Proceedings of International Symposium on Rock Mechanics and Mine Dynamic Disaster Prevention

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Author: Wang jiren
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787502042271
Published on: 2013-07
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Proceedings of International Symposium on Rock Mechanics and Mine Dynamic Disaster Prevention

United Prediction and Risk Division of Mine Dynamic Disasters in the Eighth Mine of Pingdingshan
Environmental Measurements of Air at Underground Space
Research on Floor Heave Control of the Gob - side Entry Retaining with Large Section in Deep Mine
Deformation Behavior of Clay Rock
Model- Based Sensors and Simulation Cooperative Information Management Platform
in Mine Dynamic Disaster Prevention
A Simplified Ground Mechanics Model of Longwall Mining with
Cemented Backfilling
A Review of Hypothesis for Coal and Gas Outburst
Numerical Optimization of Pressure - relief Boring in Floor of Tunnel in
Three- soft Coal Seam
Research on Outburst Proneness Evolution of Compound Coal-rock Structure
Body with Numerical Experiment
Analyses and Control Technologies for Hidden Dangers of Room Method Goals
in Shallow Coal Seam
Research on Microseismic Characteristics of Rock, Coal and Gas Outburst in
Coal Mines
Experimental Study on Influence of Confining Pressure on Floor Rock Permeability
in Stope
The Numerical Simulation of Rock Slope Deformation for Transition from Yanqianshan
Open- pit to Underground Mining Chang Laishan Zhang Zhentao Tao
Analysis on Destruction Characteristics of Gas Explosion in
Coal Mines
Discussion on Coal Mine Dust Prevention and Control
Coal -gangue Comprehensive Evaluation of Xilutian Coal Mine of Inner Mongolia Pingzhuang
Energy Resources Co. , LTD He Bao Zhao Dongbo Xue Yingdong
Research on the Projected Model and Algorithm of the Movement and Deformation
of Subsidence Basin under Mining Sun Chenliang Lei
Development Characteristics of Coal - bearing Sand Body in South - central of Tiefa Mining
Area Both on the Prediction about Lithologic of Coal Seam Roof and Erosion Zone in Coal Seam
Ascending Mining Feasibility Study
Stability of Dip Bedded Soft Rock Slope in Surface Coal Mines Based
on Displacement Monitoring
Hard Tectonic Structure Control Effect on Coal Stress and Gas in
Heading Face
Strain Softening Model of Rock after Post - peak Strength with
Confining Pressure
Particle Size of Flotation Feed Impact of the K - feldspar Sorting
Study on the Rock Mass Strength Influence on Slope Stability of Opencast
Coal Mine
Research of Spatial Clustering of Discrete Points in the Direction
The Feasibility of Multi - seam Ascending Mining in a
Analysis of the Energy Evolution Mechanism in the Failure Process of the
Surrounding Rock Mass in Deep Mining Roadways
A Study on Geological Factors to Control Gas Drainage of
Boll Basin
Research on Dry Flue Gas De -fluorination Reaction Mechanism
Feasibility Analysis of Exploiting Protection Layer and Study on Protection
Effect of No. 3 Coal Seam in Changping Mine
Analysis on Geological Structure Features and Gas Deposit Law
in Hongling Mine
Determination of Rock Mechnics Parameters Based on the Hock- Brown
Numerical Simulation Analysis about the Initial Pressure of the Stope under
Gob in the Close Distance Coal Seams
Experimental Research on the Dissipation Law of Pore Water Pressure of the
Loess Basement Refuse Dump
Analysis of Stability of Sloping Base Inner Dump during Transition Alternative
of Mining Area in AJL Surface Coal Mine
Research on Migration Laws of Overlying Rock of Fully -mechanized
Top -coal Caving Mining in Steep -inclined
Thick Coal Seam
Simulation Experiment Study on Infrared Radiation and Acoustic Emission
Feature of Marble Water Inrush
Numerical Simulation of Self -heating and Its Influence Factors of Sulfide
Ore Heap
Study on the Relative Mining Height of Paste - like Backfill Mining Based on the
Measured Data
Stress Measurements of Deep Mining and Roadway Stability Control in Zhaogezhuang
Coal Mine
Mining Face and Goaf Gas Drainage Technology Research
Strain Finite Element Analysis of the Slope Stress Criterion Based on D -P
Study and Apply of the Support Technology for Coal Roadway with High In - situ
Stress in Deep Mine
Water Filling Condition Analysis and Measures to Prevent
Water Disasters
Study on Stemming Length of the Top of Blast Hole by
Research on East No. 1 Dump Slope Deformation and Failure Mode of
Weijiamao Open Pit Mine
Study on Rock Core Discing Mechanism Based on Stress and Energy
Application of Method for Measurement of CBM Pressure by Sealing
Polyurethane and Water Slurry
Protective Layer Numerical Simulation Research on Deformation of
Surrounding Rock under the Conditions of Different Mining
Dynamic Effect on the Ground Surface above the Mine Goaf Caused by an
Study on Optimization of Roadway Support and Law of Deformation
and Failure of Surrounding Rocks with Tectonic
Stress in Rectangle Roadway
Conversion and Utilization of Organic Matter in Coal
Competitive Adsorption Analysis of Multivariate Mixed Gas in the Coal Surface
The Theory and Application of Deep Hole Pre - splitting Blasting Improving
Gas Extraction
Analysis of the Safety of the Haulage Roadway in the Open - pit Slope Mass
Caused by Blasting Vibration
Coal Mine Emergency Mental Health Aid System Construction
Slope Finite Element Generalized Reliability
Analysis on Interference Force to Large Coal Particle Transport in
the Pipelines
Open Pit Transport Path Optimization Method Based on Improved
Ant Colony Algorithm
The Study of Coal and Gas Outburst in Vertical Shaft of High Gas
Mine and the Prevention Measures
Numerical Simulation Analysis of Roadway Deformation
Characteristic under Deep Mining
The Analysis on Roof Structure and Support Resistance in Extra - thick
Coal Seam
Relationship between Inclined Coal Seam Gas Pressure and
Inclined Length
The Application of EH -4 Electromagnetic Imaging System in Coal Mine
Goaf Detection
Realization of Slope Stability Analysis Based on VFP Platform by Invoking
ActiveX Automation Interface
Study on Mechanism Characteristics of CO/CO2 Inhibiting the Methane Explosion
in Roadway of Coal Mine Jia Baoshan Wang Xiaoyun Zhang
The Analysis of Gas Dynamic Hazard
Study of Gas Accumulation in Upper Corner Managed by "Y + I" Type
Ventilated Way
Tube System Application and Research in the Division of the Fully - mechanized
Caving Goaf
The Application of the Magnitude Formula for Fitting Duration Time in
Muchengjian Mine
The Analysis of the Relationship between Height - diameter Ratio and
Rock Uniaxial Compressive Strength
Analysis of Permeability Improvement Effect of Mining Lower Distant
Protective Coal Seam in Xima Coal Mine
Bolt- mesh -anchor Support Research for Deep Roadway in Da'anshan
Coal Mine
The Study of the Numerical Simulation in the Evaluation of Slope
Feasibility Analysis of Mining Projects for Protected Pillars of
Baijiahuangdi Village
Rock Mechanics Method Comparison on Slope Stability
Study on the Correlation of Shallow Source Earthquake and
Mine Dynamic Disasters in Beijing
Study of Mine Pressure Appearing Law for Blasting Mining Face in
Steeply Inclined Coal Seam
Research the Surrounding Rock Control and Law of Rock
Pressure in Full -mechanized Mining Face in
Thin Coal Seam
Simulation Study of the Yi'an Mine Protective Layer Mining Based on
The Numerical Simulation of the Size of Protective Coal Pillar under
Dumping Scheme Research of Yilan Open Pit Mine
The Determination Method for the Lateral Pressure in the
Gangue -filling Compression Test 

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