Progress in Fire Science - First Seminar on Fire Science Between China and Germany


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Author: Fan Weicheng and Yang Lizhong
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030195593
2007; Paperback;190×265mm;335

The first joint seminar on fire science and engineering between China and Germany was held in Institute of Fire Department Saxony-Anhalt, Heyrothsberge, Germany, on November 11-18, 2003. 32 scientists and engineers from China and Germany were invited to attend the seminar and 24 papers were chosen to be presented in the seminar.

Table of Contents

Research on Backdraft in China – A Review
■Structures of Fire Research and Fire Protection in Germany
■Numerical Investigation of the Fire Smoke Transport in a Sports Centre
■Flashover and Backdraft Reasons and Countermeasures
■Influence of Boundary Conditions on Smoke venting of Atria
■Eurocodes of More Flexibility in Preventive Fire Protection
■The Use of Infrared Devices Devices in the Concept of Mobile Labs
■Experimental Study on Smoke Hazards Far From Fire
■Characterisation and Description of Water Mist
■Performance-based Design and Fire Safety Assessment of an International Conference Hall in China
■Tunnel Fires – experiments and Simulations
■A New DES k-ε Turbulence Model for Enclosure Fire Simulation
■Modeling the Evaporation and Ignition of Leaked Fuel on a Hot Plate
■Experimental Study of Extinguishing Times of Solid Pool Fires Using Fine Water Mist
■Visualisation of Experimental Data for a Practically Oriented Interpretation
■European Classification system for Construction Materials and Elements
■Monitor Forest Fires With FY Serial Satellites
■On Size Distribution of Fires
■Method for Detecting Fire With Light Section Image to Sense Smoke
■Study on the Effectiveness of Schima Superba Fuelbreak
■Simulation of the Behavior of Water Mist and Extinguishing Gaseous Agents
■Multi-Component Kinetic Modeling on Wood Pyrolysis
■Three-Dimensional Computational Simulation of Tunnel Ventilation
■Effects of Heat Release Rate on the Fire-Induced Gas Flow in a Corridor


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