Proceedings of International Academic Journals of Chinese Psychologists in 2007 (2007 Nian Zhongguo Xinli Xuejia Guoji Xueshu Kanwu Lunwen Xuanji)


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Author: Zhou Xiaolin, Li Liang and Li Shu et al
Language: English
Published on: 2007-01

There are 51 papers in this book.

1. Large stimuli are judged to last longer
2. Searching for two feature singletons in the visual scene: the localized attentional interference effect
3. Neural correlates of covert orienting of visual spatial attention along vertical and horizontal dimensions
4. Interaction between location-and frequency-based inhibition of return in human auditory system
5. How do figure-like orthographs modulate visual processing of Chinese words
6. The effect of voice cuing on releasing Chinese speech from informational masking
7. Binding facilitates attention switching within working memory
8. Brain potentials distinguish new and studied objects during working memory
9. Binding of verbal and spatial information in human working memory involves large-scale neural synchronization at theta frequency
10. Two dissociable aspects of feeling-of-knowing: Knowing that you know and knowing that you do not know
11. Distinct neural mechanisms for repetition effects of visual objects
12. Age effects on brain activity during repetition priming of targets and distracters
13. Probing the transformation of discontinuous associations into episodic memory: An event-related fMRI study
14. The role of Mandarin lexical tones in lexical access under different contextual conditions
15. Immediacy of integration in discourse comprehension: Evidence from Chinese readers’ eye movements
16. The semantic processing of syntactic structure in sentence comprehension: An ERP study
17. Nouns, verbs, objects, actions, and the animate/inanimate effect
18. The interaction between semantic and the nonsemantic systems in reading: Evidence from Chinese
19. Orthographic and phological processing in Chinese dyslexic children: An ERP study on sentence reading
20. The orthographic buffer in writing Chinese characters: Evidence from a dysgraphic patient
21. Neural bases of asymmetric language switching in second-language learners: An ER-fMRI study
22. The operand-order effect in single-digit multiplication: An ERP study of Chinese adults
23. Dissociated brain organization for single-digit addition and multiplication

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