Proceedings of the International Conference on EPC Technology


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Author: Bai Tianshen
Language: Some papers English and Some papers Chinese
Published on: 1998-01

Part I. Papers in English
1. Analysis of the Typical Problems Experienced With the Lost foam Process Applied to Iron And Aluminum Castings and its Future Perspectives
2. PSA Peugeot Citroen Presentation
3. A New Production Method of Inoculation Cast Iron By Evaporative Pattern Casting process " In-Pattern Inoculation"
4. New Innovation In LFC Coating Proprty Test
5. A Study on Sand filling by Vibration on EPC
6. Research on Rheopexy Properties of the EPC Coating
7. Behavior of Thermal Decomposition of EPS in Lost Foam Casting Process

Part II. Papers in Chinese
1. Situation and Prospect of FM (EPC) Process in China
2. The Mechanism of the Mold Collapse Defect for Iron Casting in Expendable Pattern Casting Process with Dry Sand and Vacuum
3. A Study on Filing and compacting of unbounded sand by vibration on EPC
4. The Application of Lost Foam Casting Process in Casting Producction for Automobile and Motorbicycle
5. The Influence of Foam Pattern's Materials on the Lost Foam Casting's Quality
6. The Factors Influencing on Steel Casting Carburization and It's Sloving Measures in EPC Process
7. Study on Analogue Simulation of the Contraction Rate of Gray Cast Iron Casting Made by EPC
8. The Application of Rapid Prototyping in the Metal Modle Production for EPC
9. Study and Practice on the CAD/CAM Integrated system of Cast6ing Die of Lost Foam Process
10. Research on EPC Coating for Aluminium Alloy and its Technological Properties
11. Experimental Study on Principle of Vibration Moulding for the Expendable pattern Casting Process (EPC)
12. Applications of group technology and technology database in EPCAD
13. Application of EPC in the Manufacturing of Compound Screw Slag Remover
14. Full Mold Process for heavy Iron Castings of Automobile Cabin Stamping Die
15. The example analyzing about Evaporative Pattern Casting workshop design
16. Study on Forms and Laws of Steel Casting Carburization in EPC Process
17. The Application of Copolymer Resins in the Production for CaPSing
18. The Analysis of the Economic Value Full Mold Casting Technology
19. An Experience on Full Casting Process in our company
20. The Selection and Improvement on Glue of Expanded polystyrene Pattern

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