Proceedings of the Sixth Asia-Europe Symposium on Processing and Properties of Reinforced Polymers

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Author: Xiaolin Xie,Mingqiu Zhang,Yiuwing Mai
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787560969053
Published on: 2013-06
Soft Cover

Proceedings of the sixth Asia-Europe Symposium on Processingand Properties of Reinforced Polymers collects 185 papers which are presented orally or exhibited at poster session during the sixthAsia-Europe symposium on processing and properties of reinforcedpolymers (AESP6), Wuhan, China. These papers covering the aspectsof reinforcements for nanocomposites, interphases/interfaces,bio-composites, functional/smart composites, fracture,manufacturing/processing and industrial applications. These paperspresents us the advances in fundamental research and applicationresearch of polymer-based composite materials. Also, the book canbe used as a guidebook to know the state-of-the-art of this areafor researchers, engineers or students.

Session Ⅰ Plenary Lectures
Polymer Blends and Composites for Biodegradable Coronary Stents andTissue Scaffolds
D. Bhattacharyya*, L. Kimble, S. Lin
How Do Carbon Nanotube Fibers Gain Their Strength?
T. W. Chou*
Processing Routes for Achieving Multi?functionality in ReinforcedPolymers and Composite Structures
K. Friedrich*, A. A. Almajid, A. Noll, N. Kn?r, X. Q. Pei, Z.Rasheva,L. Sorochynska
Shape Memory Characteristics of Epoxy Resin?based Composites
J. Karger?Kocsis*
Highly Anisotropic Mechanical, Electrical and Dielectric Propertiesof Self?aligned,in situ Reduced Graphene Oxide/EpoxyNanoposites
N. Yousefi, J. K. Kim*
Design of Multifunctional Interphases in Composites
E. M?der*, S. L. Gao, J. Zhang, N. Wiegand
Advances in Polymer Nanoposites for Electronic Packaging
Y. W. Mai*, H. Y. Liu, X. P. Zhou, C. Chen, Y. Xue, X. L. Xie
Actuation and Shape Memory Effect of SMP/Ts Nanoposites
Q. Q. Ni*,G. J. H. Melvin, H. Xia
Multiaxial Fatigue Behaviour of Unidirectional Composites: DamageMechanics and Modeling
M. Quaresimin*
Study on Structure and Properties of PLA/PBS in?situ ReinforcedBlends Prepared by Vane Extruder
J. P. Qu*, H. Z. Chen, G. Z. Zhang
Session Ⅱ Invited Presentations
Unidirectional Natural Fibre Reinforced Composite: Effect ofSurfacing Veil Application on the Properties of PultrudedComposites
M. H. Zamri, H. M. Akil*, Z. A. Mohd. Ishak
Structural Aspects of Polymer Modified Asphalt Nanoposites
M. S. Sureshkumar*
Electrospun Nanoposite from Poly(lactic acid) and CelluloseNanocrystals
C. J. Zhou, Q. F. Shi, R. Z. Huang, Q. L.Wu*
High Performance Bismaleimides: Synthesis of Carborane Alkene as aPrecursor to Carboranyl Polybismaleimide
C. Y. Yue*, J. Zhao, X. Hu
Smart Multifunctional Composites Enabled by FerromagicMicrowires
H. X. Peng*, F. Qin
Effect of Polyurethane on Mechanical Property of Textile ReinforcedComposite
H. Hamada, Y. Yang*
Polypropylene Reinforced by Cellulose Fibers Modified withFunctional Latex
Y. Pan,H. Xiao*, Y. Zhao
Synergistic Toughening of Epoxy with Carbon Nanotube and GrapheneOxide for Improved Long?term Performance
Y. Q. Li, R. Umer, K. Liao*
Measurement of Bonding Strength between Elastic/Viscoelastic andViscoelastic/Viscoelastic Bi?material Interfaces
Z. H. Xia*
Cyclic Fatigue of Nanoparticle Modified Epoxy
H. Y. Liu*, Y. W. Mai
Extraction of Cellulose Nanofiber from Used Paper Pulp
H. Takagi*, Y. Mua, A. N. Nakagaito, J. K. Pandey
Effects of Anodizing Temperature on the Microstructure of Ti6Al4Vand Its Apparent Shear Strength Bonded with Epoxy
P. G. He, K. Chen, B. Yu, C. Y. Yue, J. L. Yang*
Mechanical and Physical Properties of Needle Punched Nonwoven KenafFiber Mat Composites Produced by Resin Transfer Moulding(RTM)
Z. A. Mohd. Ishak*, M.S. Salim, R. Mat. Taib, M. Z. AhmadThirmizir
Comparative Study on Mechanical Performances of Cross?Ply Laminatesof HDPE Fiber, HDPE/rPET and HDPE/LCP Composite Fibers
S. Saikrasun*,S. Kayaisang,T. Amornsakchai
Highly Filled Graphite/Polybenzoxazine Composites for Bipolar PlateApplication
S. Rimdusit*, A. Pengdam, M. Okawalai, I. Dueramae
The Impact of Liquid Carbon Dioxide as a Detergent on TextilePolymers
S. Al?Enezi*, M. Al?Smahan
Novel pvT Measuring Method for Thermoplastic Composites
J.G. Kovacs, F. Szabo
Effect of Attrition Milling on Reinforcing Effect ofMontmorillonite in Polymer Nanoposites
H. Hargitai*, T. Ibriksz
Electrospun Fibers of PLA/ENR Blends: Effect of Nanofiller Additionon Thermal Properties
S. Saengsuwan* P. Nuinu, J. Llawtong
Processing and Mechanical Characterization of Glass FiberReinforcements Using Nano Particles
R. Umer*, Y. Li, K. Liao, W. Cantwell
High Temperature Applications Poly (lactic acid) Compound: TheDesign of Experiment
U. Meekum, P. Katesa*
Probing Molecular and Surface Interactions of Mussel AdhesiveProteins by Using Surface Forces Apparatus
Q. Y. Lu, H. B. Zeng*
High?frequency Electromagic Properties of Magic PolymerComposites for Microwave Applications
F. X. Qin*, C.Brosseau, H. X. Peng
Basalt Fiber?A Promising Reinforcement for Wind TurbineBlades
P. Tam?s, T. Czig?ny*
Fabrication and Characterization of Nano?HAp ReinforcedPoly?D?L?lactide Scaffolds with Poly (ethyleneglycol)/Dexamethasone Coatings
L. Chen, C. Y. Tang*, C. P. Tsui, D. Z. Chen
Syndiotactic Polystyrene/Carbon Nanotube Composites
Y. Feng, G. M. Chen*
Polyurethane Reinforced by Nano?fiber SupramolecularAggregates
L. Jin, H. Wang, Y. J. Yang*
In?situ Hybrid Composites: Microstructure and ProcessingRheology
J. S. He*
Approaches to Enhance Mechanical Properties and Proton Conductivityof Nanoposites by in?situ Bonding
L. C. Tan, R. Zeng, Y.W. Chen*
Synergistic Fire Retardancy of Clay and BZn on PP
L. J. Wang*, X. L. Xie, C. A. Wilkie
Study of Anisotropic Mechanical Reinforcement, Wear Resistance ofLong Aligned Carbon Nanotube/Epoxy Nanoposite: from Nanoscale toMacroscale
H. Y. Wang*, C. Li, Y. J. Zhu, Y. Lin
Intrinsic Self?healing of Covalent Polymers Based on AlkoxyaminesUnits
M. Z. Rong*, M. Q. Zhang, C. E. Yuan
Simulation of Fiber Orientation in Spiral Mold of Fiber ReinforcedInjection Molding
Z. Zhou, B. Y. Jiang*, F. Z. Jiang
Processing and Properties of Crosslinked Graphene Oxide/Poly(vinylalcohol) Nanoposites
Y. F. Huang, W. H. Ruan*, M. Q. Zhang, M. Z. Rong
Interfacial Interaction and Mechanical Properties ofRubber/Fibrillar Silicate Nanoposites
N. Y. Ning*, M. Tian, X. L. Zhang, Y. C. Yu, L. Q. Zhang
Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Composites with High Dielectric Constantand Low Dielectric Loss Prepared by Electrospun?in?situFilm?forming Technique
M. Tian*, X. Bai, N. Y. Ning, L. Q. Zhang
Preparation of High Performance Phthalonitile Polymer andToughening with Nanodiamond Particles
Q. X. Zhang, X. Y. Yu*
Thermoplastics Reinforced by Self?welded Glass Fibers: Effect ofInterfacial Affinity on Preferential Segregation
G. Z. Wu*, B. P. Li, Y. H. Zhang
Toughness and Brittle?ductile Transition of Particle ToughenedPolymers
Y. X. Hu, W. Jiang*
Response in Melt Viscosity of Polystyrene with DifferentTopological Structure after Adding Isotropic Nanoparticles
H. Y. Tan, D. H. Xu, J. Zheng, D. Wan, T. Tang*
The Location, Migration and Self?assembly of CarbonaceousNanoparticles in Polymer Blends and Their ElectricalProperties
C. Mao, J. R. Huang, Y. T. Zhu*, W. Jiang
Novel Reactive Compatibilization Strategy through PhysicalFunctionalization and/or Coupling
C. C. Cheng, F. X. Lu, C. W. Huang, H. K. Shih, H. C. Yen, F. C.Chang*
Hierarchical Self?Assembly Structures of POSS?ContainingPolypeptide Block Copolymers
Y. C. Lin, S. W. Kuo*
Development of a 'Green' Polymer Nanoposite
N. Tripathi, A. Bajpai*
Functionalization and Reduction of Graphene Oxide and ItsElectrically Conductive Polymer Nanoposites
F.Y. Yuan, X. Z. Li, Z. Z. Yu*
Functionalization and Polymeric Composition of BN Nanotubes
C. Y. Zhi*
VARTM Process for Ramie Fiber Fabric Reinforced Anionic Polyamide?6Composites
M. B. Yang*, Z. Kan
The Electrical Conductive Network Architecture of PP/PA6/CBComposites through Morphology Development during Layer?multiplyingExtrusion
S. Y. Guo*, J. B. Shen, J. Li
Rheology of Sub?micron Thick Polymer Melt
A. Ponjavic, L. di Mare, J. S. Wong*
Creating Filler/Matrix Interfacial Bonding by Metal IonCoordination: Graphene Oxide/Polymer Nanoposites withSignificantly Enhanced Mechanical Properties
X. M. Xie*, N. Chen, Y. T. Liu, C. Lin
Buckypaper?based Shape Memory Polymer Composites:ElectricalActuation and Shape Control
J. H. Gou*, F. Liang, Y. Xu
The Influence of o?MMT on the Co?continuous Morphology of TernaryPE?g?MAH/PB?g?MAH/PA6 Blends
D. Ran, B. Gao, D. A. Shi*
Development of Nano?structured Multifunctional Composites
X. S. Yi*, M. C. Guo
Cellulose Based Nanoposites with Improved Properties Prepared bySelectively Dissolving Plant Cellulose in Ionic Liquids
J. Zhang*, J. M. Zhang, N. Luo, J. S. He
ZnO Quantum?dot Modified Silicone Resins with Tunable Luminescenceand High Refractive Index
H. Q. Shi, S. Y. Fu*
High Mechanical Performance of Layered Graphene Oxide/Poly(vinylalcohol) Nanoposite Films
L. Q. Liu, Y. Gao, Q. Liu, J. Kuang, D. Zhou, B. H. Han, Z.Zhang*
Development of Fire Retardant Polymer Nanoposites
D. Y. Wang*
The Synthesis of a Bio?based Polyester and Its Toughening inPolylactide
L. Q. Zhang*, H. L. Kang
Comparison Study of Four Aluminum Phosphinates FilledFlame?retardant Epoxy
H. Zhou, J. Y. Liu*, X. Liu, H. Wang, C. L. Hu
Structure and Properties of Poly (vinylidene fluoride)Nanoposites Based on the Ionic Liquid Coated CarbonNanotubes
C. Y. Xing, Y. J. LI*
Functional Polymers for Biomedical Applications
X. Z. Zhang*
Cellulose Nanowhisker Reinforced Poly(vinyl alcohol)/PectinComposite Films
H. Z. Li, S. C. Chen, Y. Z. Wang*
Single Crystals with Incorporated Polymer Networks andNanoparticles: Composite Structures and Novel Properties
H. Y. Li*, Y. J. Liu, H. Z. Chen
Linear Viscoelasticity of Filled Polymer Melts
Q. Zheng*
Well?ordered Block Copolymer/Inorganic NanoparticlesAggregates
W. K. Li, K. Wang, R. J. Liang, J. T .Zhu*
Advances in Ordered Polymer?based Composites
X. L. Xie*, M. L. Ni, H. Y. Peng, X. P. Zhou*, Y. W. Mai
Coated Methacryl Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane ontoMulti?walled Carbon Nanotube and Its Polymeric Composites
G. X. Chen*, D. Sun, W. Zhang, Y. Ren, Q. Li
Functionalized Graphene with Liquid?like Manner
D. N. Li, X. Du, L. J. Dong, C. X. Xiong*
Sensitive and Selective Polymeric Membrane for Rapid Zn (II) IonsDetection
Julia.S.P.Wong,Robert K.Y.Li*
Thermally Conductive, Insulated Polyimide Nanoposites byAlO(OH)?coated MWTs
Y. Zhang*, S. X. Xiao, Q. Y. Wang, S. W. Liu, Z. G. Chi, J. R.Xu*
Electrical, Mechanical Properties and Morphology ofSEBS?g?MAH/Graphene Nanoposites
H. Shi, C. Li, D. Shi*, J. Yin*and R. K. Y. Li*
Hollow Microporous Organic Capsules
X. J. Yang, B. Y. Li, B. E. Tan*
Composite Functionalization of Polymer Nanotubes
L. Liu*, W. Ni, F. X. Liang, Z. Z. Yang*, D. Z. Jia
The Integrated Simulation of Injection Molding Process andMorphology
H.M. Zhou*, Y. Zhang, H. Wang
Session Ⅲ Oral Presentations
Interdiffusion of Phenoxy and Polyethersulfone Thermoplastics inRTM6 Epoxy Resin: Thermoplastics Solubility, Microstructure ofBinary Blends and Swelling Behavior
P.V. Velthem*, W. Ballout, D. Dumont, B. Coulon, M. Sclavons, C.Bailly
Kiics Analysis of Non?Isothermal Degradation ofPolybenzoxazine?Woodflour Composites
C. Jubsilp*, N. Arttawang, S. Mo?on, S. Rimdusit
HDPE?g?MAH Modified with Hydroxylated Melamine Derivatives
Y. Liu*, C. Hahn, R. Dicke, T. Pham
Recent Advances in Online Hybrid Yarns for Thermoplastic GFComposites
N. Wiegand*, E. M?der, M. Krüger
Multifunctional Films Composed of Carbon Nanotubes andCellulose
H. Qi, J. Liu, S. Gao, E. M der*
The Synthesis and Properties of Nanoscale Ionic Materials Based onGraphene
L. S. Wu, B. Q. Zhang*, C. Y. Liu
Macroscopic Graphene Assemblies and its Potential as SmartMaterials
L. Q. Liu*, Z. H. Dai, J. Kuang, Z. Zhang
Melt Flow Behavior of Particulate Polymer Composites
C. P. Tsui*,J. Z. Liang, C. Y. Tang, P. S. Uskokovic
Preparation of Drug?loaded Porous Poly?L?lactide Microspheres UsingCompressed CO2 Antisolvent Process
A. Chen*, C. Zhao, S. Wang, Y. Liu
The Crystalline Superstructure of Polylactide (PLA) and PLA/ramieFiber Bio?posites under Strong Shear Flow
G. J. Zhong*, H. Xu, Z. M. Li
Carbon Black/Polypropylene Electrically Conductive Composite with aSegregated Structure
K. Dai, S. G. Zhao, W. Zhai, G. Q. Zheng, C. T. Liu*
Electroactive Responsive Shape Memory Effect of Carbon NanotubesEnhancing Polyvinyl Alcohol Nanoposites
E. Z. Ye, T. H. Shen, W. E. Yang, C. Y. Tang, X. L. Xie, F. P. Du*
Effect of Pre?process Drying of Cellulose on the Properties ofCellulose Fiber Reinforced Poly(lactic acid) Bioposites
T. T?bi*, T. Czig?ny, J. G. Kov?cs
Morphology of Poly (lactic acid) Scaffolds Fabricated by a ModifiedSolvent Casting/Porogen Leaching Method
X.H. Gong*, L. Pan, X. Wang, J. Jiang, G. Zhang
Session Ⅳ Posters
Creation of Nanostructured Composites Is a Way to Create ReinforcedPolymers
Y. V. Savelyev*, T. V. TravinskayaA, A. N. Gonchar, M. Yu.Sokolov
Highly Electrical and Thermal Conductive Composites by Direct EpoxyInfusion of Graphene Sponges
Y.Q. Li*, Y. A. Samad, R. Umer, K. Liao
The Application of Fly Ash Nanoparticles in Composites Reinforcedby Glass Fabrics with Different Structures
Y. Wang*, G. C. Zhu, R. Mishra, J. Militky
Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Film Sheet from PLA/ENR Blendsusing Rutile TiO2 as Fillers
P. Nuinu*, S. Somla, S. Saengsuwan
Measurement of Rolling Resistance of Fabrics for TireApplication
S. W. Chen,S. C. Wong*, A. B. Hegana, G. Ji
Interlaminar Strength Properties of a Green Composite LaminateReinforced with Needle?punched Ramie Fabrics
J. Yin, D. Hirakawa, K. Goda*
Facile Preparation and Characterization of Boron Nitride?coatedMultiwall Carbon Nanotubes
W. Yan, Y. Zhang*, S. W. Liu, Z. G. Chi, J. Xu*
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Organic/InorganicNano?hybrids
P.H. Yeh, Y. F. Shih*, X. P. Wang, L. Y. Huang

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