Proceedings of First International Symposium on Dry Coal Cleaning, Clean Coal Technology (Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China)-Dry Separation Science and Technology


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Author: Qingru Chen
Language: English
Published on: 2002-01

Session A-Plenary Lectures
1. Development of Dry Benficiation of Coal in China
2. On Development and Practical Application of Pneumatic Coal preparation in Russia
3. Dry Beneficiation Technologies in North America
4. World Coal Demand and Supply with relation to Clean coal Technology (CCT)-Significance of Coal Cleaning
5. The Probability Thich-Layer Screening Method and its Application
6. Enhancement of Dry Triboelectric Separation Using Seed Particle Mixtures
7. Particulatization of Gas-solids Fluidization

Session B-Basic and Dry Separation
1. New progress of Coal Dry Cleaning Using an Air Dense-medium Fluidized Bed
2. Fundamentals of a Magnetically Stabilized Fluidized Bed for Coal Separation
3. Dry coal Cleaning in Drewboy Bath Type by Dry Hearvy Medium
4. Designing Points of the fluidized Bed Type Dry Coal Cleaning System
5. Dry Cleaning of Small Size Coal Using Bnch Scale Air-Table Separator
6. Fine Slime Behavior in Air Dense Medium Fluidized Bed Coal Dry Separator
7. Study on Bubble Behaviors in Gas-solid Fluidized Beds for Coal Separation
8. Formation Behavior of Binary-density Fluidized Bds
9. Study and Application of the Compound Dry Separation Technology
10. Envisions of Distribution Plate for Fluidized Bed
11. The Study of the Characteristics of the Mixture Medium Fluidized Bed
12. Analysis of Cross Helical Motion of Material with Complex Dry Separator
13. The Significance of Air-dense Medium Coal Cleaning in Western China
14. Developing Steam Coal Washing Technology to Promote Quality of Steam coal in China
15. Resonance Characteristics of a Vibrated Fluidized Bed with a high Bed Hold-up

Session C-Dry Screening and Automatic Controlling
1. Research on Control of Density and Height of Gas-solid Fluidized Bed
2. Dynamics of New Type Elastic Screen Deck and parameters Design
3. Simultaneous Drying and De-dust of Feedstock for Coal Dry cleaning in Air-soild Fluidized Bed
4. Application of Air Classification in Moist Raw Coal Sizing at cut Size Anywhere Below 6mm
5. Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of Magnetic Medium Performance in air Dense medium Fluidized Bed (ADMFB)
6. New Development in Screening Technologies
7. Study on Essence of Equal Material-Layer Screening Principle
8. Research of Screening Efficiency of the Moving Tracks of Various Vibrating Screen Surface

Session D-Electrostatic Separation and Solid Materials Treatment
1. Coal and Gangue Adaptive Classification Technique
2. Dry Beneficiation Technique for coal by Dual-Energetic Gamma-Ray Transmission
3. Recover Metals from electronic Scrap by Dry separation
4. The Effect of Microwave and Ultrasonic Pre-Treatment and other Factors on Triboelectrostatic Separation Process
5. The Dry Separation Technology of WEEE
6. Copper Recovery from electronic Scrap b Pneumatic Separator
7. Experimental Study on Separation of Unburned Carbon from Coal Fly Ash by Electrostatic Separation Method
8. Experimental Study on Phosphorus Ore by Electrostatic Separation
9. Exprimental Research on Removing Unburned Carbon from Fly Ash with Triboelectric Separator
10. The Research of Fine Coal Particles on Force Acting and Trajectories in Suspending Airflow and High Voltage Electric Field
11. Analysis of Differences between Early-stage fire Devlopment of Building Materials and Pyrolysis of Biomass Plants
12. Research on suspension Type Electrostatic Separator in Manufacture and Application of Dry Coal Separation
13. Study on Dry Separation of Municipal Solid Waste
14. Commercial Dry High Tension Separator for Separation of Fly Ash
15. The Discharge Rate and Classifying Efficiency of Simulated Ash Agglomerates in Ash Agglomerating Fluidized Bed Coal Gasifier

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