QCD, Electro-weak Interaction and Their Grand Unification-Lectures given at the 1981 Summer School in Particle Physics, Hefei, Anhui, China

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Author: Tung-mow Yan et al.
Language: English
1986; Hardcover;160x240mm;912

This volume is a collection of lectures presented at the 1981 Summer School in Particle Physics, Hefei, China. These lectures provide a systematic, comprehensive and up-to-date review on the important subject of gauge theories of electroweak and strong interactions. The reader will be led from the basic to the most recent developments in the field. This volume is particularly well-suited for graduated students.

It contains general surveys of the experimental situation, parton modeland QCD, with and without symmetry breaking, applications of renormalization group and operator product expansion to deep inelastic scatterings and e+e- annihilation, cut vertices, elastic form factors, Altarelli-Parisi equations, havy particle effects in field theory, multipole expansion of QCD, standard model of electroweak interaction, general idea of grand unification, SU(5) grand unified theory and its application in cosmology, renormalization group methods in critical phenomena and other special topics of current interest.

Table of Contents


High Energy Lepton-Hadron Interaction as a Probe to the Hadron Structure and Features of Quarks and Gluons
Quantum Chromodynamics and Some of Its Applications
Perturbative QCD and its Application
to gauge Theories of Electromagnetic and Weak Interactions
Grand Unified Theory, Renoramalization and Some Applications


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