Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Fluid Power Transmission and Control ICFP’2005


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Author: Edited by Lu Yongxiang
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7506274027
Published on: 2005-01

The sixth succeeding conferences (ICFP2005) was held on April 5-8, 2005. 200 papers from 16 countries are included in this proceedings. It covers all of the most important and interesting topics, such as fundamental research, hydraulic components and systems, innovation of pneumatics, water hydraulics, fault diagnosis, mechatronics, new material and fluid power, creative industrial application and others.


I. Invited Lectures
1.A Systematic Philosophy Consideration on the Fluid Power Driven and Control Technology
2.What are the Prospects Facing New Ideas in Fluid Power?
3.Challenges for the International Fluid Power Community
4.Control Strategies for Load-Sensing in Mobile Machinery
5.New Hydraulic Products and Technology in Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.
6.Trends in Pneumatics
7.Improving Energy Utilization in Hydraulic Booms-What It Is All about
8.Application of the Electro-hydraulic Servo System in the Metallurgical Machinery
9.Micro Actuators Using Functional Fluids and the Systems
10.Trend of Drive and Control
11.Mechatronics In Research and Education- A Fluid Power Perspective
12.Advances in Automotive Hydraulic Hybrid Drives
II. Innovation in Hydraulic Components and Systems
13.Research on the Special Electrohydraulic Valve for Hydro-viscous Drive
14.A Novel Piezoelectric Hydraulic Pump
15.Force Balancing Control of Multi-Electro Hydrostatic Actuators for an Aircraft
16.Experimental Analysis of HIL Simulator with Flow/Pressure Interface
17.Control of Interface of HIL Simulator for Hydromechanical Machines
18.Visualization Analysis in an Oil Hydraulic Ball Valve and Improvement
19.Model-Following Controller Based on Neural Network for Variable Displacement Pump
20.Improving and Appraising on Training Algorithm of Neural Network in Soft Measurement of Dynamic Flow
21.Influence of Compressibility of Fluid on Force of Vane in High Pressure Intra-Vane Type Pump
22.A New Electrostatic Oil Filter Utilizing AC and DC Electric Fields
23.Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Fluid Energy Recovery System
24.Reliability Design for Coaler Anchorage Device and PLC Control
25.Basic Problems in Fast Hydraulic Switching Valve Technology
26.Investigation Into the Equal Contact Stress Cam Curve of Multi-stroke Inner Curve
27.Piezo Actuators-the Future for High Dynamically Driven Servo-valves?
28.Sliding Mode Flow Rate Observer Design
29.The Kinematics Analysis and Structure Improvement on Connecting Rods of the Crankshaft Connecting-rod Type Low Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motor
30.Study on New-type Hydraulic Slewing System
31.Integrated Electric-Hydraulic Drives for Power and Motion Control
32.Internet-based Collaborative Design for Hydraulic System
33.Application of Electrohydraulic Direct Digital Servo in Metal Extension Test Machine
34.Electro-hydraulic control System of Shield Tunnel Boring Machine for Simulator Stand
35.The CPR System Adopting a New Hydraulic Transformer to Drive Loads and Its Design
36.The Experimental Study on Centrifugal Pump with Jetting Device
37.Improved Performance of Over Centre Valve System Utilizing Negative Flow Force Characteristics
III. Fluid Power for Mobile Machinery
38.Research on the Performance Simulation of the Transmission System of Bus with Secondary Regulating Technique
39.Intelligent Control for Artificial Damping in Hydraulic Crane Systems under Load Dynamics
40.Hydraulic Accumulators as key Components in Energy Efficient Mobile Systems
41.Experimental Study on Electrification Phenomena in Dielectric Liquid Flows over Metal Walls
42.Comparing Control Methods of Feed Force
43.An Experimental Investigation on the Contamination Sensitivity of an Automotive Fuel Pump
44.Vortex Dynamics in Starting Square Water Jets
45.The Digital Simulation and Practice of Hydraulic Control System Using Switching Type Closed Loop CPS
46.A Develop of Hydraulic Controlling Device of Working Portion in Laser Leveling Machine
47.Design of an Undulate Foot Robot
48.Study of Effect of Power-Law Fluid Laminar in the Inlet Region of Two-dimensional Channel
49.Experimenting with Electrical Load Sensing on Backhoe Loader
IV Water Hydraulics
50.The Numerical Simulation and Experimental Investigation on the Heat-transerring Behavior of Sinusoidal Corrugated Tube
51.Underwater Hydraulic Power Pack Using Seawater as Medium
52.Flow Characteristics of Pressurized-Water in Annular Micro-Clearance
53.Experimental Investigation on Flow Charactersitcs of Annular Gap Damper in Water Hydraulics
54.Simulation and Analysis of High-pressure Waterject Characteristics
55.Static Experimental Research on a Water Hydraulic Trial System
56.Experimental Study on Cavitation Characteristics of Water Hydraulic Orifice
57.Research on High Speed Drive of Water Hydraulic Cylinder
58.A Study on Water Hydraulic Unloading Relief Valve
V. New Industrial Applications of Fluid Power
59.Study on Impact System of Hydraulic Ramming-drawing Device Controlled by Pressure Feedback
60.Application of Hydraulic Power Unit and Accumulator Charging Circuit for Electricity Generation, Storage and Distribution
61.Modelling, Control Strategies and Applications for Alternating-flow Hydraulic System
62.A High Performance Plannar ECF Pump for Liquid Cooling of High Power Electronic Chips
63.Synchronization of Rotating Machines with Alternating Flow Hydraulics
64.Auto-Loopshaping Control of Electro-hydraulic Servo System for Rail Crack Detection Vehicle
65.A New Mechanism of Coolant Spray for Improving Strip Shape in Hot Rolling Mills
66.Numerical Analysis of the Flow Field around a Ribbed Helix Lip Seal
67.The Research of a Full Hydraulic Pressure Hydraulic Impactor with Strike Energy and Frequency Adjusted Independently
68.Fundamental Research on Hydraulic Oil Pumping Unit with Power Recovery
69.Research on Pneumatic-hydraulic Multi-channel Synchronal Loading Control System
70.A Mathematical Model of Movable Component in Single Screw Compressor
71.Smart Soft Stop System with SPC11
72.Effect of Fiber Additives on Flow in Journal Bearings
73.Semi-physical Simulation Test-stand for Electro-hydraulic Proportional Pitch-controlled Wind Turbine System
74.Design Optimization of Harvester Head and Actuation System of Forrest Harvester
75.Regeneration of Potentical Energy in Hydraulic Forklift Trucks
76.Tool Point Control of Mobile Hydraulic Manipulators
VI. Advances in Pneumatics
VII. Micro Fluidic System
VIII. Tribology and New Material in Fluid Power Machinery
IX. CFD in Hydraulics and Pneumatics
X. Environment Problem in Fluid Power
XI. Component and System Simulations
XII. State Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis
XIII. Mechatronics and Automation
XIV. Delayed Papers
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