Proceedings of XXIV International Mineral Processing Congress (4 vol. set+ CD-ROM)


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Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030227119
Published on: 2008-01

Plenary Papers
1 Evolution and Innovation of Mineral Processing in China
2 Some Reflections on the Future of Mineral Processing Education
3 Microorganisms in Flotation and Flocculation of Minerals-An Overview
4 Optimisation Aspects of Compressive Crushing
5 Extra-terrestrial Mineral Production: Multiple Aspects of Sustainability
6 Current Practices Shaping the Science and Practice of Mineral Processing
7 Arsenic in the Copper Mining Industry
8 Understanding Flotation by Visualization
9 The Role of Molecular Structure of Surfactants on the Interfacial and Flotation Behavior of Oxide Minerals Particularly Quartz
10 Mineral Processing Technology for Multi-Metallic Tungsten Ores in China

1 Applied Mineralogy
11 Process Mineralogy and Applications in Mineral Processing
12 Discussion on the Mineralogy Characteristics that May Affect the Flotation of Sulfide Ore
13 Mineralogy of Technological Process at Operating Factory in Olympiada Mine
14 M?ssbauer Investigation on the Formation of Fe-containing Minerals in Coal during Gasification
15 Role of the Mineralogy of Silicates in Reverse Cationic Flotation of the Hematite Containing Products from Wet Magnetic Separation of Iron Ores
16 The Production of the Certified Reference Materials CBPA-1 and CBPA-2: a Copper Sulphide Ore and a Flotation Concentrate Samples from Sossego Mine, Brazil
17 The Revolutionary Impact of Automated Mineralogy on Mining and Mineral Processing Paul Gottlieb
18 Processing of Sarband Andalusite Deposit
19 Evaluation the Mineralogical Process of a Rich Iron Mine in Mongolia
20 The Technological Types and Utilizing Techniques of Ningxiang-type Iron Ore in China
21 Applied Mineralogical Study of Intergrown Iron-molybdenum Oxidized Ore
22 Physicochemical Properties and Process Mineralogy of Complex Tin, Zinc-bearing Iron Concentrates
23 An Auxiliary System Connected with SEM-EDX for Rapid Identifying Mineral and Rock Samples
24 Process Mineralogy of Refractory Hematite Ore in Kazakhstan
25 Quantitative Analysis of Low grade and Complex Ore in Process Mineralogy
26 Process Mineralogy and Beneficiation Process of Low-grade Nickel Ores in the Western China
27 Liberation Analysis of Main Minerals of Various Products on the Technological Flow Sheet at
Fankou Lead-zinc Concentrator
28 Ore Beneficiability Study on Siliceous-Calcareous Phosphate Rock from Karatau, Republic of Kazakhstan
29 Preparation of a New Porous Apatite Product from Phosphorite
30 Study of Vanadium Occurrence in Vanadium Ore Contained in Black Rock Series and Technology of Vanadium Extraction

2 Comminution, Classification
31 Effect of Grinding Conditions on Energy Consumption in Cement Production
32 Non-traditional High-energy Methods for Disintegration and Breaking-up of Fine-disseminated Mineral Complexes from Refractory Precious Metal Ores
33 Structural Changes and Reactivity of Hematite Subjected to Extended Milling
34 Energy Efficiency Grinding Circuit Optimization
35 Recent Developments in Ore Breakage Characterization
36 Review of Morphological Attributes with the New 3D Approach: Role of Roughness and Acuteness of Barite and Pyrite Particles on the Floatability
37 Distribution of Terminal Settling Velocity of Spherical Particles for the Condition of Turbulent Motion
38 Yield and Energy Optimizations of Compressive Crushing
39 New Innovative Technologies of Processing of Mineral Raw Materials on a Basis Electric Pulse Disintegration
40 Computer Simulation of Closed-circuit Grindings with High-pressure Roller Mill
41 The Mathematical-physical Formulation of the Size Effect of Compression Crushing Forces
42 Use of the Theory of Grinding Kinetics to Calculate Tower Mills Characteristics
43 The Studies of Collision and Attachment Angles on Coarse Particles Flotation
44 Challenges in Applying the Unified Comminution Model
45 Investigations over the Influence of Technological Parameters and Operating Conditions for Jaw Crushers on the Optimization of Geometrical Properties of Comminution Products
46 A Mechanistic Approach to Modelling Slurry Transport in AG/SAG Mills–transport through the Charge
47 Micronization of Talc Milling in Attrition Mill
48 Modeling of the Breakage of Waste Concrete under Free Fall Conditions
49 Variability Studies for the Sossego 41 ktpd Grinding Circuit
50 Breakage Mechanism Analysis in a Jet Micronizer
51 Tower Mill——New Approaches to Improve Dry Milling Operations
52 A Simplified Approach to Modelling Semi-autogenous Grinding
53 Exploring Abrasive Wear, Friction and Ore Breakage
54 Roller Press Operational Experience at the Deposit “Zapadnoe” Gold Recovery
55 Electrotechnical Aspects of a Problem of Creation of Installations for Electric Pulse Destruction of Materials
56 Modification of SAG Mill Liner Shape Based on 3-D Liner Wear Profile Measurement at the Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine
57 A Simulation Methodology for the Design of Eco-efficient Comminution Circuits
58 Submicron Processing for the Aimed Impact on Raw Material Properties
59 Multifunctional Possibilities of Horizontal Vibrational Grinding Mills
60 Improving AG/SAG Mill Performance with Optimised Pulp Discharger Design
61 Analysis of the Breakage Data of a Series of Devices
62 Effect of Ball Size Classification on Specific Breakage Rates of Particles in Full-scale Cement Grinding Tube Mills
63 Theoretical Analysis of Electrophoretic Phenomena of Fine Particles and Its Application to Classification
64 Influence of Operating Parameters on the Continuous Dry Grinding in an Agitated Media Mill MaxxMillR
65 SAG Design Testing Review-Case Studies
66 The Influence of Fine Size Classification in Mineral Processing Industry
67 Research on Selective Grinding of Low-grade Bauxite
68 Energy Consumption as the Component of the Factors of Evaluation and Optimization of Copper Ores Grinding and Classification Nodes
69 Comminution Behavior of Using Cast Iron Segment as Fine Grinding Media
70 Fuzzy Logic for the Hydrocyclone
71 Experimental Study and Applied Discussion on High Pressure Roller Mill in Meishan Iron Ore
72 Theoretical Principles of Mechanical Activation during Processes in New Construction Mills
73 Research on Enhancing Productivity of SAG (SAG) Mills through Optimizing Filling Percentage
74 The Proposal of a New Method of Evaluation of Hard Coal Grindability
75 Development and Industrial Experimental Study on Germen AFX-100 Classifier
76 Investigations over Comminution Process with Using Jaws with Different Transverse Profiles
77 Optimizing the Particle Size Distribution of Grinding Product, Improving the Separation Performance
78 Optimization of a Compound Spiral for Cleaning High Sulfur Fine and Ultrafine Coal
79 A Process of Producing Magnesium Sulphate by Treating with Waste Water from Titanium White Plant
80 Flow-field Numerical Simulation and the Application of Ultra-fine Stirred Mill

3 Physical Separation
81 Development and Performance of a New Separator for the Dry Gravity Separation of Fines
82 The Effect of Mineral Solid Surface on the Water Viscosity in Boundary Layer
83 Particles Segregation in Gravity Concentration of Fine-grained Ores and Materials
84 Chemical Enhancement to Magnetic Separation in Kaolin Beneficiation
85 Three-dimensional Movement of Particles inside the Mineral Density Separator
86 Optimizing Knelson Concentrator Performance in Gravity Gold Circuits
87 Study on New Technique for Advancing Recovery of Micro-sized Hematite by Magnetic Separation
88 Wet Magnetic Separation of Ti, Cr, Fe Compounds from Incinerated Bottom Ash by Controlling the Magnetic Susceptibility of the Medium
89 The Effect of Impact Breakage on the Separation Efficiency
90 High Definition Image Analysis and Its Potential in Mineral Sorting
91 Simulation of Hindered-settling Column Separation Process Using the DEM
92 A Comprehensive Analysis of Separation in Floatex Density Separator
93 Quartz Winning out of a Flint Mix via Optical Sorting
94 Beneficiation of High Alumina Indian Iron Ore Slimes by Magnetic Carrier Technology
95 Study of the Efficiency of Mineral Department in the Three-product Cyclone
96 Influence of Shaking Table Parameters on Manganese Grade and Recovery
97 Statistical Principles of Gravitational Separation in a Two-phase Vertical Flows
98 Mineral Processing of Cobalt-rich Ferromanganese Crust and Nodules
99 Slon Magnetic Separators Applied to Beneficiate Low Grade Oxidized Iron Ores
100 The Study of Enrichment of the Fine Hematite Iron Ore in Gol-E-Gohar Iron Ore Co.
101 Development and Application of BKJ Cleaning Drum Magnetic Separators
102 Study on Film-magnetic Separation Technique for JISCO Iron Materials
103 Optimization of Jig Separation with Fluidization of Particle Layer
104 Application of CRIMM High-efficiency High-gradient Magnetic Separator in Refinement of Feldspar Powders
105 Prospects of Centrifugal Concentration Use and Improvement for Complex Minerals Processing
106 Development and Application of Complex Flashing-field Magnetic Cleaner
107 Magnetization of Weakly Magnetic Mineral by Iron Ions in Slurry
108 Mathematical Modelling of Attraction Forces of Metal Magnetic Liners in Ball Mills
109 Application of Jig in Preconcentration of Cassiterite-bearing Multi-metal Sulfide Ore in Dachang Concentrator

4 Flotation Chemistry
110 Motion of Individual Bubbles Rising in a Swarm
111 Improving Coarse Particle Flotation
112 The Effect of the Presence of Pentlandite in the Flotation of Moncheite [PtPd(BiTe)2]
113 Molecular Mechanics Analysis of Flotation Behavior in Chalcopyrite or Malachite-Xanthates System
114 Application of Site-binding Modeling to Oil Droplets in Aqueous Solutions
115 Sylvite Flotation’s Activation from Carnalite Containing Potash Ores
116 Dynamic Analysis and Optimization of Flotation-column Packed Separation Zone
117 Assessment of Froth Stability down a Flotation Bank
118 Coalescence of Bubble Pairs in Surfactant Solutions
119 Study on the Separation Characteristics of Iron Ore Containing Carbonate
120 A Unified Analysis of Particle Capture by Air Bubble
121 The Effect of Particle Shape and Hydrophobicity in Flotation
122 Air Recovery: Its Significance and Prediction
123 Activation and Collector Adsorption in Quartz-albite Flotation System
124 Effect of Elasticity and Surface Forces on the Stability of Foams and Lamellae Films in the Presence of Flotation Frothers
125 Surface Chemical Control in Sulfide Flotation: Principal Component Analysis of ToF-SIMS Data
126 Surface Force Measurement between Oxide Surfaces in CnTACl Solutions Using an Atomic Force Microscope
127 The Critical Influence of Pulp Oxygen Content on the Separation of Pentlandite from Pyrrhotite in Two Process Streams of the Clarabelle Mill of VALE INCO, Sudbury, Canada
128 Extreme Flotation: How Particle Size, Contact Angle and Hydrodynamics Influence Flotation Limits
129 Minimising Copper Activation of Iron Sulfide Minerals during Grinding
130 The Effect of Surface Oxidation on the Cu Activation of Pentlandite and Pyrrhotite
131 The Effect of Thiosulfate Ions on the Flotation Behaviour of PdBiTe
132 Entrainment of Quartz in Flotation Tests with Frothers
133 Physico-chemical Models of Optimal Conditions for Galena Flotation
134 Effects of Some Metal Cations on the Flotation of Chalcopyrite and Galena
135 Effect of Grinding Conditions on the Flotation of Malachite and Calcite
136 Study on Selective Adsorption of Bacteria on Pyrite and Galena
137 Study on Flotation Separation of Galena, Sphalerite with Pyrrhotite in Ethanoic Acid + Sodium Acetate System
138 Role of Process Water Quality on Coal Flotation-a New Look
139 The Induction Time on Galena and Sphalerite Particles with Different Hydrophobicity Characteristics
140 Beneficiation of Hematite Ore by High Intensity Magnetic Separation and Selective Flocculation

5 Sulphide Flotation
141 Copper and Molybdenite Recovery in Plant and Batch Laboratory Cells in Porphyry Copper Rougher Flotation
142 Electrochemical Study of Synthetic and Natural Enargites
143 Electrochemistry of Pyrite Flotation: Evaluation of Length of Hydrophobic Interactions between Mineral and Air Bubble from the Induction Time Measurement
144 Research on Flotation Performances of Polymorphic Pyrrhotite
145 The Effect of Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) on Reducing the Mechanical Entrainment of Fine Quartz Gangue during Sulphide Ore Flotation
146 Effect of Using Different Gas for Chalcopyrite and Pyrite Minerals Flotation and Electrochemical Potentials
147 Flotation of Pyrite which be Pretreated by Electrochemical Ways under External Controlled Voltages
148 Fibrous Natural Materials for Ceramic Processing
149 Acidic Pretreatment of Hard-to-treat Copper Ore Flotation Middlings to Facilitate Flotation Efficiency
150 Application of a New Separation Method of Fine Complex Copper Sulphide Ores to Industrial Process
151 Enhancement of the Technological Effectiveness of the Selective Copper-Molybdenum Flotation in Inert Gas Medium (Nitrogen)
152 The Effect of Various Depressants on the Selective Flotation of Murgul Copper Ore
153 Study of the Separation of Low Grade Limonite
154 Study on the Beneficiation Process Flow of Refractory Oolitic Hematite in Zhangjiakou Area
155 An Electrochemical Flotation Investigation of the Ethyl Xanthate - Jamesonite System
156 Investigation on Flotation of the Kyanite Ore from a Chinese Mine

6 Non-Sulphide Flotation
157 Surface Chemistry Features in the Flotation of KCl
158 Flotation Separation of Hematite and Iron-containing Silicate Using Ammonium Hexafluorosilicate Depressant
159 Role of Temperature-sensitive Polymers in Hydrophobic Aggregation/Flotation of Silicate Minerals
160 Potash Ore Flotation—How does It Work?
161 Research of Secondary Action Reagents by the Example of Hexarane
162 Investigation of Effects of Physical Parameters on Flotation of Bigadic Colemanite Ore
163 Effect of Sodium Lignin Sulfonate, Polyoxyethylene Glycol and Carbonate Alkalinity on Oleate Flotation of Zircon, Ilmenite and Rutile
164 Study on Flotation and Crystal Chemistry of Several Sulfate Minerals
165 The Selective Flotation of Lithium and Beryl Minerals from Pegmatic Ore
166 Effects of Picobubbles by Hydrodynamic Cavitation on Coarse Phosphate Froth Flotation
167 Characterising Scavenger Froth Performance in a Pilot Scale Ok3 Cell
168 Technical Research on Application of Flotation Column of Anshan Type Magnetite Ore
169 Study on Mechanism of Sodium Sulfide by Flotation of Lead and Zinc Oxysalt Minerals
170 Beneficiation Study of Alaskite through Flotation
171 Novel Purification Technology of Carnallite and Potassium Chloride Product by Preprocessingreverse Flotation in Reverse Flotation-cold Crystallization Production of KCl
172 Effect of Anion Macromolecular Flocculant on Selective Flocculation of Diaspore
173 Phosphate Flotation of Moundon Deposite from Iran
174 Flotation Recovery of Rutile from Low Grade Ores
175 Process Amenability Studies for Utilisation of Low-grade Iron Ore Fines
176 Research on Reducing Feed to Reverse Flotation in Diaojuntai Concentrator
177 Research on the Effects of Flotation Recovery in Bauxite Desilication by Treatment of Middling
178 Study on the All-sliming Flotation of Low-grade Zinc Oxide Ore
179 Study on Process and Reagent Interaction Mechanism in Low Grade Collophanite Flotation
180 The Flotation Study of Andalusite
181 Comprehensive Utilization of Extreme Lean Ores of Vanadium-containing Titanomagnetite in Panzhihua-xichang District (Panxi)
182 Mechanism and Characteristics of Camsellite Flotation
183 The Improvement of Flotation Performance of Difficult-to-float Copper Oxide Ore
184 Beneficiation Tests on Low Grade Phosphate Rock from Hubei, China
185 Action Mechanism of Alkylhy Hydroxamic Acid on Main Minerals in Bauxite Ore
186 Study on the Accelerant to the Sodium Oleate during Diaspore Flotation
187 Study of Middle-low Grade Bauxite Desilication by Bi-flotation Technology
188 Research on Beneficiation of Low Grade Phosphate Ore from Russia
189 Research on Multipurpose Utilization of Baiyun’ebo Ironmine Rich Potassium Slate
190 Study of Water-sealed Cyclone
191 New Development of SLon Magnetic Separators Applied in Ilmenite Processing Industry
192 Review of Flotation Desilication on Diasporic Bauxite

7 Reagent in Mineral Industry
193 The Scientific Grounds for Development of the New Reagents Mode for Platinum-containing Minerals Concentration from Copper-nickel Ores
194 New Approach to Reagent Development and Applications in the Processing of Base and Precious Metals Ores
195 Research on the Relationship of Three Amine Collector’s Structure and Their Flotation Performances on Three Aluminosilicate
196 Molecular Modelling Based Design of Selective Depressants for Beneficiation of Dolomitic
Phosphate Ores
197 Study on Synthesis and Collecting Capability of N-dodecylethylenediamine
198 Development of AEROR MX3048 Promoter for Oxiana’s Sepon Concentrator, South Central Laos
199 Enhancing the Settling of Coal Washery Tailing Using Synthetic Polyelectrolytes and Magnetite Particles
200 Theoretical Studies on the Structure-activity Relationships for Thionocarbamates as Selective Collectors for Copper Sulfide Minerals
201 “1+1/4” Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Organic Chelating Agents as Depressors or Activators
202 Application and Development of Depressant BK501 in the Desilication from Bauxite by Reverse Flotation
203 Pyrite Depression in Marmatite Flotation by a New Depressant Sodium Glycerine-xanthate
204 A Theoretical Study on the Interaction of Sulfhydryl Surfactants on Different PbS Surface Sites
205 Study on Mechanism of N, N-alkyl Dodecyl Amine in Flotation of Kaolinite and Diaspore
206 Structural Characterization and Mechanism of a Synergistic Reagents Combination: Amyl-xanthate, Butyl-dithiophosphate and N, N-diethylddithiocarbamate Ester
207 Application of WF-01 Collector in Flotation Experiment to Phosphate Rock of Al Jalamid, Saudi Arabia
208 Research on Beneficiation of Finely Disseminated Oxidized Molybdenum Ore
209 Reaction Kinetics of Serpentine and Hydrochloric Acid
210 The Practical Research on Recovery of the Manganese from Flotation Tailings in Nanjing Yinmao Lead-zinc Mine

8 Processing of Complex Ores
211 Complex-forming Reactants for Effective Flotation of Pt-Cu-Ni and Au-sulfide Ores of Russia
212 Investigation on Manufacture of Ferronickel from Low Grade Nickel Laterite by Prereducingmagnetic Separation-smelting Process
213 Тhe Complex Antimony Ores Dressing and Following Concentrates Processing in Russia
214 Enhanced Leaching of Refractory Ag and Ag-Sb-Cu Sulphide Minerals: Kinetics and Surface Chemistry-Latest Developments
215 Laboratory and Miniplant Studies on Cu/Ni Separation
216 Leaching Complex Gold Ores
217 Application of Coal-based Direct Reduction in Interior-combustion Shaft Kiln in Processing of Complex Refractory Iron Ore
218 Advanced Technologies for High Efficiency of Copper-nickel PGM-containing Ore Processing
219 Improvement of Processing Technology for High-grade Massive and Cupriferous Ores of the Talnakh Deposit
220 Halite Flotation-New Trends (New Purpose)
221 Study on Intensification of Baddeleyite’s Concentrate Deep Cleaning by Mechanical Activation
222 Test Results and Development of a Technology of Gold-copper Ore Cyanidation
223 Problems of Cost-effective Use of Complex Gold Ores
224 New Flotation Modifiers Used in Complex Ores Processing
225 Arsenic Removal from High Arsenic-bearing Pyrite Concentrates by Inorganic Depressants
226 The Role of Thermal Treatment on the Activation of Ilmenite Ores for Leaching
227 The Search for a Process to Recover Gold from an Extra-refractory Gold Ore
228 Development of a Cost- effective Technology of Valuables Recovery from Oxidised Lead Ore
229 Study on Beneficiation and Dephosphorization of Refractory Oolitic Hematite Ore
230 A Technology of Gold Recovery from Carbonaceous Ores
231 Study on New Flotation Process for Comprehensive Recovery of Copper Resource Associated in Lead Zinc Sulphide Ore
232 Improvement of Chengmenshan Complex Copper-sulphide Mine Mineral Processing Flowsheet
233 Metallurgical Challenges in the Recovery of Copper and Gold from the Chelopech Mine, Bulgaria
234 Study on Comprehensive Utilization of W-Mo-Cu-Fe Complex Polymetallic Ore of a Large-scale Mine in North China
235 The Ore Dressing of Tin-polymetallic Sulfide Ores
236 Study on Comprehensive Utilization Technology OF A Polymetallic Silver Ore
237 New Technology of Copper and Gold Process for Arsenic Bearing Copper-gold Ores
238 Catalytic Oxidation of Refractory Gold Concentrate with High Sulphur and Arsenic by Nitric Acid
239 The Technology Characteristic of Fankou Lead-zinc Mine Processing Flow
240 Study for Process Mineralogy of Refractory Rare Metals Ore
241 Development and Applications of HermesTM Metal Magnetic Liner
242 Study on Co-recovery of Some Low-grade Pt-Pd Ores
243 Vanadium Extraction from Vanadium Titanium-rich Material by Oxidation Roasting-acid Leaching
244 Study on Beneficiation of Low-grade Diasporic Bauxite in Cyclonic Centrifugal Field
245 Study on Reasonable Beneficiation Technology of Low-grade and Fine Vein-type Tungsten Ore
246 Reasonable Utilization of Primary Sylvinite—Production of Potassium Sulphate or Potassium
Magnesium Sulphate Fertilizer
247 Selection Leach Reagent for Extracting Sc from Rare Earth Ore
248 A Study on Beneficiation Technology for Fine-grained Oxidized Iron Ore

9 Processing of Industrial Minerals and Coal
249 Effect of Variability in Feed Characteristics on Fatty Acid Flotation of Florida Phosphates
250 Theory and Practice of Dry Beneficiation Technology in China
251 Sodium and Chloride Removal from Lake Phillipson Low Rank Coal by Aqueous Leaching
252 Feed Dilution Based Design of a Thickener for Refuse of a Coal Preparation Plant
253 Understanding the Flotation of Florida Refractory Phosphate Ore: The Value of Characterization Studies
254 Evaluation of New Emulsified Flotation Reagent for Coal
255 Ash and Sulphur Removing to Beneficiation the Low Grade Lignitic Coals
256 Applying Computationally Intensive Techniques to Modelling of Comminution Devices
257 An Experimental Investigation on Conventional Flotation Performance in Alborze Sharghi Coal Washing Plant Using Full Factorial Methodology
258 Current Directions in Modernization of Polish Copper Ores Concentrators
259 Recovery of Barytes from Reject Dumps of Mangampet Mine, Andhra Pradesh, India-a Case Study
260 Impact of Beneficiation on Coking Properties of a Typical Indian Medium Coking Coal
261 Evolution of Chromite Beneficiation in India
262 Removal of Unburned Carbon by Flotation from Coal Bottom And Multi-layer Adsorption in Surface of a Bubble
263 Producing High Grade Iron Concentrate with Magneto- flotation Column
264 Turkey’s Energy Affairs with European Union and Coal Trend
265 Cleaning of Datong Coal by Agglomeration with Diesel Oil
266 Utilizing Novel Technique to Advance Technical and Economic Index of Shizhuyuan Polymetallic Mine
267 Characterization and Production of Organo-bentonites Using Quaternary Amine Reagents
268 Determination of Optimum Operating Conditions for Washing Mixed Coals by Using Spreadsheet Optimization Method
269 Measurement Modeling of the Internal Parameters of Ball Mill Using Tri-sensor Measurement Method
270 Obtaining Natural Mineral Fe-and Ti- pigments from Raw Materials
271 An Engineering Practice of Biological Treatment on Waste Water from Production of Beneficiation Reagent with Amines
272 Beneficiation of Super Fine Low-grade Hematite Ore by Coal-based Direct Reduction- magnetic Concentration Process
273 Flotation of Indium-beard Marmatite from Multi-metallic Ore

10 Solid-Liquid Separation
274 Polyelectrolyte Mediated Dewatering of Mixed Mineral Dispersions
275 Application of Poly (N-isopropyl Acrylamide) (PNIPAM) as a Multiple Function Process Aid in Mineral Flotation and Solid/Liquid Separation
276 Development of Advanced Dewatering Technologies
277 Reagent-enhanced Destruction of Flotation Froths
278 The Effect of Vibration and Reactive Addition on Dewatering of Coal Fines
279 Recovery of Nickel and Cobalt from Bioleaching of Nickel Laterite Ores by Ion Exchange Resins
280 Application of Hydrocyclone Classified Thickening Process in Tailings Dehydration of Beiminghe Iron Mine
281 Research on the Mineral Processing Technique of Recovery for Refractory Oxidized Antimony from Tailings
282 Study on the Preparation and Application of Compound Material of Nano-TiO2 Supported on Diatomite

11 Dispersion and Aggregation
283 Sericite-chalcocite Particle Sliming Mechanism and Mitigation
284 Relationship between Slurry Rheology and Its Mineralogical Content
285 Sedimentation and Consolidation in Poly-disperse Suspensions
286 Fine Particles Separation through Hydrophobic Agglomeration. Application on the System Magnesite/Quartz
287 Evaluation of the Degree of Dispersion and Coagulation of Silica Nano-particles by Means of Interactive Force Apparatus
288 Preparing Strontium Carbonate with Celestite Concentrate by Agglomeration-reduction Roasting Process
289 An Investigation on Polyelectrolyte Adsorption on Kaolin Correlated with Zeta Potential and Rheology Studies
290 The Magnetizing Roasting of Pyrite Bearing Concentrates
291 Preparation of Titanium-rich Material Ilmenite Concentrate by Reduction-rustion Process
292 Reduction of Ilmenite Pellets Under a CO-N2 Gas Mixture

12 Process Simulation, Expert System and Control of Mineral Processing
293 Packed Column Flotation May Outperform Current Technologies
294 A Practical Model for Industrial Flotation Banks
295 Optimizing Automatic Control Systems of Flotation Process by Application of Computerized Models
296 Flow Field Simulation of the Cyclonic Static Micro-bubble Column Flotation
297 CFD-based Modelling of Bubble-particle Collision Efficiency in a Turbulent Flotation Cell
298 Development of a Heuristic Methodology for Designing Measurement Networks for Metallurgical Accounting
299 On-line Monitoring of Xanthate and Cyanide Levels during Batch Grinding Tests on a Nickel Sulphide Ore
300 Optimising Flotation Innovations and the Role of Plant Testwork
301 An Improved Thermodynamic FactSage Simulation to Simulate Mineral Matter Transformation during a Fixed Bed Counter- current Gasification Process, Validated with HT-XRD
302 Data Reconciliation for Flowsheets Involving Plug-flow Units. An Application to an Oil Sands Processing Plant
303 A Super Efficient PCP System for Transporting Minerals and Mine Wastes
304 The Prediction of Flotation Characteristics of a Disseminated Ore Using Ore Texture Data
305 Dynamic Modelling of SAG Mill Power Draw Using Neural Network Approach
306 Multidimensional Analysis of Coal Separation Processes
307 Next Generation Slurry Particle Size Analyzers
308 Automatic System for Ore Grinding Control in Single-stage Ball Mill
309 The Use of Process Simulation Methodology in De-bottlenecking of Production Lines
310 On-line Optimization of Crushing Stage Using Speed Regulation on Cone Crusher
311 Crushing Plant Variations, Simulation and Sampling
312 Fingerprint of a Phosphorus Producing Submerged Arc Furnace B-The Promise of CFD Modelling
313 DEM Simulation of Solid Flow in an Ironmaking Blast Furnace-Influence of Non-spherical Particles
314 Machine Vision Measurements for Molybdenite Grade Modelling
315 Monitoring of the Grinding and Gravity Separation Operation at Outokumpu’s Kemi Concentrator
316 Instrumented Disk Dynamics in a 2D Tumbling Mill
317 Unambiguous Optimization of Multi-component Separation
318 Fractal modification Study on Ultrasonic Attenuation-particle Size Model in Slurries
319 Modeling and Simulation to Support Mineral Processing at the Kola Peninsula
320 Separation Characteristics in Open Gradient Magnetic Field of Magnetic Flotation Column
321 Size Distribution of Air Bubbles in the Pneumatic-mechanical Flotation Machine
322 Application of a Fuzzy-PID Dual Mode Controller in the Pulp Level Control System of Flotation Column
323 Induction Based Sensor for Determining the Quality of the Concentrate of Iron Ores
324 The Research and Development of EDXRF Analyzer
325 High Resolution On-line Particle Size Distribution Analyses on Highly Concentrated Ore Slurries
326 Fingerprint of a Phosphorus Producing Submerged Arc Furnace A-The Limits of Dynamic Modelling
327 Electrokinetically Enhanced Pipe Flow of Coal-water Suspensions Using a Non-intrusive Helical Anode-cathode Geometry
328 Modelling of Hydrocone Crushers for Controlling Product Quality

13 Bio Hydrometallurgy
329 Application of Biosurfactants for Mineral Surface Treatments
330 Development of a Process Flow Sheet for Nickel Recovery from Chromite Concentration Plant Tailings
331 Continuous Bioleaching of a Polymetallic Black Shale Concentrate Using the Stirred Tank Technology
332 Effect of Cations on Anodic Oxidation of Gold in Thiosulfate Solution
333 Reflotation of Bor Flotation Tailings
334 Bioflotation of Barite using Rhodococcus Opacus as Collector
335 Iron Removal from Kaolin by Using Organic Acids of Fungal Fermentation
336 Bioheapleaching Pilot Plant Tests on Nickel Sulphide Ore
337 Biological Leaching of Uranium from Low-grade Uraniferous Black Shale by Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans
338 Biosorption of Pb(II) and Cu(II) Ions by Rhodococcus Opacus: Effect of Physicochemical Environment
339 Bioleaching of Chalcopyrite by a Mixed Culture of Moderately Thermophilic Microorganisms
340 Synthesis of Mineral-specific Bioproteins for Selective Mineral Flotation
341 Recovery of Metallic Values from Abandoned Copper Mines and Lean Ores by In-situ Bio-leaching
342 Accumulation of Thorium and/or Uranium Using Various Microbes
343 Design, Optimization and Transfer of a Process for Biodissolution of Precious Metals from Used Electronic Equipment
344 A Microblal Pretreatment for Double Refractory Gold Ores
345 Liquid-liquid Extraction of Zirconium (IV) with Triphenylphosphine Oxide
346 Difference between Bacterial Communities Associated to the Solids and in the Liquid Phase
347 Biomodulation of Sulfide Minerals for Environment-friendly Beneficiation
348 Study on Bioleaching of Low Grade Phosphate Ore
349 Investigation on the Separation of Hf from (Zr/Hf) Cl4 Mixture Produced in ZPP of Iran by Solvent Extraction Using TriButylPhosphate (TBP)
350 Determination of Activity Coefficients for Bioleaching Liquid Solution with Bacteria by Ion Selective Electrode
351 Kinetics of Hydrochemical Oxidation of Antimonite in Solutions of Nitric Acid
352 Study on Bio-oxidation of Pyrite during Copper Bioleaching
353 Study on Selective Bioleaching of Pyrite and Secondary Copper Sulfides
354 Thiosulfate Leaching of Gold in the Presence of Thiourea
355 Bio-oxidation Plants of Refractory Gold Concentrate in China
356 Biosorption of Chromium Ions by Aspergillus Niger: Compare Fixed bed and Shake Flask
357 Identification of a Acidthiobacillus Species Separated from the Mixed Microbial Populations in Zijinshan Copper Mine Bio-heap Leaching Plant by the Methods of PCR-16S rRNA Gene Sequence Analysis
358 Biosorption of Lead (II) and Zinc(II) Ions by Pretreated Biomass of Phanerochaete Chrysosporium
359 Desulfurization of High Sulfur Content Bauxite by Bacteria
360 Advances in Gold Ore Processing
361 Leaching of Nickel and Cobalt from Low-grade Nickel Laterite Ores Using Organic Acids by Aspergillus Niger Excreted
362 Bioleaching of Chalcopyrite with Thermophiles: Temperature-pH-ORP Dependence
363 Leaching of Copper Concentrate with Moderate Thermophile Bacteria in Batch Culture
364 Microbial Community Structure Dynamics before and after Bioleaching of Copper Pyrites
365 Method of Gold Recovery from Thiosulfate Solution
366 Effects of Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans Attachment on Surface Properties of Pyrite
367 Use of Weak-base Ion-exchange Resin for Gold Ore Processing
368 Bioleaching of Marmatite with Various Mixed Cultures of Microorganisms
369 Application of Bacteria Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans by Brown Coal Desulphurisation
370 Bioleaching of Marmatite Using Moderately Thermophilic Bacteria
371 Studies on Phanerochaete Chrysosporium by Ultraviolet Ray and Biodegradation of Lignite
372 Study on Adsorption of Cadmium from Electroplating Wastewater by Bacillus Mucilaginosus
373 Biohydrometallurgical Gold Extraction from Carbonaceous Pyrite-arsenopyrite Concentrate by the Microorganisms Including Moderate Thermophiliс
374 Extraction of Zirconium and Hafnium by Solvent Extraction Using Cyanex
375 Improving the Pelletization of Refractory Hematite by High Pressure Grinding Rolls

14 Mineral Chemical Processing
376 Leaching Mechanism of Complicated Antimony-lead Concentrate in Slurry Electrolysis
377 Leaching of Gold and Silver with Ferricyanide-cyanide Solution
378 NSC Pressure Leaching: Industrial and Potential Applications
379 The Development of a Diagnostic Leaching Method for South African Low Grade Uranium Ores
380 Effects of Copper Minerals on Ammoniacal Thiosulfate Leaching of Gold
381 Solid-state Synthesis of MgB4O7 Using Magnesium Oxide and Boric Acid
382 Leaching of Zinc and Other Valuable Metals from Zinc Clinker
383 Process Mineralogy and Its Application to PGM Recovery from Low-grade Cu-Ni Sulfide Ore
384 Zinc Carbonate Ore Direct Leaching
385 Business Integration of Operations in Metallurgical Complexes
386 Selective Reduction Roasting of Limonite Ores: Effect of Over-reduction
387 Fate of Cyanide in Gold Ores Containing Reduced Sulphur Minerals
388 Liquid-liquid Extraction of Zinc from a Leach Residue Using D2EHPA
389 Hydrometallurgical Processing of Rhenium-containing By-products of Lead Production
390 Investigation of Ilmenite Reduction Behaviour Using In-situ Synchrotron Radiation based X-ray Powder Diffraction
391 Separation of Gallium and Aluminum from Bayer Solution by Solvent Extraction
392 The Study on Metal Cyanide Complexes Adsorption onto Activated Carbon
393 Modelling of Gold (I) Bis-thiourea Adsorption and Carbon Properties of Activated Bagasse
394 Iodide Leaching Gold from Carbonaceous Refractory Gold Ores
395 Role of Mineral Transformations in Sulphuric Acid Leaching of Pre-reduced Nickel Laterite Ores
396 Study on Multi-phase Separation of Production of Liquid Phase Oxidation of Chromite in Submolten Salt
397 Chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) Leaching: the Rate Determining Solution Species Under Stirred Reactor and Column Leach Conditions at pH 1
398 Effects of Microwave-assisted Reduction on Separability of High Phosphorus Hematite Ore
399 Challenges and Chances in Operating the “Copper Cooler Technology ” Electric Smelting Furnace for Ferronickel Plant at UBPN Pomalaa
400 A New technology on Preparation Anhydrous Scandium Chloride Molten Salt in Extracting Sc from Rare Earth
401 Recovery of Cobalt and Copper from Pyrite Concentrate
402 Flotation Performance of a New Chelating Collector
403 Study on New Highly Effective Technique of Dressing-smelting for Complex Refractory Tantalum Niobium Tungsten Ore
404 Modeling Adsorption Kinetics of Platinum in a Fixed-bed Column Containing Amine- immobilized Activated Carbons
405 The Leaching Characteristics of Heavy Metals out of Copper Sulfide-mine Tailings
406 Biosorption of Pb2+ by Deposited Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
407 Research on Phase Transition Mechanism and Oxidation Kinetics of Vanadium during Stone Coal Vanadium Ore Roasting
408 A Study of Platinum Adsorption on Amine-treated Activated Carbons
409 Study on Separation Manganese Silver Qxidized Qres Process by Amylum Degradation Reduction
410 Carbothermal Reduction and Nitride Preparing for Vanadium Nitride via One-step Method
411 Removing Arsenic and Bismuth from Crude Antimony by Electro Refining Using Ammonium Fluoride-antimony Sulphate Electrolyte System
412 Study on the Production of Chromium (III) Sulfate from Magnesium Chromite
413 Crushing, Pelletizing and Alkaline Leaching of Massive Low Grade Zinc Oxide Ores
414 Technological Research on Complicated Antimony-lead Concentrate Slurry Electrolysis
415 Simultaneous Electrowinning of Lead and Manganese Dioxide in Chloride Medium
416 The Experimental Research on Flotation of Low-grade Zinc Oxide Ore
417 Study on Flotating of Valleriite

15 Powder Technology
418 Optimizing of Roller Press Forming Cavity Profile Using Finite Element Simulation
419 Direct Synthesis of Needlelike Aragonite CaCO3 Whiskers Using H3PO4 as an Additive
420 Synthesis of Grain Size Distribution Functions Determined by the Coulter Counter Method
421 Integrated System of Parameter Determination, Thickener Design, Simulation and Control
422 Preparation of Nano Gold Powder from an Acid Leaching Tail Solution
423 Assessing the Effect of Breakage Mechanism on the Mineral Liberation Properties of a Copper Porphyry Ore
424 Morphology Change of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate According to Hydration Temperature
425 Preparation of Iron Oxide Red by Acid Leaching Tailings
426 Coating Copper Nanofilm on the Microscale Cenospheres Using Magnetron Sputtering Method

16 Mineral Materials
427 Bentonite Calcium-Interactions in Desiccant Clay Production
428 Mechanical Activation of Pyrophyllite and Preparation of Porous Silica
429 Industrial Production of Metal Sulphides by Means of Reaction Grinding
430 Preparation of Nano Silver Powder from Acid Leaching Tail in Gold Room
431 Mechanical Activation of Fly Ash and Its Utilization as Individual Binding Material
432 Refractory Bricks Material and Their Industrial Utilization
433 Crystal Growth Modifiers in the Bayer Process
434 Study on the Synthesis and Application of Polycarboxylic Acid CWM Additives
435 Production of Grain Refiners for Steel from Ilmenite Ore
436 Capacity of an Acid-activated Somas Bentonite in the Bleaching of Soybean Oil
437 Synthesis and Characterization of Montmorillonite Organo-intercalation Compound Assisted by Microwave Irradiation
438 Preparation of Porous Silica with Nanofibrous Morphology from Chrysotile by Selective Leaching
439 Study on Hydration of Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate Whiskers
440 Modification Technologies of Graphite Intercalation Compounds and Their Applications
441 Preparation and Performance-measurement of Ultra-fine Tourmaline Powder
442 A Study on Mineral Eco-materials
443 Preparation and Mechanism of Calcium Carbonate/Titanium Dioxide Composites by Mechanochemical Method
444 Experimental Research on Purification of High-purity Rectorite
445 Equilibrium Modeling and Kinetics for Removal of Manganese Ions by Organic Modifying Zeolite
446 On the Preparation of Ultrafine Calcium Sulfate Whiskers with Hydrothermal Method and Application Research in Polypropylene
447 Synthesis and Properties of ZrSiO4-Cd(S1-x Sex) Inclusion Pigments by Hydrothermal Method
448 Synthesis and Interfacial Properties of Alkylbenzene Sulfonates for Flooding
449 Study on Hydro-properties of Montmorillonite
450 Preparation, Structure and Mechanical Properties of PET/Kaolin Nanocomposites
451 Study on the Structure and Gelating Performance of Organically Modified Montmorillonite
452 Mechanism of Cobalt Removal from High Cobalt Zinc Sulphate Solution by Zinc Dust
453 Preparation ZnO Nanoparticles Using Blendes as Raw Material
454 Production of Ultra-low-moisture Ore Concentrate Using Thermocompression-filtration Technology
455 Research on the Kinetics and Adsorption Theory for Cs+ Absorbed by Zeolites
456 Porous Carbon Synthesized from Porous Inorganic Non-metallic Minerals Templates
457 An Investigation on Natural Graphite as an Anode Material for Lithium-ion Battery
458 Research on a New Type of Building Sealant Made from Bentonite

17 Treatment and Recycling for Solid Waste
459 Experimental Study of Supergene Processes in Tailings of Copper-nickel Ores
460 Recovery of Metals from Shredded Television Scrap
461 Application of Selective Grinding and Electrostatic Separation of Aluminum Dross as a Pretreatment for Generating “Green-Hydrogen”
462 Review of Ecological Rehabilitation in Metal Mine in China
463 Scientific Bases of Gold-bearing Pyrite Recovery From Pyrite-bearing Waste Products of Copperzinc Sulfide Ores
464 Beneficiation of Copper Slag by Hydrometallurgical Method
465 Sustainable Mining in the European Union (EU)
466 The Air Flotation Thickening of Wasted Activated Sludge by Adding Collectors Used in Mineral Flotation
467 Recycling of Seyitomer Power Plant Bottom Ashes
468 Mapping and Development of Shredding Plant Stream to Improve Quality and Quantity of Recycled Materials and Protect Environment
469 Application of Paste Technology for Tailings Handling
470 Processing of Used Small Electronic Household Appliances
471 Contact Electrification and Electrostatic Separation of Ash- forming Minerals from High Ash Noncoking Coal Using Novel Fluidised Bed Tribo-charging System
472 Multistage Hydrocycloning of Clayey Colemanite Tailings (Inactive Dam Wastes)
473 Sorbent Mineralogy in the North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin and Their Utilization for Reclamation Works
474 Recovery of Scrap Metals from MSWI Bottom Ash Using Physical Separation Methods
475 Vitrified Bottom Ash Slag from Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators-phase Relations of CaO-SiO2-Na2O Oxide System
476 Metal Recovery and Refining from MSW Incineration Bottom Ash
477 Geopolymerization of Solid Waste: Technical and Commercial Progress
478 Fly Ash Separation Using a Novel Rotary Triboelectrostatic Separator
479 Iron Precipitation from Acid Leaching Process of Fly Ash
480 Rejection and Recovery of Heavy Metals from MSW Melting Fly Ash by Carrier-in-Pulp Method
481 Selecting Suitable Environmental and Economic Indicators for Flotation Performance
482 Effective Utilization of Biomass Waste Using Hydrothermal Treatment
483 Technology of Detoxification of Spent Gold Ore Heaps by Natural Degradation
484 Reducing Secondary Environmental Risk from Municipal Solid Waste Incineration
485 The Process of Acid Leaching to Synthesize Zeolitic Material from Paper Sludge Ash
486 Limestone Waste-an Effort towards Protection of the Environment
487 The Investigation on Extraction Characteristic Experiment of Fly Ash
488 Study on Preparation of Ceramic Tiles by High Effective Utilization of Lead-zinc Tailing
489 Selective Separation of Post-consumed Plastics (PET&PVC) by Flotation Method
490 Research on the Composition Characteristics of Slag from Desulphurization and Slag Skimming
491 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Environmental Impact of Copper Slag Recycle Process
492 Current Situation and Prospect of the Comprehensive Utilization of Iron Tailings in China
493 Vanadium Recovery from Fly Ash-a Review
494 Study on Techniques of Separating Iron Concentrate from Pyrite Cinder
495 The Coal Water Mixture Double Hump Match Technology Study for One of Coal Preparation Plant in Guizhou
496 Separation of Zn and Fe Content in an EAF Dust
497 Study on Manufacturing of N-P-Mg Compound Fertilizer from Phosphate Tailings with High Magnesium Content
498 The Production-integrated Recycling of Waste from Corrosion Protection Measures of Aluminium Bodies in the Automotive Industry
499 A Technical Study on Innocuous Disposal and Reutilization of Solid Arsenic Sludge
500 Research on Comprehensive Recovery of Copper, Gold, Silver and Iron from Tailings in Tonglushan Mine
501 Study on Dynamic Models of the Active Pulsing Air Classification and the Application to Electronic Scraps Recycling
502 Process Optimization of Hydrochloric Acid Leaching of Asbestos Tailings
503 Research on Metals Recycling from Waste Printed Circuit Board by Mechanical Processing of Wet Crushing and Wet Separation
504 A New Technology of Recycling Mica Plata Leftover Materials
505 The Effect of Na-K Activator and Curing Mode on Fly Ash-based Geopolymers
506 Study on the Recovery of Zinc Minerals from Cyanidation Residue
507 Preparation of High Quality Magnetite Concentrate from Pyrite Cinder by Composite Pellet Reduction-roasting and Magnetic-separation
508 Secondary Resource Recovery and Utilization Efficiency to Save Fossil Fuel in Metallurgy Industry

18 Waste Water Treatment
509 Co-precipitation Phenomena in Wastewater Treatment of Dilute Toxic Anions
510 Recovery of Precious Metals from Wastewater by Neutralization and Reduction
511 Study on Treatment of Wastewater Containing Heavy Metal Ions Using Modified Metallurgical Residue Produced from Oceanic Cobalt-rich Crusts Leaching Process
512 Synthesis of Cuprous Oxides Using Copper Recovered from Wastewater
513 Solution to Environmental Challenges in Cyanidation of Gold Ores
514 Bioremediation of Acid Mine Water Using Rice Husk and Tree Bark
515 Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage in a Uranium Deposit by Means of a Passive System
516 Rod-Lamella Thickener for Mud Removal from Living Waters
517 Removal of Explosives-residues from Mine Water by Pilot-scale Biofilm Reactors
518 Application of the Microwave Technology for the Processing of Iron Hydroxisulphates Recovered
from Lignite Mine Acid Water
519 Low-concentration Ammonium Removal by Commercial Natural Zeolites
520 Treatment of Copper Smelting Plant Wastewater with Granulated Adsorbing Materials of Rectorite Composites
521 A Method for Arsenic and Copper Removal from Acidic Effluents Released by Copper Smelters
522 Solid-liquid Separation of Ferrihydrite by Magnetic Carrier Technology
523 Study on the Treatment Technology of Acidic Arsenic-containing Industrial Wastewater in Nonferrous Smelting
524 Practical Study on Beneficiation Wastewater Reuse of Nanjing Lead-zinc Mine
525 Study on Treatment Procedure of Pb2+-containing Wastewater by Microwave Modified Bentonite
526 Selection & Study of the Bio-characteristics of a Sulfate Reducing Bacterium and Treatment of Synthetic Acid Waste Water
527 Current Situation and Development Trend of Technology on Treatment of Characteristic Waste Water from Gold Industry

19 Secondary Resource Recovery
528 Selection Decomposition of Metallurgical Slags by Vapart-impact Devices
529 Copper and PVC Recovery from Electrical Cables
530 Comprehensive Utilization of Tin, Zinc-bearing Complex Iron Ores by Selective Reduction Process
531 A Technology for Processing Slags Resulting from Lead-zinc Smelters
532 Research and Practice on Old Tailings Reutilization
533 Extraction of Copper from Technogenic Water by the Method Galvanic Coagulation
534 Investigation on the Purification of Dolomite from Phosphate Tailings by Flotation
535 A Complex Technology of Pyrite Cinder Processing
536 Features Extracting of Sinter Ore’s Photomicrograph Based on Calculating Model of Reflection Index and Peak-find Model of Gray Histogram
537 Experiment of Cryogenic Grinding of Discarded Printed Circuit Board
538 Investigation on Mineral Processing Technology of Ilmenite in Fengning, Hebei Province
539 Study on Efficient Recovery and Utilization of Sulfur and Iron Resources in Pyrite
540 New Technology of High Carbon and Arsenic Bearing Gold Ore Processing
541 Summarization of Organic Acid Reclaiming Means from Bauxite Ore Bioleaching Solution
542 Using Dry Magnetic Separation to Enhance a Recovery of Iron

20 Soil Remediation
543 Effect of Hydrodynamic Conditions on Flocculation of Syncrude Oil Sand Tailings
544 Satellite Image Based Strategies to Evaluate the Impact of Dismissed Mine Site: an Application to the Fuxin Coal Mine Area, China
545 Use of Flotation in the Removal of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Soils
546 Experimental Investigation of New Soil Remediation Method for Organic Contaminant by Using Crush Composition (Gas Generation Composition)
547 Numerical modeling for Acidification of Soil by Electrokinetic Processing
548 Soil Washing and Bioremediation of Slime Dam Material
549 The Methodology of Melioration and Restoration of the Largest Dumps of the North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin
550 The Environmental Aspects in Opening an Oil Shale Mine in Brazil
551 Study on Acid Rock Waste Dumps Vegetation Pilot Trials at Dexing Copper Mine

21 Concentrator Engineering and Process Design
552 Laminar Pipe Flow of Yield Plastic Fluids
553 Processing Ultramafic Low-grade Nickel Ores by Desliming-flotation
554 Selection of Tailings Site of Gol-e-Gohar Iron Ore Processing Plant Using the Modified TOPSIS Method
555 Estimating Water Demand and Availability for Open Water-based Mill Cooling Systems
556 Stockpile Oxidation Management
557 Expansion from 18 Mtons to 36 Mtons at the Aitik Concentrator
558 Case Study: Advantages of High Rate Thickening at TISCO Jianshan Iron Mine
559 Scale-up of the Dual Outlet Device
560 New Experimental Set-up for Studying the Effect of Turbulence on Particle-bubble Interactions
561 How Much can We Afford to Invest?
562 Development of Flotation Process for Enrichment of Ganesh-Himal Lead-zinc Sulphide Ore from Nepal
563 Innovative Flotation Routes in an Iron Ore Concentrator
564 System of State Regulation of Realization of Innovation Technologies at Ore-processing Factories in the North
565 Restoring the Molybdenum Production in the Flotation Plant of Coppermine Ellatzite-Med AD in Bulgaria
566 Application and Development of GF Flotation Machine
567 Scale-up of BF Flotation Machines and Design of 40 m3 Flotation Cell
568 Study and Application of Slon Magnetic Separator in the Purification of Non-metallic Ores
569 Exploratory Development on Porous Aerator Performance in Alkali Slurry in Flotation Column and Reactivation Method
570 Development of KYF Flotation Cells
571 Research of Froth Flotation Equipment
572 R&D and Application on CLF Flotation Machine
573 Determination of Mineral Processing Flow Sheet in Yichun Tantalum-niobium Mine
574 Research on Dissolved Air Flotation System for Fine Mineral Concentration
575 The Automation Design of Mica-paper Producing Line
576 Research on Early Fault Diagnosis of the Main Carrying Structure of Vibrating Screen
577 The Application of Environment-friendly Mineral Processing Technology in China Western Mining Co., Ltd.
578 Study on Fragmentation Property of Dagushan Iron Ore
579 Effect of Samarium Dopant on Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2 Nano-particle for the Degradation of Reactive Orange 4

22 Application of Mineral Processing in Related Industry
580 Hydrocyclone Separation of Ca-Bentonites
581 Spontaneous Bubble Nucleation on Bitumen
582 Accelerated Kimberlite Weathering—The Future of Diamond Mining?
583 Strategy for Meeting the Iron Ore Requirements in SAIL, India
584 Physicochemical Characteristics of Gold Sulfide Refractoriness
585 Application of Oil Agglomeration to Quartz Particles Separation from Magnesite Taillings in the Presence of Surfactants Mixtures
586 Treatment of Chromium Ores in Albania
587 Simultaneous Catalytic Spectro-photometric Determination of Nitrite and Nitrate in Flour and Water with Flow Injection Analysis
588 Phosphate Mineral as Fertilizer in Saline Soil
589 Dependence of Unit Cost of Gold-bearing Gravel Processing on Energy Consumption
590 Adsorption and Flocculation of Carbonate Mineral Particles in Presence of Triblock Copolymers EO-PO
591 The Possibility of Outburst Origin in Long Mine Workings
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