Proceedings of the 4th International Yellow River Forum on Ecological Civiliza and River Ethics (5 volumes)


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Author: Shan Hongqi & Luo Xiangxin
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787807347972
Published on: 2010-01
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Proceedings of the 4th International Yellow River Forum on Ecological Civiliza and River Ethics (5 volumes)   The central theme of the 4th IYRF is ecological civilization and river ethics. Nine sub - themes have been convened as: ( 1 ) social and environmental impact of climate change; (2) climate change and sustainable water resources management; (3) cases of watershed rehabilitation; (4) scientific meanings of ecological civilization, pathway and key methodologies of river restoration; (5) ecological civilization, modem fiver basin management and restoration; (6) river ethics and healthy life of rivers; (7) application of experiences and new technologies of water resources management; (8) sediment management of high silt - laden rivers and reservoirs; and (9) water fight transfer, water safety, water environment, water market and water saving. The Forum also arranges 10 special sessions hosted jointly by YRCC, governments of some countries and famous international organizations including WWF Session: Master Plan towarding Integrated River Basin Management; International High - level Forum of River Basin Management; High - level Dialogue on Sino- EU River Basin Management; Sino -Australian Cooperation Project Session; Sino -Hungarian Water Resources Session; INBO Special Session; The24th Sino -Japanese Water Resources Communication Meeting; UNESCO Special Session; GWP Yellow River Session: Water Allocation and Water Diversion Project in the Yellow River Basin, etc.


River Ethics
Li Guoying
The Flow and Sediment Transport Coupling Regulation on the Yellow River
Li Guoying
The Effect Analysis of Water Regulation for the Yellow River Estuary Delta Ecosystem
Su Maolin and An Xindai
Researches and Practices on River Ethics, Ecological Civilization and Keeping Healthy Life of the Yellow River
Xue Songgui and Hou Quanliang
Experiences with Artificial Recharge of Groundwater in the Netherlands
Jos Peters and David Ji
Strategies and Scientific Issues for the Yellow River Management
Wang Hao, Liu Jiahong and Yang Zhiyong
Promoting Sustainable River Basin Development through Ecosystem - based IRBM Approach
Georg Sehwede
The "Harmony between the Heaven and Human" and the Ecological Protection of Yellow River
Dong Zheren
Simulation of Soil Erosion in the Yellow River Basin
Wang Guangqian and Li Tiejian
River Ethics Oriented to Ecological Civilization
Hou Quanliang
A. Social and Environmental Impact of Climate Change
Ronald Loeve and Walter Immerzeel
Forecasting of Climate Changes in the 21st Century and its Influences on River Basin Planning
Gao Zhiding, Lei Ming and Wang Li etc.
Developing Integrated Basin Information Systems: Improving Knowledge of Water Resources, Environments and their Uses is Necessary for Decision- making and for Sustainable Management
Jean - Francois DONZIER

CONTENTS of Vol. 2

Economic Instruments in Water Management:Application of the Polluter Pays Principle -examples in the Rhine Basin
Patrick Weingertner
Analysis on Floodplain Wetlands and Ecological Water Demand of the Yellow River
Huang Jinhui, Wang Ruiling and Chen Haoyuan etc.
Water Pollution Reduction by the Industry in the Catchment Area of the Rhine River: Permitting and Enforcement
Stefan Hill, Peter Diehl and Ben van de Wetering
Wetland Ecosystem Restoration and Reconstruction Based on the Rational Allocation of Water Resources: A Case Study in Tangshan City
Hu Xiaohan, Ji Changming and Wang Mingna etc.
Quasi 3 -D Refined Flow and Contaminant Transport Software and its Application in River Water Mixing in the Amazon River
Liren Yu and Jun Yu
Influence of Water and Sediment Regulation in the Yellow River on the Delta Wetland Ecosystem
Jiang Xiaohui,Lei Hongjun and Jiang Zhen
Quantification of Sedimentation Processes in the Gezira Irrigation Scheme - Sudan
Siddig Eissa Ahmed
Research on the Project Dregs Disposal in the Hilly Area and Valley Environment Restoration along the Line in Shanxi Province
Yang Wenjun and Hong Baoning
Coastal Reservoir in Murray - Darling River and its Useful Experience for Yellow River
Shu - Qing Yang
Preliminary Study on Ecological Bank (Island) Protection and its Impact on Flood Discharge
Li Jianbing, Hao Pinzheng and Pu Xiaogang
The Use of Advanced Analytical Technology to Monitor Global Water Quality
Zhaoguang Yang, Lifeng Zhang and Zhongxian Guo etc.
Ecological Experiment of Vegetation Restoration on the Water - level - fluctuating Zone in Geheyan Reservoir, Qingjiang River
Chen Fangqing, Wu Jiangtao and Xu Wennian etc.
Response of Bank - full Discharge Variation in Inner Mongolia Reach on Runoff Process
Hou Suzhen, Wang Ping and Chang Wenhua etc.
Effect of Shear Stress on Properties and Extracellular Polymeric Substances of Aerobic Granules

CONTENTS of Vol. 3
Function and Security Building of the Floodplain Areas in the Lower Yellow River
Hu Yisan
Role of Culture on Water Resource Management in the Lake Nalubaie Basin in Uganda-a Case Study: Cultural Practices around Lake Narubale
Kabatabazi Patricia
Ethic for River' s Natural Life: Significance of the Times, Methodological Principle and a Preliminary Conclusion
Ye Ping
Implementation of the European WFD in Franee:The Key Role of the Basin Stakeholders
Jean - Franqois DONZIER
Study on Sustainable Development and Impact of Silt - trapping Dam Construction in the Loess Plateau
Tian Kai and Li Xiaoqing
Evaluation of Status of Surface Water Resources According to Quality
A. Markosyan, G. Nazaryan and A. Margaryan
Study on Flood Control and Harnessing Countermeasures to the Floodplain in the Lower Yellow River
Gao Guoming and Zeng He
The Diversity of Rver Basins in Vologda Region ( North - West European Russia) and its Protection Problem
Bolotova Natalya L.
Study on Erosion and Infiltration Process of Grassland under Different Rainfall Intensities
Xiao Peiqing, Yao Wenyi and Shen Zhenzhou etc.
Comparison of Different Approaches to Determining Bankfull Discharge in the Lower Yellow River
Xia Junqiang, Wu Baosheng and Wang Yanping etc.
Water Resource Management: the Indian Context
Sambasiva. Rao. Boppudi and B. Venkata Raghavendar
Ecological Homeland Construction for Rural Migrants and Water Environment Protection in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
Sun Haibing and Duan ~uefang
Evaluation of Water Resources Carrying Capacity in Arid Inland Basins
Yang Guang, He Xinlin and Li Junfeng etc.
Basin Management and Transboundary Cooperation Conclusions and Recommendations
Jean - Francois DONZIER

CONTENTS of Vol. 4
Research on the Monthly Precipitation and Runoff Forecasting for the Heihe River Basin
Wang Chunqing,Zhang Yong and Yang Jinfang
On the Information and Functional Requirements of the Comprehensive Flood Control Meeting and Decision Support Software System
Shengyang Li and Arthur EMynett
Integrated Modeling of Flood Forecasting and Multi - reservoir - based Operation in the Yellow River Basin, China
Yiyuan Tang, Shengyang Li and Yunqing Xuan etc.
The Experience and Revelation of Australian Water Resources Management
Wang Zhongmei, Wang Limei and Ma Tao
Modeling the Effects on the River Morphology of Lowering Groins in the Netherlands
M.M. Busnelli, C.J. Sloff and A. Sieben
Application of Shielding and Converging Electric Field for Dikes Detection
Li Wanyu, Li Changzheng and Qiao Huizhong
Development of a Cluster - analysis - based Distributed Hydrologic Modeling System
Xiaosheng Qin,Guohc Huang and Li He
Hydrological Modeling Development and the Integration of GIS
Pang Hui and Li Yuehui
Estimate Study on the Indirect Values of Wetland Ecosystem of Lake Hulun
Hao Weigang, Bao Xiaoqing and Wei Yongfu etc.
Introduction to the Water Resources Management of the State of Kansas of the USA and its Inspirations to Water Resources Management of the Yellow River of China
Xue Yunpeng, John C. Peck and Burke W. Griggs
Flood Forecast Project of Double Mutual Inflow Reservoir
Yu Song, Xu Zongxue and Li Jinjing etc.
To Build Information Platform for the Yellow River IWRM
Zhao Yang, Zhao Wei and Wang Hengbin
Application of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) in Environmental Evaluation of the Yellow River Water Conservancy Irrigation Project
Yang Kaiyun,Bian Huixia and Kang Yingbin etc.
Initiative Security System in Digital Yellow River Project
Dong Wu, Wu Dan and Huang Liang
Research on Approach of Uncertainty Analysis for Risk Assessment of Dam Overtopping
Liu Yanli, Zhou Huicheng and Wang Guoqing
Study and Application on Real Time Dispatch and Management of City Water Resources

CONTENTS of Vol. 5
Settling Simulation of a Muddy Reservoir for Identifying Problematic Turbidity to Selective Withdrawal
Chia - Wen Wu and Frederick N. - F. Chou
Mechanical Technology for Dyke Reinforcement by Sediment Discharge in the Lower Reaches of the Yellow River
Du Yuhai and Li Hongwei
Where will All the Sediments Go? Impressions from Balin Dam Failure in Taiwan
Hsiao- Wen Wang, Shah -Shu Shih and Sheng- Chi Yang
Effectiveness of the Yellow River Water and Sediment Regulation through Different Grades
Jiang Enhui, Li Junhua and Gu Shuangmei
Sediment - laden Capacity Calculation of Non - uniform & Non - equilibrium Transport of Suspended Load: the Yellow River as an Example
Yu Xin, Liu Yuelan and Yang Ming
Research and Application of Composite Roughness in Sewer Flow
Zhang Yuanfeng, Florent JOSSE and Michel A. VERBANCK
BP Neural Networks Model of Forecasting Sediment Discharge Based on Chaos Phase Space
Zhang Xianqi and Sun Dongpo
The Online System for Measuring Sediment Concentration in Xiaolangdi Reservoir
Li Li, Liu Mingtang and Zhao Rong etc.
Estimation of Local Scour Depth around Submerged Spur - Dike Head
Lu Jing, Huang Li and Zhan Yizheng etc.
Annual Evolving Laws of the Sediment in Jialing River Runoff during Past 50 Years and its Driving Factors
Ding Wenfeng and Zhang Pingcang
The Study of Suspended Sediment Concentration Distribution in Vertical Line in Waves Based on Diffusion Theory
Zhang Zhuo and Song Zhiyao
BP Model Applied to Forecast the Water and Sediment Fluxes in Lijin Section
Yan Jun, Liu Yanfang and Wang Jun etc.
Study of Using Spiral Flow to Discharge the Reservoir Sedimentation
Zhang Yu and Zhang Xian' e
Countermeasures and Suggestions on the Yellow River Management in Inner Mongolia
Zhang Tongde, Li Jingzong and Wang Fuming
General Design of "Ditch, Channel, Plain, Reservoir" System Project in the Yellow River Lower Reaches

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