Recent Advances in Environmental Vibration - Proceedings of 6th International Symposium on Environmental Vibration

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Author: Gao Guangyun
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 756085303X
Published on: 2013-10
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With the development of infrastructure construction, environmental vibrations have become a major concern that influences the quality of life in modern society. The environmental vibrations are caused mainly due to train/road traffic, construction activities and factory operations, etc.The

The 6th International Symposium on Environmental Vibration (ISEV) was held in Shanghai,Tongji University in November, 2013. 

The proceedings contains following sections:
1.Keynote Lectures; 
2.Wave Propagation in Soils;
3.Prediction and Simulation Methods of Environmental Vibration;
4.Field Measurement and Evaluation of Environmental Vibrations;
5.Soil-Structure Dynamic Interaction;
6.Railroad Track and Vehicle Dynamics Modeling;
7.Measures in Reducing Environmental Vibration;
8.Assessment on Structural Safety and Serviceability。

Scientific Committee
Local Organizing Committee
Part Ⅰ Keynote Lectures
Numerical Simulation of High-Speed Train Induced Ground Vibration for Non-Ballasted Railway on Embankment
Ambient Vibration Testing of a Large Truss Bridge with Optimal Sensor Placement
Dynamic Performance of Ballastless High-Speed Railways From a Full-Scale Accelerated Railway Testing (ART)
Dynamic Analysis of Train-Bridge System and Its Application to Bridge Design for High-Speed Railways in China
Part Ⅱ Wave Propagation in Soils
Influenced Factor of Site Information on the Environmental Ground Vibration
Analysis of Scattering Wave Field around a Cavity with Circular Cross-Section Embedded in Saturated Soil
Optimal Time-Frequency Distribution for Analyzing Non-Stationary Signal of Ground Vibration Induced by Subway
Grasp of Vibration Transfer Characteristics from Ground to Residential House Inside by Using the Developed Exciting System for Examination of Environmental Vibration
Harmonic Wave Diminution and Energy Scatter in a Planar Domain with Randomly Inhomogeneous Material Density
Part Ⅲ Prediction and Simulation Methods of Environmental Vibration
An Efficient Numerical Model for the Simulation of Vibrations Induced by Railway Traffic in Tunnels
Surface Response Analysis Excited by an Embedded Moving Load
Study of Vibration Impact on Historic Buildings Induced by Subway Trains in Spatial Overlapping Tunnels
Study on Comparison of Ground Vibrations Induced by Metro in Curved and Straight Sections
The Influence of Train Load positi0n on Panel Contribution to Acoustic Radiation of Viaduct Box-Beam in High Speed Railway
Theoretical Solution for Free Vibration of Simple-Supported Girder Bridge with Continuous Deck Slab
Simulation of Vibration of the Track-Embankment on Rigid Foundation Due to Moving Load by Using 2.5D Finite Element Method
Three Dimensional Vibration Effects of Foundation Induced by High-Speed Moving Loads
Numerical Analysis of Impact Forces Between a Light Truck and High-Speed Railway Bridge Pier
Part Ⅳ Field Measurement and Evaluation of Environmental Vibrations
The Influence of Soil Properties on the Ground Vibration Due to Railway Traffic and Other Sources-the Comparability of Different Sites
Field Testing Research on the Vibration Influence on the Historic and Old Buildings Induced by Metro Shield Construction
Train-Induced Subgrade Vibration Level by Field Experiments
In-situ Measurements and Analysis of Effects on Sensitive Instruments in Near-by Buildings Due to Vibrations Induced by Road Vehicles
Test and Evaluation of Vibration Environment in Low-lying Waiting Hall of High-Speed Railway
Study on the Characteristics of Rail Corrugation of Beijing Metro Based on In-situ Dynamic Tests
Field Tests and Analysis of Vibration Isolation on Typical Railway Ground Barriers
Vibration Measurement and Analysis for Buildings in a Certain Residential District
Study on the Vibration Caused by Subway Train and Its Effect on Existing Masonry Building
Cementitiously Stabilized Materials Using Ultrasonic Testing
The Research on the Dynamic Test of the Double Track Channel Beam
Vibration Test and Analysis of a High-Tech Electronics Plant in Suzhou
Part Ⅴ Soil-Structure Dynamic Interaction
Effect of Nonlinear Soil Behavior on Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction
Dynamic Response of Cylindrical Lining in Poroelastic Saturated Half-space Soil Induced by Internal Loading
Dynamic Response of Vehicle-Bridge System Considering Soil-Structure Interaction
Dynamic Soil Pressure and Velocity of Slab Track-Subgrade in High-Speed Railway
A Simplified Solution for the Torsional Response of PCC Pile in Saturated Soil
Part Ⅵ Railroad Track and Vehicle Dynamics Modeling
Study on the Analytical Model of Coupled Vehicle and Track with Variable Speeds
3D Reconstruction Method to Analyze and Evaluation Ballast Gravels
Ground Vibration Analysis Caused by China Railway High-Speed with Track Geometric Irregularities
Computer-Vision Based 3D Discrete Element Modeling of Railroad Ballast
Study on Rail Corrugation Due to Train/Track Dynamic Interaction Based on in Situ Tests
Vibration Characteristics of Short Floating Slab Track in Metro Line
Vibration Analysis for Vehicle-Bridge Interaction by Duhamel Integral Method
Study on Wheel/Rail Acoustic Radiation of Trough Girder Bridge for Urban Rail Transit
Numerical Analysis on Reasonable Design of Physical Model of High Speed Railway
Mechanical Analysis of Rail Pad Subjected to Dynamic Load Caused by Train
Part Ⅶ Measures in Reducing Environmental Vibration
Analysis of Vibration Reduction Effect of Steel Spring Floating Slab Track with Finite Elements
Effectiveness of Under Sleeper Pads in Insulating the Train-Induced Ground Vibrations
Numerical Simulation of the Vibration Isolation Via a New Type of Pile Structure:the Linked Pile Row
In-situ Test and Numerical Evaluation of Active Vibration Isolation by WIB Under Horizontal Excitations
Three-dimensional Analysis of Active Isolation by Closed Square Open Trenches Using Grid Method
Experimental Study on Vibration and Sound Radiation Reduction of Ring Damping Wheels
Application of the Ballastless Track Vibration Damping System to Vibration Reduction of High-Speed Railway Tunnel
2-D Analysis of Open Trench as Active Barriers due to Point Load in Saturated Soil
Study on Ground Vibration Isolation by Open Trench in Layered Soils
Innovative Research and Application of FST--Prefabricated Slab
Part Ⅷ Assessment on Structural Safety and Serviceability
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