Proceedings of China-Japan Joint Symposium on Cooperative Study of Subtropical Circulation System

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Author: Committee Chairman: Su Jilan
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7502751335
Published on: 2000-01

This proceeding contains following papers:

1. The Kuroshio East of Taiwan Island and in the East China Sea During Summer and Winter of 1997
2. Characteristics and Fluctuations of the North Pacific Intermediate Water Around the Main Island of Okinawa
3. Circulation Southeast of the Ryukyu Islands
4. The North Pacific Intermediate Water Interleaved with High Salinity Waters Observed Southeast of the Okinawa Island
5. Distinction and Analysis of Water Masses in Both Sides of the Ryukyu Islands
6. Variations of Oceanic Conditions East of the Ryukyu Island in 1997 7.Hydrographic Characteristics of the Kuroshio East of Taiwan Island and in Its Adjacent Regions
in Summer and Winter of 1997
8. Water Mass Structure and Its Variation in the Western North Pacific 9.Current Characteristics in the Western Subtropical Area of the North Pacific in Summer
and Winter of 1997
10.Long Term Fluctuation of Water Temperature Observed Along 144 E and 133 40'E Line
11.A Primary Study on SeaWiFS Chlorophyll a Algorithm in Subtropical Circulation Zone
12.Features of Mesoscale Eddies in the Kuroshio Recirculation
13.Subtropical Countercurrent and Intraseasonal Oscillation in the North Pacific
14.Heat Flux over the East China Sea In Summer Season
15.On Study of Air-sea Heat Exchange over the Western Pacific Ocean in Winter
16.Phytoplankton Pigments Distribution near the Ryukyu Islands
17.Temporal and Spatial Variation of Prirmary Production and Physical-chemical Marine Structure in Subtropical Circulation
18.Distribution of Zooplankton and Euphausiid Composition in Subtropical Circulation System of the Western North Pacific Ocean
19.Ecological Characters on Zooplankton in Subtropical Circulation Zone
20.Lower Trophic Level Production in the Eastern East China Sea
21.Standing Crop Distribution and Species Composition of Phytoplankton near Ryukyu Islands Water and Its Correlation with Water Mass in Summer of 199722.Data Exchange between Japan and China

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