Recent Advances in Molecular Marker Systems for Soybean Breeding


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Author: Wenbin Li and David A.Lightfoot
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030346780
Published on: 2012-01

Soybean breeding technology has entered a new era of rapid change driven by the availability of new makers from next generation and third generation sequencing techniques. Insertions, deletions and recombination break points will be routinely mapped to nucleotide resolution in the future. Genotyping will not be the future challenge for soybean breeders. In this book a review of recent methods developed and tested was presented to increase the resolution of phenotype mapping.

Chapter 1 Essential principles of molecular marker and quantitative trait loci associations
Chapter 2 Method development for identifying functional markers in the soybean genome
Chapter 3 Map development and marker-assisted selection for oligogenic and polygenetic traits
Chapter 4 QTL analysis of fungal disease resistance
Chapter 5 Identification of loci for resistance to insects and nematodes
Chapter 6 QTL analysis for seed quality traits
Chapter 7 Seed yield and component trait loci
Chapter 8 Loci underlying soil edaphic, physiological and development traits
Chapter 9 Dynamic QTL analysis of major quantitative traits
Chapter 10 Molecular mapping and breeding for biotic stress resistance
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