offshore Structure vibrations in the Bohai Sea.

Sea Water Intrusion

24.Evaluation of Erosion Hazards and Shoreline Position Forecasting:
Implication for the National Flood Insurance Program.
25.Study on Monitoring Indexes of Seawater Intrusion.
26.Study on Model of Relations of Sea Water Intrusion, Macro-Economy
Development and Water Resources in the Laizhou Bay Area.

Harmful Algae Bloom

26.Early Algae Detection System and Monitoring Phytoplanhton Blooms
With Emphasis on Satellite Remote Sensing.
27.Algae: Resource or Scourge?
28.Algae Use and Removal.
29.Green Tides and Exceptional Blooms in Europe.

Marine Disaster Reduction Measures and
Monitoring & Forecasting Systems

30.Hazards Information for Local Planning and Coastal Management.
31.Marine Disastes Prevention.
32.Sea Ice Disaster and Prevention Measures in China.
33.Development of Marine Environment Observation System in China.
34.Monitoring and Forecasting of Storm Surge Disasters in China.
35.Current Status of Marine Meteorological Observation Network and
Operational Marine Numerical Model in the Central Weather Bureau.
36.A Sea Ice Hazard Warning System for Winter Oil/Gas Production in
the Bohai Sea.
37.Sea Ice Monitoring and Warning System in China.
38.An Empirical Method for Storm Surge Forecast of Haikou Bay.
39.A Statistical Model for Long-term Prediction of Storm Surge Disaster.
40.Monitoring,Forecasting and Research of Sea Ice in the Bohai Sea.
41.Considerations for the Escape, Evacuation and Rescue from Offshore
Platforms in Ice-Covered Waters.
42.Escape, Evacuation and Rescue Systems for Offshore Installations in
Ice-Covered waters.
43.Scenario of Personnel Evacuation from Platform on Sakhalin Offshore
in Winter Season.
44.Management of Regional Oil Spill Cooperatives.
45.Suggestion on Combating and Controlling Spilled Crude Oil in Cold and
Ice Area of the Liaodong Gulf of China.
46.Development of Operational Dato Buaoy System in Taiwan.
47.A system for Real-time Monitoring Storm Surges in Tianjin Coastal Area.
48.Standards for Designing Coastal Protection Structures for
Nuclear Power Stations.
50.Significance of Sea Walls and Breakwaters for Coastal Disaster

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