Proceedings of Beijing Satellite Symposium of The Eighth International Congress of Biorheology


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Language: Chinese
Published on: 1992-01

The Beijing Satellite Symposium of the Eighth International Congress of Biorheology will be held in Beijing, China, on August 11-13, 1992. Biorheology comprises the study of deformation and flow of biological system, which is an interdisciplinary science of physics. mechanics, biology and medicine as well. It is expanding rapidly and will bring us to a better understanding of human life. This volume collects the extended- abstracts of 128 papers by authors from 11 countries, to be presented at the symposium in which the area covered are quite extensive, representing the recent achievements of Biorheology. It may also serve as a valuable reference book for biorheologists and clinicians.

Plenary Lecture (4 papers)
1. Cardiovascular, Cerebrovascular Diseases and Hemorheology (13 papers);
2. Oriental Medicine and Hemorheology (13 papers);
3. Clinical Hemorheology (18 papers)
4.Cell Rheology and Microcirculation (25 papers);
5. Bone and Soft Tissue Rheology (11 papers)
6.Artificial Organ (6 papers); 7. Thrombosis and Coagulation (5 papers); 8.Experimental and Theoretical Biorheology (32 papers)

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