Prodromus Lichenum Sinicarum


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Author: Zhao Jiding
Language: Chinese with Latin name
Published on: 1982-01

(一) Parmeliaceae
一、 Parmelia Ach
(I) Subgen. Menegazzia Vain
(II) Subgen. Hypogymnia Nyl
(III) Subgen. Euparmelia Nyl
I. Sect. I. Everniformes Hue
II. Sect. II. Melaenoparmelia A. Zahlbr
III. Sect. III. Xanthoparmelia A. Zahlbr
IV. Sect. IV Hypotrachyna A. Zahibr
V. Sect. V. Amphigymnia A. Zahlbr
(二) Usneaceae
Usnea Wigg.em. Ach
(I) Subgen. Eumitria (Stirt.) Mot
(II) SUbgen. Usnea (Subgen. Euusnea(Jatta) Mot)
(三) Physciaceae
一、Physcia (Schreb) DC
二、 Anaptychia Korb

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