Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Fluid Power Transmission and Control (Hangzhou, China, 3-5 April, 2001)


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Author: Institute of Mechatronic Control Engineering
Language: English
Published on: 1999-01

116 papers from 14 countries are included in this proceedings. It covers all of the most important and interesting topics, such as fundamental research, hydraulic components and systems, innovation of pneumatics, water hydraulics, fault diagnosis, mechatronics, new material and fluid power, creative industrial application and others.

(Section headings and selected papers)

1. Invited Speeches :
(1) Historical progress and prospects of fluid
power transmission and control
(2) Water and mobile hydraulics research in
(3) Nonlinear phenomena in hydraulic systems
(4) Simulation as a key tool to improve the
fluid power system design process,
(5) Palmbverg
(6) New developments in pneumatics

2. Hydraulic Components and Systems
(1) A hydraulic cylinder drive using constant
pressure system
(2) A new type electrohydraulic integrated
component and its application

3. Innovation of Pneumatics
(1) 2D pneumatic digital servo valve
(2) Adaptive neuron control based on predictive
model in pneumatic servo system,

4. Creative Industrial Applications
(1) A hydraulicly driven parallel redundant
manipulator and control

(2) A new method of presenting realistic motions
for a 3-degree-of-freedom motion base
applied in virtual reality system

5. Water Hydraulics
(1) A study of two-step throttle in water

6. Fundamental Research

(1) Appliying multi-resolution anasysis for
processing of hydraulic pump fault signal

7. Information Technology in Fluid Power
(1) An improved diagonal recurrent neural
networks iterative algorithm

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