Proceedings Of The 5th International Yellow River Forum on Ensuring Water Right Of The River's Demand And Healthy River Basin Maintenance (5 volumes set)

第五届黄河国际论坛论文集(套装共5册 英文版)

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Author: Shang Hongqi
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787550903999
Published on: 2015-09
Soft Cover

《第五届黄河国际论坛论文集(套装共5册 英文版)》主题是流域可持续发展及河流用水权保障,主要包括流域综合管理、健康河流与环境流量、应对气候变化、管理工具与新科技、水管理与公众参与等内容。《第五届黄河国际论坛论文集(套装共5册 英文版)》可供水利工作人员了解流域可持续发展及水权知识的参考用书。

Main Themes
Sustainable Yellow River Water Resources Management
A World Pact for Better Basin Management
Yellow River Basin Water Resources Protection and Rivers & Lakes Health Security
Strategic Analysis for Water Ecology Security in China——from EU Perspective
Yellow River Action on Climate Changes
Developments in Turkey in the Context of Participatory Approach Based on River Basin Management
Practice and Pondering on Water Governance and Stewardship in Yellow River Basin
Study on Potential Application and Implementation Strategy of Decentralized Wastewater Reuse in Northern China
Recent Scientific Development and Requirement on the Yellow River
Managing Wetlands and Waterways in Regulated Rivers
Strengthening Integrated River Basin Management in order to Realize the Long-term of Stability and Security in the Yellow River
A. Advanced River Basin and Water Resources Management with Social and Economic Development
Discussion on Zoned Harnessing of the Lower Yellow River Floodplain
Sustainable Water Resources Management: Users' Participation
Idea on Achieving Long-term Stability of the Lower Yellow River
General Decision Support System for Water Resources Management
Reasonable Development and Utilization of the Water Resources of the Yellow River Reali-zation of the Sustainable Development of Zhengzhon Economy along the Yellow River
The Use of Wastewater in Irrigation as a Way for Fresh Water Proteetion


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