Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Steel Rolling (September 15-17, 2010, Beijing, China) (With 2 CD)(E-Paper,pdf file)


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Author: The Chinese Society for Metals
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Published on: 2010-01
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The world is now facing challenges from resources, energy and environment. Sustainable development of steel industry becomes the common concern of whole society. Therefore, the theme of this conference is defined as “ Rolling the future: Process, Products, and Environment”. Under the concept of global action, participants will discuss clean rolling, life cycle optimization of steel products and other critical issues on steel rolling. We believe the 10th ICSR will promote a further development of the global steel rolling technology.
Under the situation of international financial crisis, the conference still recived more than 500 papers from 21 countries thanks to the keen effort from the authors and relevant internatonal institutions. Through careful checking and revising, 275 papers were selected into the Proceedings by a group of Chinese experts in technical committee of the conference.

Part I: Plenary Sessions
1. Progress in China Steel Rolling Technology in the Past Ten Years
2. From Cold Rolling to Market Applications: future Steel Vehicle’s Leading Edge Innovation
3. Current State of the Art and Developments for Hot and Cold Rolling of Flat and Long Products
4. Progress and Outlook of Steel Plate Production Technology in Japan
5. Towards a Cost and Energy Efficient Leading Edges Hot Strip Mill
6. Future Rolling Technology Defined by Product Properties
7. New Innovative Rolling Technologies for High Value-Added Products in POSCO
8. Downstream Activities in Example from the Perspective of ThyssenKrupp’s Automotive Customers
9. Advanced Technologies in Strip/Plate Rolling and On-line Heat-treatment at JFE Steel of Recent Years
10. The Latest Developments with the Castrip Process

Part II: Technical Sessions
I. Plate
1.Influence of UFC Final Cooling Temperature on Yield Ratio of High Strength Constructional Steel
2.Development of Intelligent Cluster Rolling Mill for Plate Flatness Control
3.Development of New Intelligent Plate Leveler at Oita Plate Mill
4.Study on the Defects Evolvement in the Centre of the Continuous Casting Slab during Rolling Process
5.Geometric Factors for Fast Calculation of Roll Force in Plate Rolling
6.Study on Bending Roll Device for Heavy Plate Leveler
7.A 3D Thermo-mechanical Model to Study Plate Distortions during Quenching Process
8.Determination of Pass Schedule for a Plate Mill
9.Behavior of Plates Deformed in Leveling Process
10.Microstructure and mechanical Properties of Heavy Gauge Plate by Vacuum Cladding Rolling
11.New Heavy Plate Mill for MMK Mechanical, Electrical and Automation Equipment from a Single Source
12.Adaptive Control Techniques for Width Control on a Plate Mill
13.Development of Large Thickness Steel Plate Produced from ESR Ingot
14.New wid Plate Mill Complex for Middle East Region, Danieli Wean United Technological Achievements and Start-ups
15.Best Product Quality and High Throughput in Plate Production Based on Model Based Control
16.Research and Development of Nb, V Microalloyed Mn-B ULCB Stell Plate with the Tensile Strength of 700 MPa Level
17.Development of 75 mm Q390C-Z15 Heavy Plate in NISCO Medium Plate Plant
18.Development of 610 MPa Grade Steel Plate with Low Yield Ratio Through Thermo-Mechanical Controlled Processing with Accelerated Cooling
19.Multi-Resolution Automatic Gauge Control of Hot Plate Rolling Based on Wavelet Multi-Resolution Analysis
20.Tracking System of Plate Rolling Process Based on the Process Nodes of Rolling Process
21.Study on the TMCP for the High Strength Medium and Heavy Plate with Yield Strength of 590 MPa
22.Development and Optimization on Process Parameters Model of Plate Straightening Machine
23.Status and Development of TMCP Technology
24.Steckel Mill Production Technology and Product Development
25.Development of NM400 Abrasion-Resistant Low-Cost Heavy Plate
26.Analysis of Center Cracking on Modern TMCP Hot Rolled High Strength Plate
27.Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of HSLA Plate Steel
28.Reserarch on Fracture Separation of Q690D Hih Strength Steel
29.Mechanism of Effect of Mo and Nb on the High Temperature Microstructure and Properties of Ultra High Strength Steel
30.Study of Nanoscale Preipitates in Microalloyed Steel
31.Modeling of Deformaiton Behavior for Dual Phase Ferrite-Martensitic Steel
32.Microstructure Characterization of Nb and Ti Micro-alloyed Steel Plate JGR610E in Heat Affected Zone after 100 kJ/cm Heat-input Welding

II. Pipeline Steel
1.The Alloy Design, Rolling and Cooling of Modern Linepipe Steels: From X60 to X120
2.The New Progress of High Grade Linepipe Technology in Chna
3.Alloy Design and Processing Philosophies for X70-X80 Linepipe Steels
4.The Production of Wide & Thin X70 Pipeline Steel Plates by the Steckel Mill in NISCO
5.Hot Rolling and Mechanical Properties of X80 Skelp and Pipe
6.Study on Low Temperature Toughness of Thick-walled X80 Plates
7.HTP Characterization Research of X80 Hot Rolled Strip for 2nd Line
8.The Effects of Microstructure on Resistance to HIC of High-Strength Pipeline
9.Microstructure Characteristics and Properties variation in Tempering Process of X100 Pipeline Stell
10.Research on t’ubular Product and Welding Performance of X80 Grade for the Second West to East Gas Pipeline Project
11.Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of X100 Grade High-strength Pipeline Steel
12.Development of Ultra-high-strength Linepipe Steel X100 and X120
13.Effect of Ultra Fast Cooling after Rolling on Yield Ratio of X80 Pipeline Steel
14.Influence of M-A Island Volume Fraction on Mechanical Properties of High Strength Pipeline Steel
15.Study on Transformation of HTP X100 Pipeline Steel during Continuous Cooling
16.Influence of Cooling Condition on Microstructure and Tensile Properties of X80 High Deformability Line Pipe Steel

III. Hot Rolling
1.Friction, Surface Roughness and Oxide Scale Deformation during Hot Rolling of Stainless Steels
2.New Advance of Microstructure Engineering in Hot Steel Rolling: An Integrated Physically Based Modeling System with Good Extrapolation Capacity
3.Back-up Roll Bearing Upgrades for Increased Mill Utilization
4.A New Method for the Simulation of Sticking Occurrence in Ferritic Stainless Stells during Hot Strip Rolling
5.The UNI Plus Coiler for Highest Performance Requirements
6.FEM Simulation on Dynamic Microstructure Change during Hot Rolling of 42CrMo4 Alloy Steel
7.Arvedi ESP-Machine and System Design for Endless Strip Production
8.Coilbox Technology Continues to Extend Application Boundaries
9.Control of Surface Scale of Hot Rolled Strip
10.Advanced Coiling Temperature Control System in Hot Strip Mills
11.Microalloyed Steels Produced by Thin Slab Casting and Direct Rolling Process
12.Advanced Strip Cooling Solutions for Hot-strip Mills-Mechanical Actuators, Microstructure Target Cooling and Microstructure Monitor for Online Control of Strip Properties
13.The Effect of Deformaiton and Cooling Parameters on Microstructural Evolution of low-carbon Bainitic Steels
14.Development of Cooling Control Technology on Hot Strip Mill
15.Research and Application of Laminar Cooling Control System under Non-constant Speed Rolling
16.Development of ArcelorMittal Dynamic Run out Table Cooling Control Sstem and its Implementation at Riverdale CSP
17.Clean Steel Rolling Production in China-The Recent Achievements of Clean Steel Rolling Production in China
18.OMK QSP Plant: The First Thin Slab Casting and Rolling Plant in the World for API Grades, Arctic Applications
19.Special Effects of Coil Box on Broadband Hot Tandem Rolling Process
20.Strategies to Reduce Spare Parts Inventory
21.Development of High Strength Steel in Hot Rolled Strip for Oil Well Casing
22.Effect of Cooling Method on Microstructure and Mechanical Proper-ties of Hot-rolled C-Si-Mn TRIP Steel
23.Numerical Cooling Strategy Design for Hot Rolled Dual Phase Steel
24.Hot Plasticity of TWIP Steel for Automobiles
25.Macro-micro Combined Texture ‘evolution Model for Hot Strip with High Reduction Rolling
26.Production Process of Hot-Rolled DP Steel with the Prepositive UFC
27.Latest Developments in Hot Strip and Plate Rolling
28.Manufacture of Economical As-hot-rolled Dual Phase Steel in WISCO CSP Plant
29.Real-time Assessment of Coil Quality-experience from Implementation at Hot Strip Mill
30.Production of Extra-deep Drawing Cold Rolled IF Sheet Steel Micro-alloyed with Ti in ASP Line
31.Evolution of Complex Sulphide Inclusions in Low Carbon Low Manganese Steel during High Temperature Deformation
32.Deformation Behavior of 30Mn20A13 Non-Magnetic Steel at Elevated Temperatures
33.TEM Study on Microstructure of High Strenth ULCB Steel
34.Development of an Optimum Pass Schedule Setup for Strip Shape Quality in Hot Strip Rolling
35.Research and Application on Shifting Strategy of Conventional Work Roll in Hot Strip Mills

IV. Cold Rolling
V. Long Product
VI. Measurement, Control & Modeling
VII. Rolls

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