Proceedings of the World Engineers’ Convention 2004 (8 Volumeset) -Ecological Material and Green Manufacturing (vol.G)

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Author: Editorial committee
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 750463929x
Published on: 2004-10

World Engineers'convention 2004 held in Shanghai , China on November 2, 2004
This collection have 8 volumes below
Vol.A: Network Engineering and Information Society
Vol.B : Biological Engineering and Health Care
Vol.C: Transportation and Sustainable Mega-cities
Vol.D :Environment Protection and Disaster Mitigation
Vol.E: Agricultural Engineering and Food Security
Vol.F-A : Resources and Energy
Vol.F-B: Power and Energy
Vol.G :Ecological Material and Green Manufacturing

Crossing “environmental Mountain” – on the increase and decrease of enviromnment load in the process of economic growth

  • Dioxins and recycling of resources- I fundamental studies on recovery of resources and energy in consideration of dioxins formation
  • A DEA – based method for evaluation of product green degree
  • Life cycle assessment of disposable EPS fast food container and comparison of waste disposal scenarios
  • The development of D&I tinplate in china based on its developing technical route in Europe
  • Development of Ultra – Ine grain steel with good xomprehensive properties in BX steel
  • Preparation of a novel cooling phase change material based on sodium sulfate decahydrate for protective clothing
  • High performance concrete – an effective solution for sustainable development of infrastructures
  • Development of environment – friendly emulsion for sustainable development of infrastructures
  • Green engineering material choice by using seven –star –cobweb – chart assessment method
  • promote metallurgical enterprises to develop continuously by means of effective recovery and Utilization of converter gas
  • The challenges of industrial ecology in the new century
  • Promote metallurgical enterprises to Develop continuously by means of effective recovery and Utilization of converter gas
  • The challenges of industrial ecology in the new century
  • Following the way of sustainable development to construct a green anshan iron and steel corporation


      1. Simulation and experiment on the high – pressure pneumatic on – off valve
      2. A new method to calculate the bending center of general cross- section for engineers in modern optimization machine design
      3. An optimal control method of facing indoor environment of building
      4. The current status and developing directions of the equipment management in the domestic civilian – run enterprises
      5. Role of resource recovery of waste machinery and electronic products in sustainable development
      6. Smart materials and structured overview
      7. On – line repair of surface damage of smidth TE-750k gear unit
      8. Design and calculation of a novel coal –bed gas /air automatically mixing control unit and its application
      9. A study of ceramic – lined compound copper pipe prepared by SHS process
      10. Non – contacting sub – synchronous shaft speed measurement focused upon the principle of optical mouse
      11. The centrifugal pump with high potential – ratio ,eliminated disc friction ,pressurized vortex,and and its combination method
      12. The innovation and practice of the device maintenance management mode
      13. Study on the techniques of exterior wall external insulation with cast- in –place concrete to super high residential buildings
      14. study of design for remanufacturing
      15. Development of Eco – materials for circular economy

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