Proceedings of the 32nd Conference of Safety in Mines Research Institutes


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Author: State Administration of Work Safety
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
Published on: 2007-01

The purpose of holding the 32nd International Conference of Safety in Mines Research Institutes is to exchange the technology and experience on coal mine gas hazards prevention, to discuss the method of coal mine gas control and utilization, to give support for gas control and promote the coal mine safety technology, as well as enhance the stable development of coal mine safety situation in the whole country.

Session 1 Coal Mine Gas Pumping and Utilization
● Study on the Technology of Integrated Coal Mining and Gas Extraction
● Criteria Determining the Design and Safe Extraction in Gassy Seams
● An Innovation Way of Controlling and Making Comprehensive Use of Gas by Means of On-ground Suction in Addition to In-shaft Suction and Combining Utilizing to Exploiting
● Comprehensive Controlling of Gas in Mining Multiple Coal Seams with High Methane Content and Low Permeability
● The Study of Gas Drainage and Gas Control on Surface, Having “One Well with Three Times Use”
● An Evaluation Method for Economic Benefits of Safety Investment on Gas Accidents
Session 2 Coal and Gas Outburst Prevention
● Study on the New Techniques of Coal and Gas Outburst Controlling
● Method of Methane Risk Assessment in Underground Polish Coal Mines
● Development of Regional Gas Control Technology in Chinese Coalmines
Session 3 Gas Monitoring, Control and Alert
● Exploration Prevention in United States Coal Mines
● Influences of the Depth Exploitation onto Intensity of the Phenomenon Coexistence, Mining Shock-increase of the Methane Hazard
Session 4 Coal Mine Gas Exploration Prevention Technology
● CFD Simulation of Longwall Airflow Patterns for Respirable Dust Control
● Methods for Controlling Explosion Risk at Coal Mine Working Faces
Session 5 Coal Mine Safety Management and Technology
● Autonomous Mine Safety by Corporate Accountability and the Role of Government
● Restructuring of the Queensland Mines Inspectorate to Face the Challenges of a Rapidly Expanding Mining Sector
● Behavioural Safety and Performance Indicators: Research-Based Approaches undertaken in the UK Quarrying Industry
Session 6 Mine Hazards Prevention Technology
Session 7 Emergency Rescue and Occupational Hazards Prevention in Mines

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